by Sharon Rondeau

(Mar. 14, 2023) — On Tuesday evening The Post & Email received notification that a third international convention on the global governmental COVID-19 response will be held in Brussels, Belgium May 2-4, 2023.

The Third International Covid Summit, abbreviated “ICS3,” is sponsored by the European Parliament under the mantra of, “The Whole Truth.”

The theme song of the summit is noted as “Ode to freedom” [sic] by Francesco Marchetti.

An three-year-old interview of the composer reveals Marchetti grew up in a musical family and found inspiration in fellow composers Gustav Mahler and John Williams, among others. “Most of my work has been –and continues to be – as an orchestrator and conductor in the movies,” Marchetti said. “That is the world I love. However, I prefer to compose because this contains all three roles together. When I write I already have everything clear in mind before touching the keyboard, I already know what the orchestration will be, what the instruments I will use, and how the song should play.”

The event’s mission states, “The INTERNATIONAL COVID SUMMIT was created for doctors, lawyers and professionals from all over the world to unite and discuss their experiences with COVID-19. This is an uncensored and safe haven where they are able to gather, share, discuss and analyze their findings in order to find safe and effective treatments for Covid-19 and all of the complications that surrounds it. These medical professionals sacrifice everything and work tirelessly to help put an end to this pandemic. The sharing of the data and research from around the world is instrumental in finding effective treatments for Covid-19 and it is pivotal in getting us all back together safely again.”

At last year’s summit in Massy, France, where the topic of “repurposed drugs” for treatment of COVID-19 was an agenda item, U.S. physicians who spoke included Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Robert W. Malone, pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole, and FLCCC co-founders Drs. Paul Marik and Pierre Kory, the latter of whom is fluent in French. “Repurposed drugs” was a key discussion point of the

“The FLCCC Alliance was created by highly published, world-renowned physicians and scholars from around the world with the goal of developing life-saving protocols to prevent and treat COVID-19 at all stages of illness,” the organization’s home page states.

A “World Freedom Declaration” available for citizens of any nation to sign if they wish begins with:

We, the people of the world, declare that we hold the power and obligation to reject tyranny and the duty to strongly protect the rights granted by those before us.

We, the people of the world, demand the immediate termination of all oppressive, segregative, dystopian, tyrannical and divisive mandates that have been imposed globally under the premise of a declared pandemic.

We, the people of the world, demand that governments return all powers to medical and scientific professionals to treat patients based on science, knowledge and experience instead of on imposed mandates. 

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