“Digging Up Bones”

“Digging Up Bones”

THE OBAMA REGIME DATA-MINING TO BLACKMAIL? by Dwight Kehoe, Managing Editor, TPATH, ©2013 (Sep. 13, 2013) — Politicians have long been endowed with ample portions of treachery, narcissistic debauchery and unabashed deceitfulness.  With such charming attributes it’s not difficult to understand why political leaders are so often culled from the slimiest, darkest inhabitants of society.  […]

Islamization and Mexicanization – two designs, same architects

IS IT INEVITABLE? by Don Hank, blogging at http://laiglesforum.com/islamization-and-mexicanization-two-designs-same-architects/2004.htm (Oct. 29, 2010) — The slow but sure Islamization of Europe, illustrated in the below-linked video, is headed this way. Dearborn, Michigan is a showcase example, where Christians are forbidden to hand out tracts in many places where Muslisms would be offended. Europe and the US […]

Introducing Chelene Nightingale, Candidate for CA Governor

CONSTITUTION PARTY CANDIDATE DISCUSSES CALIFORNIA’S ECONOMY, POLITICS, THE OBAMA ELIGIBILITY QUESTION AND MORE by Sharon Rondeau (May 11, 2010) — Chelene Nightingale is a homeschooling mom, former campaign manager, activist, actress, businessowner and currently a candidate for governor of California for 2010 for the Constitution Party, with the American Independent Party the California affiliate.  She […]