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by Sharon Rondeau

Image purported to be a certified copy of Obama's long-form birth certificate from Hawaii

(May 24, 2011) — The Post & Email recently reported on the lawsuit Taitz v. Astrue, in which Attorney and dentist Orly Taitz filed a Freedom of Information Request which was denied by both Social Security Administration Commissioner Michael Astrue and Judge Royce Lamberth at the United States District Court in Washington, DC.  Taitz filed a petition for a default judgment on May 13, 2011, after a 30-day period which allowed the government to respond but no response was received.

Taitz had originally requested a copy of the Social Security number application allegedly completed by Obama, as she alleged that his use of the number 042-68-4425 is fraudulent.  She included documentation to the U.S. District Court on April 8, 2011 that Obama’s Selective Service record showed that he had used that social security number to register.  Exhibit 3 of Taitz’s documentation, included with her First Amended Complaint, shows that entering the number into the Social Security Administration’s online search feature yields a “SSN not in file (never issued)” message.

Taitz told The Post & Email that the government’s response was due on May 5.  Because it failed to issue a response, Taitz said she is proceeding with discovery in the case, which involves the gathering of evidence, including subpoenas.

It was suggested before Obama took office that his Selective Service forms, which show the social security number 042-66-0425, were not authentic.  While the Selective Service Administration was initially responsive to requests made by The Post & Email for information regarding Obama’s registration, it ceased to answer most questions following our first FOIA request.

Taitz issued a subpoena for Director of the Hawaii Department of Health Loretta Fuddy “to produce and permit inspection and copying of” Obama’s “original 1961 typewritten birth certificate” as well as to make  herself available for a deposition at Health Department premises.  On May 19, Dr. Alvin Onaka, Registar of the Hawaii Department of Health, responded to Taitz’s request by denying it “in its entirety,” citing Hawaii’s privacy law on vital records.

However, Obama himself released the document in image format on the internet and mainstream media on April 27, 2011.

A letter Taitz wrote to the Social Security Administration after she was denied Obama’s social security number information was sent to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which recently heard oral argument from Taitz and Attorney Gary Kreep in regard to the question of Obama’s eligibility for the presidency.

Taitz represented plaintiffs in the case Barnett, Keyes v. Obama et al, and Kreep represented two plaintiffs in Drake v. Obama. The two lawsuits were originally filed as one on January 20, 2009, the day Obama took office.

An article appearing on the America’s Independent Party website, of which Alan Keyes is a member, stated that “Barack Obama manipulated the federal courts by manufacturing legal precedent through Chicago corruption to conceal his Presidential ineligibility.”

The Post & Email spoke with Taitz earlier on May 24, 2011, at which time she stated that she has not yet received a disposition from the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Alex Jones, in a second recent interview of Dr. Jerome Corsi, is reporting that Corsi had been told by informants in Hawaii, and one within the Hawaii Department of Health, that a fake document would be issued for Obama.  Jones stated:

Remember, in January 2011, Hawaiian Governor-elect Neil Abercrombie had told reporters that he was unable to locate President Obama’s birth certificate, but a few months later it had magically appeared. Now here’s the smoking gun bombshells: #1 Corsi has witnesses inside the Hawaiian government that accurately called what was going to happen, and who can be called as witnesses once Corsi files his criminal charges with the FBI.

#2 Obama Took the Bait – World Net Daily publisher Joseph Farah and investigator Jerome Corsi are on record via e-mail and in front of staff discussing the fact that the moles had warned them of the planted birth certificate, and the plan to roll it out. Farah and Corsi again decided, as they had done with their earlier February 24 report, to not go public and let Obama commit himself openly to the forgery.

Of the image released to the public on April 27, Taitz commented, “Multiple experts are stating that it is a forgery.”  Taitz also raised the issue of several reporters who claimed to have received paper copies of Obama’s “birth certificate” on April 27 which were white, yet the image released by the White House to internet and television news media companies was on green security paper.  A story and photograph appearing in the Chicago Tribune supports Taitz’s statement.  The article also made its own claim that there is “overwhelming evidence” that Obama was born in the United States.

Taitz stated that Obama’s attorney from the Department of Justice, David A. DeJute, lied when he told the three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit that Ralph Nader had “filed some lawsuits” against other presidential candidates in 2008.  Taitz told The Post & Email that Nader has since written a letter to correct the record with the court.

