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Obama & his supporters have proven Policy of Harassing his Political Opponents

A News Summary & Report by John Charlton

(Sept. 4, 2009) — As of the date of this report, Google.com still has links to the evidence, which can be cited in the order they appear, when one searches at Google.com for “Obama harasses political opponents”.


1.  Obama Threatens Political Opponents with Tax Audits:  citing a report from the Wall Street Journal by Glen Harlan Reynolds (May 18, 2009), reports what “Obama actually said when Arizona State University refused to grant him an honorary degree”:

“I really thought this was much ado about nothing, but I do think we all learned an important lesson. I learned never again to pick another team over the Sun Devils in my NCAA brackets. . . . President [Michael] Crowe and the Board of Regents will soon learn all about being audited by the IRS.

2. Dirty tricks seek to block Andy Marty’s Obama birth certificate video: in which Andy Martin reports that a Maryland judge is harassing him simply for filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau; that,

“Robert Gibbs appeared on Fox News to smear me with false accusations of racism based on a judicial proceeding which was over a quarter of a century old and which had no relationship to the 2008 presidential campaign.”

. . . that Obama supporters have published a defamatory biography about Martin in the net, and that Obama supporters have prevented the publication of an interview with Martin regarding his advocacy of the eligibility question.

3. Obama’s Facistic Stench, is a blog post which discusses recent Obama supporters violence against his opponents:

“Consider recent news of four SEIU union thugs physically assaulting a bystander outside an Obama-initiated town hall meeting called to consider the needless rush to ram through Obama’s dubious health care reform bill:

Two union members yell racial slurs at a black man and then punch him in the face, and so far neither President Obama, nor Rep. Carnahan or the SEIU has condemned the union thugs for ‘acting stupidly.’

Such assaults are redolent of the tough-guy “action squads” or squadristi employed by Mussolini’s fascisti to harass and intimidate political opponents. Hitler’s National Socialist (Nazi) regime used the notorious SA (sturmarbtreilung) “Brownshirts” in the same way and for the same reasons.”

Considering that Google.com has billions of pages indexed, it is amazing to find only these 3 links, among 10 results.


But if you walk over to Yahoo.com and do the same search, this is what you find, omitting the quotes in the search query:

1. Obama’s Assault on the First Amendment, by Andrew C. McCarthy (October 1, 2008), in the National Review Online, which begins by summarizing the blatant threats against Obama’s opponents in Missouri during the Election last year:

“All the while, in St. Louis, local law-enforcement authorities, dominated by Democrat-party activists, were threatening libel prosecutions against Obama’s political opposition. County Circuit Attorney Bob McCulloch and City Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce, abetted by a local sheriff and encouraged by the Obama campaign, warned that members of the public who dared speak out against Obama during the campaign’s crucial final weeks would face criminal libel charges — if, in the judgment of these conflicted officials, such criticism of their champion was “false”.”

And goes on to cite numerous other similar acts of harassment:

“Nor was this an isolated incident.

Item: When the American Issues Project ran political ads calling attention to Obama’s extensive ties to Ayers, the Weatherman terrorist who brags about having bombed the Pentagon and the U.S. Capitol, the Obama campaign pressured the Justice Department to launch an absurd criminal prosecution.

Item: When commentator Stanley Kurtz of the Ethics and Public Policy Center was invited on a Chicago radio program to discuss his investigation of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, an “education reform” project in which Obama and Ayers (just “a guy who lives in my neighborhood”) collaborated to dole out over $100 million, the Obama campaign issued an Internet action alert. Supporters, armed with the campaign’s non-responsive talking points, dutifully flooded the program with calls and emails, protesting Kurtz’s appearance and attempting to shout him down.

Item: Both Obama and his running mate, Sen. Joe Biden, have indicated that an Obama administration would use its control of the Justice Department to prosecute its political opponents, including Bush administration officials responsible for the national security policies put in effect after nearly 3000 Americans were killed in the 9/11 attacks.

Item: There is a troubling report that the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Section, top officials of which are Obama contributors, has suggested criminal prosecutions against those they anticipate will engage in voter “intimidation” or “oppression” in an election involving a black candidate. (Memo to my former DOJ colleagues: In a system that presumes innocence even after crimes have undeniably been committed, responsible prosecutors don’t assume non-suspects will commit future law violations — especially when doing so necessarily undermines the First Amendment freedoms those prosecutors solemnly swear to uphold.)”

2. Barack Obama’s administration is seeking to track and suppress its political opponents, by Col. George W.,  at Gather.com, which cites an article from the American conservative Union, by the same name, which begins as follows:

Barack Obama’s administration is seeking to track and suppress its political opponents.

“In news you would expect to hear coming out from China or North Korea; Barack Obama’s staff has asked its ground troops – liberal special interests (like ACORN and their other supporters) to track and monitor the movements of its political opponents.

Texas Senator John Cornyn (R) sent a letter to President Obama questioning his motives.  He says he has received no response.

