Urgent! Second National Impeachment Call Tonight!

Urgent!  Second National Impeachment Call Tonight!

ALL HANDS ON DECK! by the U.S. Patriots Union, ©2015 (Jul. 6, 2015) — ALL AMERICANS…. Last Monday night, we had a very successful first national impeachment conference call with many states represented. We entered that call with ONE state impeachment coalition in Tennessee.Thanks to The Constitutional Accountability Coalition of Tennessee, we enter tonight’s second  […]

Breaking: Law Center Launches Articles of Impeachment!

Breaking:  Law Center Launches Articles of Impeachment!

NORTH AMERICAN LAW CENTER ISSUES THREE ARTICLES by the United States Patriots Union (USPU), ©2014 (Jul. 25, 2014) — The Constitutional Law division of Patriots Union, The North American Law Center, has issued a full set of Articles of Impeachment of the Obama Regime. ARTICLE 1 – Usurpation of the Oval Office by criminal identity […]

Illegal Aliens CAN Vote, Military CAN’T?

ELECTION INTEGRITY MUST BE ASSURED by JB Williams, ©2012 (Aug. 7, 2012) — Why is the Obama Campaign trying to disenfranchise military votes and at the same time, trying to make sure that illegal aliens remain on state voter rolls? Why are both political parties pandering for the Latino vote? Can illegal aliens vote now? The […]

Is Obama Ineligibility a Side Show or the Main Event?

BIRTHERS, HISTORIANS AND OBOTS’ DEFINITIONS OF “NATURAL BORN CITIZEN” by JB Williams, ©2011 (Apr. 13, 2011) — Despite monumental efforts to keep Obama’s entire past completely under wraps, questions persist over who and what Barack Hussein Obama really is and how a half-term senate political neophyte with a totally blank resume managed to defeat the Clinton […]

Joint Strike Force Operations, Part III – Lily Pad Strategy

WAR STRATEGIES WHICH LEAD TO VICTORY by Paul E. Vallely (Mar. 16, 2011) — In the late fifth century BC, Athenian negotiators, speaking to their Spartan competitors, with whom they were soon at war, staked out their rationale for their refusal to abandon their position as Greece’s other great power: “We have done nothing extraordinary, […]

Our Grand Juries Have Been Taken Away

SO LET’S TAKE THEM BACK! by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Jan. 22, 2011) — We need to restore the power of the people. The big issue that we’ve discovered is a document of record over the course of a year’s investigation which wasn’t meant to be an investigation; it’s a year’s worth of exercising government.  […]

Have we Become a Nation of Spectators?

OUSTING THE USURPER AND RIDDING GOVERNMENT OF CORRUPTION REQUIRE FULL PARTICIPATION! by Sharon Rondeau (Nov. 27, 2010) — Something occurred to me today initiated by a personal experience which seemed to parallel the crisis our nation is currently facing. While I do not like to use editorial space myself, nor am I in the habit […]

Let’s Make this Simple!

THE TIME HAS COME FOR US TO ASSERT OUR AUTHORITY by Arnie Rosner (Oct. 30, 2010) — All of the power of the three branches of government comes from the people!  It says so right here in this founding document: That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the […]