One of the judges of the Ninth Circuit who heard oral argument seemed to think that a lawsuit filed by one candidate against another before the election might have had traction.

An article apparently written by a member of the Associated Press on the subject has been removed despite its description of  a recent event.  Regarding the oral argument which took place on May 2-4, 2011, another AP writer stated, “Obama’s production of the vital record was aimed at quashing any lingering doubt among critics who contend he shouldn’t have been elected because he couldn’t prove he was a citizen — a prerequisite for the nation’s highest office.”

The same statement was made to The Post & Email yesterday when an attorney representing the Associated Press claimed that we were “parsing words” when we pointed out the difference between the terms “Citizen” and “natural born Citizen.”

When we asked Taitz how many people in the Hawaii government might be involved in a conspiracy to create false birth documents for Obama, she stated, ‘It’s not everyone.  It seems to be a few people at the Health Department and perhaps others.  But when people say we have implicated everyone in the Hawaii government, they are wrong.”

The Post & Email asked Dr. Taitz how the most recent subpoena to Fuddy was different from that issued to Occidental College for Obama’s records two days before his false inauguration in 2009.  She replied that in Taitz v. Astrue, she first made FOIA requests which were denied, something which had not occurred in Barnett v. Obama.

Taitz also stated that her Motion to Intervene filed in a Louisiana lawsuit by oil-drilling companies seeking permits forbidden to them by the Obama regime was denied a hearing by that court because it was filed “late in the process.”  She stated that she has filed the same Motion with the Ninth Circuit and is awaiting their response.

In closing, Taitz told us, “I will keep fighting.  As long as I am alive, I will fight to get the usurper, this criminal, out of office.”





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  1. RacerJim:

    Right on all counts about the left & media HATING Nixon. They still do and have taken over the Nixon library, ripped out all the explanation of Nixon’s side of Watergate and have replaced it with with what sounds like the Woodward/Bernstein hard left propaganda story.

    I heard Nixon’s original explanation and while there were holes in it and he was not trying to prove himself completely “not guilty” the current rip-out of that (at the cost of a few million in taxpayer funds) tries to tee him us as an all-time criminal – even worse than Barky and THAT’S idiotic.

  2. Taitz should subpeona the Illinois Department of Motor Vehicles to see what birth records Obama used to receive his driver’s license in the State of Illinois. We all know Obama had a driver’s license in Illinois as at the start of his presidential campaign he had to pay off nearly 100 past due parking tickets in Chicago so it would not set-off bad pr for his presidential run.

    A while back, I moved to Illinois from another state and needed an Illinois driver’s license as mine was ready to expire from my previous state and was doing air travel soon which needed valid id to get through my TSA grope. I brought all my documentation to the dmv, including a photocopy of my original birth certificate. Illinois DMV would not issue my driver’s license until I produced a state CERTIFIED copy of my original birth certificate.

    1. Reps…

      I believe that the sightly over 100 parking tickets were the ones he received while attending Occidental University, not while residing in Chicago.

      I always wondered how he obtained a Drivers License in another State such as Illinois with outstanding tickets? I know for a fact (happened to me – I forgot to pay off a ticket) that if you have an outstanding Ticket, even in another State; when you apply for a drivers license, it will show up and you need to pay it off before that State will issue you one.

      I never really thought about it, but you are correct. How did Obama receive a Drivers License in Illinois when he had outstanding tickets? Did he use a different SS# than Occidental? Maybe at Occidental he used a different name such as Soetoro and when he applied in Chicago his name change back to Obama did show as the same person?

      I don’t know, but hell of an interesting question. Tickets are public records, maybe that would be a great place to search, LA California and New York for Columbia during his time spent there? Purge the records for Soetoro and Obama both. This will definitely tell us what name he was using.

      Rep., you got me thinking… Thanks.


  3. What exactly is so great, such to be so feared and avoided, as to cause the entirety of the U.S. and States governments [elected and appointed] to so grossly collude as they have involving all things usurper Obama?

    Most likely, this is the single area of focus that will accomplish the end of this, the greatest of all crime.

    1. Apparantly self-preservation is so great, such to be so feared and avoided, as to cause the entirety of the Legislative and Judicial branches, from local to Federal, to so dishonorably and illegally ignore the oath of office they took.


