by Tom Arnold, ©2022

(Dec. 20, 2022) — I am not necessarily a “fan” of Glenn Beck because I am convinced that he had “the goods” on the usurper, Barack HUSSEIN Obama, and did not follow through to expose him (same thing for O’Reilly, Hannity, and others).  As a host of a television show on Fox News, Beck was becoming very popular but also controversial and independent-minded. 

I have read that Beck refused orders to stop using the word “God” on the air and in public appearances.  Anyway, he quit the FNC network in 2011, moved away to Texas, and founded The Blaze media corporation.

I just finished watching an unbelievably amazing piece by Beck on YouTube.  The subject matter obviously is related to his religious background (it is possible, in my opinion, that there also could be an indirect connection to Obama).  The matter is related to visions in Beck’s dreams which occurred over the last two years which until now, he had never told anyone about.  IT IS CHILLING.  Watch here:

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  1. Don’t know why I can’t bring up the Glenn Beck you tube video from anywhere on the above article’s P&E site. Maybe it’s just me. Anyway, here is the working link for it-

    This video is a MUST SEE. Beck basically is saying that our Government, our Society, is a sham or cover (a “Matrix?”) for what really is taking place underneath it all. What he believes is that it’s no longer Conservative vs Liberal, instead our existence is Good vs Evil. And, we are losing the battle.
    Tom Arnold.

  2. I wrote this tonight to Glenn Beck:

    Mr. Beck: You allowed this path of evil to accelerate by allowing Obama to become the defacto President. You knew a lot more about Obama’s fraudulent early life narrative and forged documents but refused to totally expose him and even went so far as to not let people discuss with you on your radio show some very disturbing facts about how evil and phony Obama’s life narrative was. And now Obama is as a “national community organizer”, in a defacto 3rd term in office, running the government behind the scenes as the master puppeteer behind the curtain, with Biden as his front man. People wonder why Biden is working to help Iran again. Well who is a key ally, the left half of Barack Obama’s brain, Valerie Jarrett, an Iranian citizen. Mr. Beck, you could have stopped Obama. But you backed off for whatever reason.

    1. Glenn Beck worked for Fox News and it appears by the actions and words of Fox News talking heads that they have all been given the, “do not speak of Obama’s fraudulent background or his ineligibility” warning.” If a guest starts to head in the direction of anything related to The Obama Fraud, the Fox News talking head will cut them off and/or change the subject. I remember Glenn Beck calling anyone who questioned Obama’s legitimacy a derogatory name. Don’t remember what it was, but it was not the compliment, “birther”. I also remember “Cheetos” Beck which was a low point for Beck that he would probably like to forget…………..
      Just after Beck mentioned how unstable he believes Trump is…he does this:

      Hard to unsee that video…..