They are trying to stop our efforts to fight liberal plans for a slide toward socialist, government-run healthcare.

The Dallas Morning News reports that the Obama White House government official website called for supporters to track “disinformation” about healthcare legislation.

Another report from the Syracuse Post-Standard newspaper noted the White House told their supporters “we’re asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it.”  They then provided a special email address just to track opponents.

The White House is gathering information on its political opponents.

This “could lead to a White House database of political opponents that will be both secret and permanent, according to Republican lawyers on the Senate Judiciary Committee who are examining the plan’s possible implementation,” as reported by the Examiner newspapers.

The liberals are running scared because the American people are waking up to their plans for government-run healthcare.  So scared that they have started to take the gloves off – literally – against conservative opponents who are fighting back.”

In reply to which post by George W., one commenter says:  “Yes, I heard this too. What in God’s name is happening to America? Land of the free, and home of the brave. Are we becoming our own worst enemy?”


However, what you don’t find on both search engines is other evidence that Obama’s opponents are being persecuted on the net.

First, one can cite the case of Mr. Leo Donofrio, who was the first lawyer to sue on the basis of Obama not being a natural born citizen.  At Donofrio’s WordPress Blog, Natural Born Citizen, you can find links to the 2 previous blogs he published which were hacked or taken over by Obama supporters at blogspot.com and blogtext.com.

And Donofrio is not the only one:  perhaps the most famous political opponent of Obama is Dr. Orly Taitz,who has filed numerous lawsuits questioning the eligibility of Obama.  Her history of being harassed on the Internet is a long one.  Like Donofrio she has had blogs and website taken over by others, first at blogspot.com.  There are numerous fake pages about her at Face Book, replete with false and defamatory information.  Facebook also shut down Orly’s official face book page for days, seemingly in response to her ability to recruit thousands of supporters using their social networking interface.

Dr. Taitz’s Facebook “secretary” has informed The Post & Email that she has experienced, for some months now, an de factopolicy at Face Book, that after posting text which is critical of Barack Obama, an account is surreptitiously shut down, and then only with difficulty reactivated; and that this form of directed harassment is aimed at stifling the first Amendment rights of Facebook users.

I interviewed Dr. Taitz’s Facebook “secretary” and this is what she had to say about Facebook shutting down Taitz’s page and their de facto policy of harassing Obama’s political opponents:

“All I did was post “TIME TO RALLY” with Regan Building etc information for Orly’s supporters to attend the 9/8 court hearing in Santa Ana, CA. … Then, all of a sudden I was shut down so quickly after about 6-7 postings of “TIME TO RALLY”.  Again, it was only under Orly’s supporters comments and only under topics that her supporters posted against Obama .  Therefore, I don’t believe  that I stepped on an oppositions toes to cause Obama supporter to alert Facebook Security to shut Orly down.  I have always been very careful with that, so no complaints could be sent to shut Orly down via the opposition.

“On my personal site when I posted topics on my own wall against Obama (even nice posting against Obama without vulgarity etc – I always keep it clean) – I had the same problems.  I did not have to post much on Obama and was always shut down.  It would take a couple weeks to get my account reactivated. I could post as much as I wanted on other topics and not be shut down AT ALL.  TO BE HONEST – WHAT I WITNESS FOR SEVERAL MONTHS NOW:  Facebook will reactivate your account if you post against Obama.  However, are very quick to shut ya down after only a COUPLE postings against him.  They want to make is clear that FB will LIMIT your freedom of speech against Obama – but not completely deny it.  Again, I’m NOT shut down after many postings that I make on other subjects.  However, post against Obama and Facebook will make it VERY CLEAR THAT THEY WILL ‘HARRASS’ YOU and reprimand you like a CHILD (‘ground’ you from Facebook for a term) and make it very clear your freedom of speech is LIMITED on that subject – you are only allowed to post so much at a time against Obama and VERY LIMITED AMOUNT AT ONCE.

Even Mr. Alan Keyes, former U.S. Ambassador, U.S. Presidential Candidate in the past election, and famous Obama opponent since their square off in the Illinois Senate Races in 2004, has been targeted.  His Facebook page has been sabotaged.  This is what one American citizen, whom I interviewed, experienced when he clicked on the link to Keyes’ FaceBook page, from Keyes’ blog:

“Instead of opening the Facebook Page of Alan Keyes, my Internet Explorer kept opening and opening and opening new windows, each of which requested his Facebook page.  By the time I shut down my internet connection there were 65 windows opened in IE:  I could not even shut them down and my CTL ALT DEL capabilities were also blocked out; I only got out of it by shutting down and rebooting…it was clearly some sort of hack incorporated into the Facebook database…”

All of this is previous to the news that Obama has issued a contract request, and seemingly already implemented it, which would cookie or implant security certificates at all who visit the Whitehouse.gov site, so that he can keep track of his political opponents.


If you know of other cases of harassment directed against Obama’s political opponents, please contact The Post & Email, so that we can prepare a follow up report. (See our About page for more information).

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