  4. Trump is a big fat liar!!!….


    Donald Trump today issued a written statement to the leftist Mother Jones magazine and other news outlets denying he told Jerome Corsi, author of a new bestselling book about Barack Obama’s constitutional eligibility, he suspected the birth certificate released by the White House is fraudulent.

    Trump also said he had not read Corsi’s book, “Where’s the Birth Certificate? The Case That Barack Obama Is Not Eligible To Be President,” despite having his staff sign a non-disclosure agreement to get the book three weeks before it was released May 17

    1. Trump MAY be telling the truth on the second item, but not, I think, on the first. I’d believe Corsi is FAR more credible than The Donald on comments made to him by Trump.

  5. Simply put there are no Obama documents (or photos) that hold water in a real argument ONLY TWO FACTS.
    Nobody knows his real name.
    Nobody knows who his parents are yet one lawyer is claiming Obama, Sr. and Stanley Ann Dunham have been proved parents.
    Nobody knows where Obama was born yet lawyers (and a writer) are claiming Hawaii or Kenya.
    Nobody knows his birthdate although he is not age 49 but age 60 making the August 4, 1961 imprinted on all BO documents a sign of forgery, fakery.

    THE ONLY FACTS that we have are
    (1) Stanley Ann Dunham’s high school handwriting samples and


    (2) her birthdate November 29, 1942 making her age 17 at the conception and a student in a Washington state high school. She was Class of 1961 graduating June 1961 two months before alleged BO birthdate. Her handwriting samples prove all of the BO documents are forged. These are the focal points. JUST TWO FACTS!

    A Warning: Don’t let your heart go to WND and Corsi.

    1. Stanley Ann Dunham graduated from high school in 1960. She attended the Univ. of Hawaii during the fall semester of 1960, where she met Obama, Snr.. After their purported wedding on Feb. 2, 1961, she maintained her home address with her parents, while Obama, Snr., lived in an apartment near the Univ. of Hawaii. When she returned to the U.S. from Kenya, she lived in an apartment in Seattle, near the Univ. of Washington, where she attended night classes. When Obama, Snr., left the islands in June, 1962, to attend Harvard in Cambridge, Mass., only then did she return to Hawaii and the Univ. of Hawaii, where she received three degrees.

      After Barack Obama II was born in 1961, we have no record of any contact between the “couple” until a brief meeting in 1971 at the Honolulu airport to sign adoption papers for Barack Obama II.

    2. It’s not even a certainty that SAD was his mother … that’s all we have – speculation and forged documents.

      As for WND and Corsi … of course not but we’ll see what they unearth as we go along. They’ve done more than almost anyone else so far.

  6. “Mrs. Rondeau replies: On what do you suggest people focus?”

    Great question.

    Politically, Obama thinks he has hit us with the knockout punch. We may know that his BC is forged, but without access to the original records people will think our arguments are sour grapes.

    I think we should counterpunch with a Mike Tyson uppercut: Bring Sarah Obama to America and get her to testify in front of Jerome Corsi on TV.

    It amazes me that someone didn’t think of this sooner. We put up money for all kinds of things. Why not this? Her first hand testimony will give us the upper hand again. Think of it: SHE WAS THERE IN MOMBASA WHEN HE WAS BORN.

    Suppose we offer her a free trip to America and interview her without any interference by Obama lackeys? Her testimony alone will give us the political high ground.

    1. I see several problems with that scenario.

      1st of all: If she were interviewed by Corsi, the left would scream she had been “coached” and told what to say. So not credible.
      2nd of all: She doesn’t speak English, so it would be left up to interpretation as to what her comments are. Again, room for lefties to scream she said something else. Again, not credible.
      3rd of all: Her trip was paid for by Rep./Conservatives so, favoritism would be their first accusation. Again, not credible.
      4th of all: She’s how old? Who would trust the memory of an “old crazy woman”….leftist speak, not mine. Again, not credible.

      IMO we need rock-solid evidence of fraud which is why the REAL, original BC still matters and the sooner we get a lawsuit against Hawaii in motion, the better.

      1. Well, then have her interviewed by someone neutral, not someone wanting to promote his books.
        Take a certified interpreter with you so you’ll know the translation is reliable.
        No need to pay a trip, you can interview her in Kenya.

        *Then* when you’ve got something to work with, name her as witness in a court case. Or bring her on television or whatever.

        However I would suppose that since this idea is so obvious, people will have tried this already and probably came up empty.

