Please, Please, Democrats, Sue to Defend Climate Change

Please, Please, Democrats, Sue to Defend Climate Change

FROM “IN DEFENSE OF RURAL AMERICA” by Ron Ewart, ©2016, President, NARLO (Jul. 24, 2016) — In a Heritage Foundation Daily Signal article it was reported that “Fifteen (15) Democrat Attorney Generals from as many states have threatened legal action and huge fines against certain industries, Exxon Mobile being one, to force them to open […]

Imaginary Benefits, Extensive Harm

EPA MERCURY RULES FOR ELECTRICITY GENERATING UNITS ARE BASED ON FALSE SCIENCE AND ECONOMICS by Craig Rucker, ©2011 (Dec. 29, 2011) — The Environmental Protection Agency clams its “final proposed” Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) rules will eliminate toxic pollution from electrical generating units, bring up to $140 billion in annual health benefits, and prevent […]

“A Conspiracy of Congress”

DOWNLOADABLE FLYER DETAILS CRIMES COMMITTED BY OBAMA PUNISHABLE WITH PRISON TIME by Neil Turner (Jul. 12, 2011) — This is to notify you of a ‘high Crime’ criminal act that was recently performed (and is still ongoing to date) in plain sight before all of America, and that it now becomes incumbent upon every American […]

Senator Hatch’s Health Insurance Constitutionality Test

SERIES: MEMBERS OF CONGRESS STANDING UP FOR CONSTITUTIONAL PROTECTIONS (MCSCP Series) by KJ Kaufman (Dec. 18, 2009) – Over the course of the past several months, numerous members in both Houses of Congress have been asked various iterations of a simple question:  What specific enumerated power in the Constitution grants the Congress the legislative authority […]