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14 November 2023

Dear Editor,

There can be no ceasefire, allowing Hamas’s Iranian-funded-and-armed Islamic terrorists to escape among their captives, the Gazan people, after planting IEDs for Israel’s soldiers!

Hamas has repeatedly refused Israel’s offers to evacuate Gazan babies and fuel supplies for hospitals which Hamas has – against international law! – militarised! Hamas sacrifices tiny Gazan lives to blame Israel so heinously; Israel: a tiny Western-society democratic country of a mere ten million people (75% being Jewish) hemmed in by over 300 million Muslims mostly hostile to UN-existence-sanctioned Israel!

Yes, it is tragic that after Hamas’s (read Iran’s!) so vile, barbaric Islamic terrorists slaughtered 1,400 Israelis (including Arabic-speaking Palestinian Israeli paramedical personnel and tiny babies), some 10,000 Gazan civilians (so many used by Hamas as human shields after Hamas forcibly blocked their evacuation) are now innocent victims of total war Israel must wage against Hamas to prevent such a repetition! It’s not merely a matter of revenge, but Israel’s long-term survival against massive odds (as Israel has done ever since the UN granted it statehood).

So tiny Israel, once again, must be just like Africa’s great survivor, the honey badger… always fighting so very ferociously to avoid being eaten by huge packs of hyenas!


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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