      2. Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s thugs evicted Jerome Corsi from Kenya for asking Coast Provincial General Hospital in Mombasa for Barack Obama II’s birth certificate. After that, Mama Sarah, Barack Obama II’s paternal step-grandmother, has been kept under guard with orders not to allow any western journalist to speak with her.

        As for having her testify in either the U.S. or in Kenya, it is most unlikely that she would be willing to testify in any way that would affect her step-grandson’s rule of the U.S.. Certainly she is no longer naive about the implications of Barack Obama II’s birth in Kenya and her testimony of that birth.

      3. A Southern Lady:

        I wonder if including in a legal action vs HI DOH the use of the word “Live” in any of the various BCs they’ve outed so far would be a possibility. None of these have been medically descriptive of a live birth of any sort and possibly it could be claimed that using the term “live” was fraudulent. Might be a way to get them into court since it may be that using “live” as the title of a document describing something else is fraud.

  7. Just a reminder,

    WaterGate was a Joke and downplayed. It took 2 dedicated Journalist, 1 FBI Agent, 1 Major news organization outlet 3 Senators and 5 Congressmen questioning to finally expose the Fraud and lies to make it a full-blown Senate Investigation.

    The biggest mistake of President Nixson and his administration, was the attempt to quell the public stir, by releasing only a partial of tapes, that in itself, led to a complete chain reaction by the Congress and the Public and ultimately his downfall.

    Obama has taken the bait, and it wasn’t over the Natural Born Citizen Clause that the Supreme Court refused to hear…….

    Just saying,


    1. There are two huge differences between then, WaterGate-President Nixon, and now, EligibilityGate-Usuper Obama.

      1) The media despised Nixon while the media loves Obama.
      2) Democrats owned both Houses of Congress then while Republicans do not now.

      Obama took the bait a month ago today, and it hasn’t gotten very much, if any, traction yet…

      Just sayin.

      Happy Memorial Day
      Honor and Remember

      Another PISSED-OFF Vietnam Veteran

  8. Orly’s subpoena will be ignored. Without a judge’s signature it is just a publicity stunt. The obots will point to it and laugh. And Orly will say that the state of Hawaii is flouting due process. And then the obots will laugh at her again.


    Lets look at the bottom line. We want a plain speaking, straight talker in office who gets to the heart of matters. We do not want Hizzoner Telerprompter. Whether we like it or not, the face of our movement cannot be subject to this kind of public ridicule. Alinsky tactics do work. Trump was polling at 26% at the end of April. Before he pulled from the race he was polling at 8%. Now he’s somewhere around 3%. Why? He allowed Obama to publicly ridicule him.

    Politically we have to face reality. We have to put forward a candidate with gravitas, someone who can plead our case eloquently without pulling publicity stunts.

    I say this person is Apuzzo.

    Mario, are you listening?

    1. Richard,

      Again, I respectfully Disagree,

      Dr. Orly is NOT pulling a Publicity Stunt, she in fact is moving forward in a Federal Discovery Case that SHE Believes is worth pursuing in an attempt to garnish information to expose Obama. Grant the fact, that I myself, must consider whether or not the State of Hawaii Must comply or not, is really irrelevant. What is relevant is that Dr. Orly is Pressuring the DOJ/DOH/State Dept. and other Federal and State Departments to answer, one way or the other.

      It appears to me, that you are looking from the Conservative side of answers the same as the Liberal Socialists looked to Obama. A person “Electable”, Smooth talking, says what everyone wishes to hear, ect..

      I’m all ears Richard. Name me 1 (ONE) Politician to go against Obama that will Address such Citizenship issues and Fraud Crimes Obama and Staff has Committed and at the same time, garnish the Republican or Independent Party Nomination, and at the same time, Address the Countries Re-direction from Economics, International Business, Unemployment solutions, Budget Solutions, and the likes…..

      Just One Will Do Richard…..

  9. Just to add,

    As far as this Subpoena issued from Dr. Orly, I have not arrived at a specific opinion as of yet. In other words, I still have questions and doubts pertaining to its veracity. I fully support Dr. Orly and congratulate her in so many ways that words cannot describe in brief.

    Nevertheless, in my past I have been served Subpoenas in both Civil and Criminal cases to testify by a defending attorney, signed by the attorney but not the Judge. I did not show and threw them in the garbage. The only time I have ever showed up to court being served a Subpoena is when the Judged signed it, otherwise it is contempt of court.

