by Cheryl Lacey, ©2022

(Nov. 23, 2022) — Occupational health and safety issues are being ignored in schools.

Burnout, stress, mass resignations, poaching of staff, and dependency on teaching out-of-field are endemic in schools.

Teachers cram their workload into a 40-week calendar instead of enjoying a healthy 48-week work year.

The impact is affecting teachers and their families. 

‘A duty of care is a legal obligation (that we all have) to take reasonable steps to not cause foreseeable harm to another person or their property.’

Is this being ignored too?

Teachers are employed to work a 48-week year. Cramming work into 40 weeks with the promise of eight weeks extra holiday (in-lieu) isn’t helping their health or workplace safety. 

School boards can change this. And that means parents can too; Just raise the issue with your local school board.

Cheryl Lacey

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  1. I’m sorry, but I must’ve missed the hue and cry about the teachers refusing to teach CRT, or did I miss something?
    And doesn’t the Teachers’ Union vote Dem, as in supporting child trafficking and not giving a hoot about the drugs, specifically Fentanyl, crossing our OPEN border every hour on the hour?
    And if the election in Arizona isn’t for Kari Lake, then any argument you may present on behalf of the teachers will be a totally moot point, won’t it, resulting in the United States becoming the image of the CCP.

    Madam Shylock