by Sharon Rondeau

(Sep. 5, 2022) — In Hartford, they’re warning of flooding and basement sump-pumps coming on, but here in the east we’re going dry.

After a never-before-seen summer of sunny blue skies and incredible heat for weeks on end, the wells are out of water and the drillers are unable, or unwilling, to come.

The drought, rendering the garden, for the most part, a fallow dustbowl, could not have come at a worse time, with rising food prices, grocery shortages, and colder weather just around the corner.

But there might be a bright spot in the gloomy skies. We had rain last night — first a few drops followed by a disappointing show of sunshine — but then the much-awaited rain fell. It was short of what we had hoped to see, but it was a start.

Today more rain is expected, and the deluge Hartford warned about is forecast for tomorrow. Perhaps the west will cower in fear, but here in the east we will welcome it and deal with the fallout on our own, as we always do.

As we weather this storm, we continue to pray for the woman kidnapped in Memphis on Friday, and her family; for all political prisoners; that all injustices be righted; for the ill and infirm; for the Kentucky families who lost loved ones in the August floods; for all law-enforcers, that they go home safely to their families at the end of each day after an honest day’s work; for our national security, and for truth to triumph over lies.

And as I stepped out this morning to buy the water, the rain was falling.

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  1. Sitting here in NE Georgia watching a torrential downpour which is pretty common here lately. Two counties in NE Georgia had over one foot of rain one day recently. I don’t want it to stop but would like for it to be a bit less and less frequent.