    Again, I don’t know how much weight is in this current Subpoena issued by Dr. Orly; therefore, I cannot state with confidence if Hawaii must comply or not. I really don’t know. I hope they do, but then again, I guess time will tell.


  10. I have always agreed that Vattel is absolute and correct description of Natural Born Citizen, so eloquently subject matter written by Mario Apuzzo and Charles, a job well done by the both.

    However, I do not agree that the Citizens of the United States should place All their Eggs in One Basket, that is simply sensational and not wise. Each to his own and with all my respect to expose this fraud in any method they chose. Without these others, there would be so much less than we currently know had we stuck only to One approach.

    If a person has 20 Felonies, is it wise to focus only upon 1 of them and ignore the other 19 for approach to expose? Certainly not in my opinion.

    I derive at my opinion from personal work experience and gather that is the reason behind my paradigm and approach to exposing Obama through various means. Certainly as a Process Improvement Specialist, I could focus on only 1 Process “knob” out of the hundreds, ignore all others, and send my team of Engineers in limiting their research to that 1 process knob only. However, that would be foolish of me. All direct correlation and relationships for resolve should and need to be explored in each avenue, otherwise when failure happens, their is no time for plan B. In business, time is money, in this case, time of our American Sovereignty.

    I praise those researching every avenue of approach, it is the proper attack to address.


  11. I don’t mean to diminish Orly’s contributions.

    But if we’re SERIOUS about removing Obama, we have to take a hard look at the game board and the rules.

    Obama is playing us like a Stradavarius right now. By putting all our eggs in the birth certificate basket (or absence thereof) , we backed ourselves into a corner. We set ourselves up for the presentation of a forged BC by claiming it didn’t exist in the first place.

    Right now Obama is basking in Europe’s glory while tornadoes ravish our homeland. More people have died in the past month than died in Hurricane Katrina. Gas is $4/gallon. And still Obama’s popularity is soaring.

    If you’d paid me a billion dollars I wouldn’t have predicted Americans would be this gullible. And if people are laughing at us, not taking us seriously, how are we going to prevent this guy from winning again next year? Keep focused, here. That’s the goal. Do you think the country can endure five more years under this guy?

    WND says Trump may jump back into the game later in the primary season. But even there Alinsky tactics are at work. He’s become a national joke after sitting thru Obama’s funfest a few weeks back. I kept hoping he would double down and come back swinging. But he kept a low profile. Now everyone thinks he took a beating and is just licking his wounds.

    Is there NO ONE who knows how to win at the political game anymore?
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: On what do you suggest people focus?

    1. Richard,

      I respectfully disagree,

      All our Eggs are not in the BC issue, in fact they are far and wide spread for good reasons. If you comb back through the last 3 years, you will find that it began with Citizenship issues, Adoptions, Parentage age issues to confer, Natural Born Citizenship issues, and as more was discovered through these processes, Passport issues, FOIA discover issues, possible Foreign Scholarship issues, Timing issues of deconstruction, Foreign Consular issues, DOJ outright fabricating Issues, U.S. State Dept. outright fabricating Issues, Intentional misleading and missing requested information issues from many Federal Depts. by private citizens issues, State FOIA/UPIA Issues, and the list goes on…..

      Certainly, we all could have focused on ONE and ONLY ONE issue, being Natural Born Citizen, as some have suggested. But when the U.S. Supreme Court, denies that, your Senate and U.S. Reps refuse to address it, then what? That has already happened, denied to review NBC, period, refused, by all of them. Should we all keep focusing on NBC ONLY? Again, and Again? Or use alternative resources to expose this Fraud? My opinion is I am thrilled that each and every American Citizen involved has personally sought out every avenue to expose in each way, and in many cases unorthodox processes utilizing critical thinking outside the box and legal maneuvering.

      Many have said, that we need to focus ONLY on the NBC Clause, and I have disagreed with that approach solely by itself, reason mentioned above. I have listed only a small portion of what many U.S. Patriot citizens are working on, and agree with each to their own research for reason of exposure of this massive Fraud.

