by Bob Russell, ©2023 

(May 26, 2023) — PACS supporting Trump and DeSantis are trashing the other candidate, helping the devildemocommiecrats.  We the People will see plenty of negative ads against whoever the republican nominee is, so why are these PACS providing ammunition for the enemy?  My theory is that most of this is coming from the deep state that wants to see Trump and DeSantis both unable to get the nomination. They want another mitty the poo who will run to lose so their devildemocommiecrat allies can finish the destruction of America.

It is beyond sad that the gop has been taken over by globalists only interested in what they can gain personally, but that is what We the People are facing: political hacks who care only for themselves.  There are still some good republicans: Marjorie Greene, Lauren Boebert, Byron Donalds, Rand Paul, Josh Hawley, Jim Jordan, Marsha Blackburn, and a few others, but they are kept on the outside by the TRAITORS who control the caucus in the House and Senate, mitch mcconnell and kevin mccarthy.

Both of them need to campaign on what they will do to restore liberty and economic sanity to America, not beat each other down.  I want to hear positive messages as to how they will make America a “shining city on a hill” once again, how they will restore the Constitution to its rightful place and undo all the damage done by devildemocommiecrats and the gop establishment that is allied with the devildemocommiecrats.  The gop has been selling We the People out for decades and it MUST be stopped.  Tell us what they are going to do to help citizens and stop the destruction of our nation.  Everything dementia and the deep state have done is destructive and must be reversed immediately.

I have been a supporter of Donald Trump since he announced his intent to run in 2015 but now I lean towards DeSantis.  President Trump did a lot of good things despite united opposition from the devildemocommiecrats and the deep state gop establishment, but he grew government by creating the Space Force, another bureaucracy We the People don’t need.  The Air Force has done fine and now we have another set of bureaucrats to waste money.  I know the military people will do a good job, but the hundreds of bureaucrats who come with another agency are people we don’t need, just more wasted money and career government employees to spend their days on porn sites at the expense of We the People.  I will vote for Trump, DeSantis, or Tim Scott, whoever is the nominee.

I submit this in the name of The Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

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  1. You are so very right on target.
    DeSantis is not the threat to Trump, the Deep State is.
    Every time Trump mentions DeSantis, he falls into the hands of the Deep State.
    Trump needs some honest advisors, such as you and I.
    And Henry.

    [Note: if we don’t get voter ID and honest elections, all bets are off anyway, isn’t that true? And while we waste the day away, Jan.-Sixers are in a gulag for nothing. Biden could pardon, but why would he since HE’S the problem.]

    Roving Reporter