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by John Charlton

(Nov. 23, 2008) — New Hampshire Attorney General Michael A. Delaney has refused the request of NH State Representatives Rappaport and Vita, to investigate the election fraud which occurred in his state in 2008, saying that it is a Federal matter.

Rep. Laurence M. Rappaport has led the effort in New Hampshire to move the State Government to action regarding the evident violations of NH Statutes regarding the application of Barack Hussein Obama for admission to the State Ballot in the 2008 Presidential Election.

On September 10th he brought his initial complaint to Mr. William Gardner, the NH Secretary of State.  Gardner subsequently declined to act, saying on September 15th, that his office had not authority to investigate; thus refusing to conduct even an internal investigation into his office’s failure to comply with state laws.  Gardner did, however, pass on the complaint to the state Attorney General, Michael Delaney.

State laws have several requirements, the violation of which would be a basis for action by the state Attorney General, according to a previous report by The Post & Email.

Rappaport then scheduled a meeting with Delaney on Oct. 28th, to demand action after weeks of his silence on the issue.  And though Delaney broke his promise of a meeting at the last moment, Rappaport went to Delaney’s office anyhow, and obtained a rescheduled meeting for Nov. 21st.

At 10 A.M., on Friday, Nov. 21st, Rappaport finally got the chance to speak with Delaney face to face.

In an email to supporters, Rappaport reports what transpired:

“Well, here’s the sad news. Representative Vita, her husband and I met with New Hampshire Attorney General Michael Delaney and his assistant yesterday

(Friday) at 10 am. We wanted an investigation for potential fraud on either Obama or the Democratic Partly based mostly on our contention that since Obama ran for President in New Hampshire when we believe he was not eligible, we believe fraud was committed on the citizens of New Hampshire.

We based our suspicions and allegations on:

1. The Supreme Court’s definition of “natural born citizen” and subsequent affirmation of that definition by the US Congress last year, along with his admission that his father was Kenyan.

2. Questionable birth certificates, and an affadavit by a doctor that he delivered Mr. Obama as a baby in Kenya.

3. Multiple use of different Social Security numbers and a signed affidavit to that effect.

4. Attending a school in Indonesia which claimed to accept no foreign students.

Mr. Delaney still declined to prosecute saying that he thought this was a federal matter and that we should complain to the Federal Election Commission. (I most certainly will).

Disappointed, New Hampshire State Representative Laurence M. Rappaport issued this statement:

“Since I have presented evidence to both Mr. William Gardner, the New Hampshire Secretary of State, and Mr. Michael Delaney, the New Hampshire Attorney General, and neither has investigated, I am left to conclude that New Hampshire does not concern itself with the validity of candidates running for public office. Since it is too late for legislation in this session, I plan to introduce legislation next term forcing the Secretary of State’s office to confirm eligibility of all candidates running for office.

Needless to say, I am disappointed.

Another State Representative is, however, taking legislative action, according to Rappaport:

I have since learned that Representative Lars Christiansen will introduce legislation requiring the Secretary of State to verify the birth certificates of anyone running for the Presidency and Vice-Presidency in federal elections. While it is too late to sign on as a co-sponsor, I will certainly vote for that and urge my fellow Representatives to vote for it as well.

This legislation does not, however, address the natural-born-citizenship requirement, though, since that necessitates not only birth in the U.S.A., but also that the parents were citizens at time of the birth.  The proposed legislation would merely confirm Obama’s legitimacy, if he can produce the semblance of an American birth certificate.

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