      Put another way, do you know of any War in History ever fought whereby Only ONE approach was taken and Won? The Spartans fighting the Persians at Thermopylae comes to my mind, whereby the Persian Military directed a singular military frontal attack and severally lost. The liberal socialist in the White House can only hope that we the U.S. Citizens, gather en masse, and challenge them on the Natural Born Citizen Clause with no other assaults, akin to the Persians assault.

      They could, can, and have been able to block such ability by we the citizens, to falter by denial on the DOJ and the Justice Branch in its refusal to address. In other words, if we the Citizens line up in a single battle to expose Obama the Usurper, by addressing NBC Only, then we have all lined up in a single row to be annihilated similar to the Persians. The Obama Administration could only hope and pray we are that stupid.

      However, and in the alternative, what happens in a Navy Military Battle when the Enemy is surrounded, fighting from all sides, taking on the side cannons, never a direct front assault, coming from all sides, Sailor atop armed and firing and the likes? Eventually, there is not enough Sailors to prevent the leaking, nor enough to fight, to prevent the Ultimate Sinking that is undeniable , a true loss of the fight, coming from all sides…..

      This administration will Sink, of that I have no doubt. That is simply due to not taking on a direct Singular attack, but rather We the People fighting from all sides (all issues) to expose him for what he is; and this is what they cannot prevent, too much water coming in at once and not enough to plug the holes quick enough. The more they try, the sloppier they get and a chain reaction occurs.


  12. Well you know you can bash Orly if you want to but she’s a fighter! I’m proud that she’s so “pig-headed” and not intimidated to keep fighting for ALL Americans, whether you agree with her methods or not.

    1. It is easy to bash someone who sticks their neck out, but have you noticed other lawyer types and politicians still hiding under a rock. Orly is a true Patriot!

  13. Yes it is revealing that the Judge(s) would state that a law suit filed before the election would be timely and have some traction. I was a candidate for Pres ’08 filed law suit against McCain and Obama before they were even made the party nominees and still got no traction. Orly of course knows about my case, but has not used it for unknown reasons. It would seem that if she had snapped back at the Appeals Judge that timing on the issue was had on other cases, and candidates within the Presidential Race, the issue may gain ground with that court, or at least at another run at the U.S. Supreme Court.
    Great story Post & Email- we all do our part what seems to be missing is cordination in a culmination that is needed to get us over the hurdle of justice turning its head on the fraud.
    Cody Judy Debates Barack Obama Head to Head- Constitutional Combat I.


    Cody Robert Judy

  14. There has not been sufficient time to create the original. “Certified” copies are a bit of a problem, creating the original is much more complex.

  15. Sharon,

    Speaking of the C-span recording and the Judge asking about “timing” of proper filing to address such issue of challenge, I find it odd that the Judges are apparently misinformed and not up to speed.

    For example; Law suits filed in court to challenge Obama’s eligibility when he was a mere “Candidate”. His Attorneys claimed that “At this time” Obama does not need to show whether or not he is eligible because of his 1st Amendment rights to “Free Speech” and thus “running for office” is political free speech and he is not even the selected Candidate.

    After Obama became the Primary Candidate, a law suit pursued again to his eligibility and once again, his defense was 1st Amendment Free Speech and that he was not the President Elect, and again, the court agreed.

    Once Obama became the President Elect, another law suit persisted to the eligibility question, prior to taking the oath of Office, the court refused to hear and rejected it.

    After the Oath of Office and now President, additional law suits have still continued to be filed, but now the court asks and tells, it should have been filed before becoming President and some, as this court, ask the questions of whether or not it should have been previously filed……

    At what point was one not filed? There’s not. Suits were filed along every step of the way, therefore no court (in my opinion) can claim that a different time would have been better….instead of. If the Judicial Branch denied all other times, they certainly cannot go back a claim an earlier time would have been the proper avenue.


  16. Maybe the only record they really have of O’s birth is what someone gave them. Maybe the original birth record is on the mainland (State of Washington), possibly where he was actually born–just a thought.

  17. We all know the original Certification is a forgery. We all know the recently released long form is a forgery, we again all know that the multiple uses of SSNs is criminal. There is now (maybe all along) plenty of exculpatory evidence to demonstrate criminal intent. The question therefore is: why are these zealous prosecutors (who jump at any opportunity for camera recognition) take these facts to a Grand Jury?
    The crack in the Law may not allow for us as mere citizens to seek remedy of the breach of trust. Mind you, this is JUST the law. The constitution declares that the People are the watchdogs of the constitution.
    All you need is a Grand Jury to issue an indictment of the crimes at hand. Obama is not Natural Born, but is still a citizen of the U.S. subject to its laws. The authority for that is in the Constitution Article II Section 4. It states that POTUS, is subject to punishment for High crimes and misdemeanors.
    Anyone on a Grand Jury, you can bring your own charges to your members.

