Subpoena Issued to Hawaii Department of Health for Obama’s Real Birth Certificate

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by Sharon Rondeau

Image purported to be a certified copy of Obama's long-form birth certificate from Hawaii

(May 24, 2011) — The Post & Email recently reported on the lawsuit Taitz v. Astrue, in which Attorney and dentist Orly Taitz filed a Freedom of Information Request which was denied by both Social Security Administration Commissioner Michael Astrue and Judge Royce Lamberth at the United States District Court in Washington, DC.  Taitz filed a petition for a default judgment on May 13, 2011, after a 30-day period which allowed the government to respond but no response was received.

Taitz had originally requested a copy of the Social Security number application allegedly completed by Obama, as she alleged that his use of the number 042-68-4425 is fraudulent.  She included documentation to the U.S. District Court on April 8, 2011 that Obama’s Selective Service record showed that he had used that social security number to register.  Exhibit 3 of Taitz’s documentation, included with her First Amended Complaint, shows that entering the number into the Social Security Administration’s online search feature yields a “SSN not in file (never issued)” message.

Taitz told The Post & Email that the government’s response was due on May 5.  Because it failed to issue a response, Taitz said she is proceeding with discovery in the case, which involves the gathering of evidence, including subpoenas.

It was suggested before Obama took office that his Selective Service forms, which show the social security number 042-66-0425, were not authentic.  While the Selective Service Administration was initially responsive to requests made by The Post & Email for information regarding Obama’s registration, it ceased to answer most questions following our first FOIA request.

Taitz issued a subpoena for Director of the Hawaii Department of Health Loretta Fuddy “to produce and permit inspection and copying of” Obama’s “original 1961 typewritten birth certificate” as well as to make  herself available for a deposition at Health Department premises.  On May 19, Dr. Alvin Onaka, Registar of the Hawaii Department of Health, responded to Taitz’s request by denying it “in its entirety,” citing Hawaii’s privacy law on vital records.

However, Obama himself released the document in image format on the internet and mainstream media on April 27, 2011.

A letter Taitz wrote to the Social Security Administration after she was denied Obama’s social security number information was sent to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which recently heard oral argument from Taitz and Attorney Gary Kreep in regard to the question of Obama’s eligibility for the presidency.

Taitz represented plaintiffs in the case Barnett, Keyes v. Obama et al, and Kreep represented two plaintiffs in Drake v. Obama. The two lawsuits were originally filed as one on January 20, 2009, the day Obama took office.

An article appearing on the America’s Independent Party website, of which Alan Keyes is a member, stated that “Barack Obama manipulated the federal courts by manufacturing legal precedent through Chicago corruption to conceal his Presidential ineligibility.”

The Post & Email spoke with Taitz earlier on May 24, 2011, at which time she stated that she has not yet received a disposition from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Alex Jones, in a second recent interview of Dr. Jerome Corsi, is reporting that Corsi had been told by informants in Hawaii, and one within the Hawaii Department of Health, that a fake document would be issued for Obama.  Jones stated:

Remember, in January 2011, Hawaiian Governor-elect Neil Abercrombie had told reporters that he was unable to locate President Obama’s birth certificate, but a few months later it had magically appeared. Now here’s the smoking gun bombshells: #1 Corsi has witnesses inside the Hawaiian government that accurately called what was going to happen, and who can be called as witnesses once Corsi files his criminal charges with the FBI.

#2 Obama Took the Bait – World Net Daily publisher Joseph Farah and investigator Jerome Corsi are on record via e-mail and in front of staff discussing the fact that the moles had warned them of the planted birth certificate, and the plan to roll it out. Farah and Corsi again decided, as they had done with their earlier February 24 report, to not go public and let Obama commit himself openly to the forgery.

Of the image released to the public on April 27, Taitz commented, “Multiple experts are stating that it is a forgery.”  Taitz also raised the issue of several reporters who claimed to have received paper copies of Obama’s “birth certificate” on April 27 which were white, yet the image released by the White House to internet and television news media companies was on green security paper.  A story and photograph appearing in the Chicago Tribune supports Taitz’s statement.  The article also made its own claim that there is “overwhelming evidence” that Obama was born in the United States.

Taitz stated that Obama’s attorney from the Department of Justice, David A. DeJute, lied when he told the three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit that Ralph Nader had “filed some lawsuits” against other presidential candidates in 2008.  Taitz told The Post & Email that Nader has since written a letter to correct the record with the court.

One of the judges of the Ninth Circuit who heard oral argument seemed to think that a lawsuit filed by one candidate against another before the election might have had traction.

An article apparently written by a member of the Associated Press on the subject has been removed despite its description of  a recent event.  Regarding the oral argument which took place on May 2-4, 2011, another AP writer stated, “Obama’s production of the vital record was aimed at quashing any lingering doubt among critics who contend he shouldn’t have been elected because he couldn’t prove he was a citizen — a prerequisite for the nation’s highest office.”

The same statement was made to The Post & Email yesterday when an attorney representing the Associated Press claimed that we were “parsing words” when we pointed out the difference between the terms “Citizen” and “natural born Citizen.”

When we asked Taitz how many people in the Hawaii government might be involved in a conspiracy to create false birth documents for Obama, she stated, ‘It’s not everyone.  It seems to be a few people at the Health Department and perhaps others.  But when people say we have implicated everyone in the Hawaii government, they are wrong.”

The Post & Email asked Dr. Taitz how the most recent subpoena to Fuddy was different from that issued to Occidental College for Obama’s records two days before his false inauguration in 2009.  She replied that in Taitz v. Astrue, she first made FOIA requests which were denied, something which had not occurred in Barnett v. Obama.

Taitz also stated that her Motion to Intervene filed in a Louisiana lawsuit by oil-drilling companies seeking permits forbidden to them by the Obama regime was denied a hearing by that court because it was filed “late in the process.”  She stated that she has filed the same Motion with the Ninth Circuit and is awaiting their response.

In closing, Taitz told us, “I will keep fighting.  As long as I am alive, I will fight to get the usurper, this criminal, out of office.”





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