Assessing Claims of Unconstitutional Government Behavior

Assessing Claims of Unconstitutional Government Behavior

“TRUTH IS THE ENEMY OF THE OPPRESSIVE STATE” by Matt Erickson, Patriot Corps (Feb. 13, 2020) — If conservatives had a vote for every time one of us asserted that some federal activity that had already passed the muster of the Supreme Court was nonetheless “unconstitutional,” surely we’d never lose another election. But, not only […]

Has the Military Usurped Power as well as Obama?

THE ARMY HELD A “TRIAL” WITHOUT ALLOWING ANY DEFENSE, THEN CONVICTED January 20, 2011 Dear Editor: The following letter was sent to Mr. Jonathan Blythe, Chief of Staff for newly-elected Congressman Allen West representing Florida’s 22nd District. As Chief of Staff for LTC West, I felt that there might be some interest/concern from the Congressman […]

The Military Cannot “Presume” Obama is Qualified

THE UCMJ DOES NOT GIVE THE MILITARY THE ABILITY TO DEFINE “NATURAL BORN CITIZEN” by jtx December 22, 2010 Officers: It is my hope that this message will proceed chain-of-command style from Matthew, through Robert, and eventually to Carla and Karl. I purposely do not use the honorary military titles since […]

The Curious Incident of the Justices Who Did Not Bark!!!

HAS THE U.S. SUPREME COURT RENDERED ITSELF IRRELEVANT? by jtx (Dec. 7, 2010) — It seems that history – and literature – are known to repeat themselves. I refer to the short story printed in 1894 by a certain A. C. Doyle entitled “Silver Blaze” which contains what must be one of the better-known Sherlock […]

Are all of the federal judges now scofflaws also?

SHOULD JUDGE SUSAN BOLTON HAVE HEARD THE ARIZONA IMMIGRATION LAW CASE? by jtx (Aug. 1, 2010) — I’ve recently sent a couple of emails to Governor Jan Brewer of AZ with the last one reading: I’ve emailed you before that Judge Susan Bolton acted in violation of Article III of the Constitution in the dispute […]