  18. There are going to have a hard time arguing privacy as the “Presidents” letter clearly states his authorization to release the “Original Long Form Birth Certificate”. In my view they have not even complied with the “Presidents” directive.

  19. A pen siad: “My concern is that she (Orly) has had plenty of hints and warnings to know that she should advise her clients to press on with another atty or she should seek one herself to oversee her work. Is it pride, ego or stubborn determination that is jeopardizing justice for the entire nation?”

    That’s been my concern for awhile now. Orly brought the situation to light. And she has gained a measure of respect from our side of the aisle for her efforts.

    But let’s look at the results. She is a national laughingstock. Her arguments before the Ninth Circuit didn’t draw so much as a single comment or question from the judges. This is known in legal circles as “shrouding”. Shrouding happens when judges suddenly realize that the attorney before them is completely clueless about U.S. laws or customs, or isn’t arguing the question at hand.

    Orly regularly argues positions in court that are a part of her own agenda, but don’t address the questions these judges are authorized to adjudicate. That’s the real reason why Judge Land sanctioned her. She made his courtroom into a political stump speech.

    Strategically, we can use her passion in other arenas. But we need Apuzzo to argue our cases in court. Orly hurts us more than she helps.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: I recall in the C-Span video of the proceedings in front of the three-judge panel that they did raise the question of timing of the lawsuit, which elicited a response, albeit laced with a lie, from Atty. DeJute, who was representing Obama, that filing such a lawsuit before the election would be timely. I thought that admission from Obama’s attorney was quite revealing.

    1. “She is a national laughingstock.”

      The media and the WH make every “birther” a laughing stock. They cannot defend Obama on issues and facts and so they ridicule anybody who questions his bona fide. They are all Alinsky’s disciples. Orly is very devoted to the issue and she, indeed, achieved a lot. She knows what the socialism is and she is despondent seeing the direction this country is moving in.
      But Orly is a fighter. Some people become hardened like this after living in a socialist regime, just recall Sakharov, Solzenitsyn and Scharansky. And eventually they change the course of the history.
      Now, by saying “we can use her passion in other arenas,” what do you mean? Who are we? People who visit this web site are not organized in anything like a tea party and there is no central figure here. Apuzzo never volunteered to act in lieu of Orly and he does not need to. Let Orly do what she does the best she can; the best we can do for her is support her.
      Mrs. Rondeau replies: I agree. Each person working to uncover the truth is making a valuable contribution.

    2. I must agree regarding Orly and her ego. She does not have a clue about U.S. Law, or the Constitution, or can even read English. I tried more that once on the phone to explain the facts of life to her and did not get very far. She does not even understand that “natural born Citizen” is describing a sovereign citizen from the sovereign States (capitol “C”) that is produced by the Laws of Nature (“natural born”, the only way you can create sovereign citizens) not one produced by government statutory authority (soil) which by definition is a Naturalized citizen. She believes, for some bizarre reason, that it REQUIRES both parents to be citizens and also you must be born on the soil of the parents country. WRONG. That is crazy.

      The President must be born of the non-privileged political class of those who are born as sovereign citizens (those born to citizen fathers) because the government cannot create sovereign citizens with a statute and the President must be a representative of the non-privileged SOVEREIGN citizens, not the statutory privileged political class of citizens that are created by government authority. She does not understand the difference between Natural Law and Positive Law. If she would just read the Declaration of Independence and study a little William Blackstone she would understand how to read and interpret Vattel and not just take one sentence out of context and substitute it into the similarly sounding nbC of Article II. She just rips the sentence out of context and directly substitutes it into Article II, ignoring the rest of Vattel, and the context of Natural Law, and the context of political sovereignty that is implied in Article II, and the fact that the President must be a representative of those born to citizen fathers who are not a privileged political class, in order that the President can give his consent to the Bills from Congress on behalf of the non-privileged class (those born to citizen fathers). Those born to two citizen parents on U.S. soil also are a non-privileged class that would qualify, but it only REQUIRES a citizen father to be a member of the non-privileged sovereign political class at birth.

      1. Jedi Pauly

        If only one of Orly’s cases advances to the discovery stage it will all be over much sooner than they’ll get to a discussion of the Natural Law vs. Positive Law.

  20. Great article for a summation of the various court attempts.

    Has anyone thought of forwarding this long road of various agencies attempting to thwart the law and be non-responsive to Issa? He’s also been dealing with gov’s non-responsiveness to his own subpoenas. Maybe he can bring this to the public’s and media’s attention.

  21. Isn’t it amazing how quiet it is at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals after Orly’s presentments on May 2nd…

    Could it be the most liberal court is AGONIZING over a decision?

    1. “Could it be the most liberal court is AGONIZING over a decision?”

      Probably threw it aside on day one and are letting time pass so it appears they are agonizing over a decision.

      Still, we can hope.

    2. > Isn’t it amazing how quiet it is at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals after Orly’s presentments on May 2nd…

      I mean, what do you think? That the court just waited for this case to deliberate? They have plenty of appeals to deal with – and so far no court has attributed the proper importance to the eligibility questions raised, so they are likely not treating this one with priority either.

      > Could it be the most liberal court is AGONIZING over a decision?

      What’s there to agonize if they’ve already decided to just say “DENIED”?


  22. Orly just can’t be effective anymore. Although there is merit to the issues she is bringing, her ability to conform to court rules is lacking to a degree that is actually harmful to the nation not just her clients. I am no fan of the system having created so many technical hurdles that cases that should be heard are not thus their true purpose ? is served at the expense of justice. It is of no help to anyone to spoil the chances for an entire nation to be served by having justices play with an atty that is actually handicapped with language skill as well as emotional issues brought on from the trauma of facing the very same oppression she escaped in Russia. If our justice system is so jaded that it reserves justice to only applicants who please it then she obviously will never fit that model. My concern is that she has had plenty of hints and warnings to know that she should advise her clients to press on with another atty or she should seek one herself to oversee her work. Is it pride, ego or stubborn determination that is jeopardizing justice for the entire nation?

  23. As an attorney authorized in to work in that district, Taitz is an officer of the court, so she has the right to issue the subpoena but Fuddy duddy can ‘object’ to it and ask the court to quash the subpoena.
    IMO, the more sensible route would be to bring legal action against the HDOH for ‘fraud’ and make them defend the authenticity of Obama’s bc in court. I don’t know why someone hasn’t already done this.

    1. With all due respect JayDee, since you are an attorney authorized to work in that district, why haven’t you already done what you don’t know why someone else hasn’t already done?

      1. > since you are an attorney authorized to work in that district

        You probably misunderstood JayDee here. He is referring to Orly, not himself.

      2. n.c.bell says:
        Wednesday, May 25, 2011 at 12:29 PM

        > since you are an attorney authorized to work in that district

        >> You probably misunderstood JayDee here. He is referring to Orly, not himself.

        Thank you for pointing out the error of my way. My apologies, JayDee.

    1. Compare the Alvin ‘smiley face’ signature – gray vs. green – in this image @ photobucket.com —


      Notice the enlarged gray AP version (done on a high-res scanner) shows the artist’s ‘sketching’ that fills-in where lines meet — notice the light shining through…… These details are not visible on the green version (produced with fat-pixels on a different scanner) — thus revealing monkey business in the ‘artistic’ creation of the Obama forgery……

      ( Source of the gray AP version: —

      http://abcnews.go.com/images/Politics/ap_obama_certificate_dm_110427.pdf )


    If anyone is interested, I’ve been guest-blogging at the Birther Report as a graphic/effects analyst on the issue of Obama’s birth certificate for awhile and have decided to set up a site that is a complete repository of all the significant graphic evidence amassed against Barack Obama’s fake long form birth certificate.


    It’s broken down so anyone can understand what the formerly overcomplicated jargon means, with lots of immediately understandable images and videos by graphics/analyst experts.

    I make exactly zero dollars off this. The reason for this is that this issue desperately needs to have a clear, immediate repository where average people can go and “get it” in such a way that the facts are taken out of the abstract and presented in a way that is easily understood. Hopefully, this site fulfills that function.

  25. Keep up the good fight.

    Criminals always make a mistake somewhere along the line, or someone who is in on it will decide for some reason to come clean.

    Keep the faith.