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by Bob Russell, ©2022

“The View,” 2017 Screenshot: ABC

(Aug. 7, 2022) — Another prominent liberal has shown her hatred of God’s Word and the sanctity of life.  “The View” has long been a haven for evil people who hate everything Christian and American but whoopi goldberg recently outdid her usual ignorance by claiming on the show that God supports abortion because He gave people freedom of choice.   He gave us the ability to choose to commit any sinful act we decide to commit but that doesn’t mean He approves of them.  Conservative and former panel member Elizabeth Hasselbeck refuted goldberg’s nonsense but the truth never changes the narrative of leftists and goldberg just shrugged off the truth and went on with her evil spouting.

The Bible is full of acts that mankind should not do, including rejecting Jesus Christ, but also lists the punishments for committing those acts.  Adam and Eve ate from the forbidden tree in the center of the Garden of Eden after being told they could eat of any tree but that one and if they ate of that one tree they would die.  They didn’t die immediately but death entered into life at that point and every person born will eventually die, except for those who are “caught up” in the rapture of the church prophesied in the Bible.  Cain killed his brother Abel out of jealousy but God didn’t pat Cain on the back and congratulate him for making that choice.   Cain was sentenced to roam the earth alone, without any human companionship, until his death.

There are several actions listed that will result in eternal punishment.  People have a choice to do or not do all of the acts with the consequences listed for choosing the wrong option.  Enoch and the prophet Elijah were taken up to Heaven without death but I don’t know of any other person who got out of this world without facing death.  Liberals can denigrate Christian beliefs all they want and put their own spin on them but that doesn’t change what the Bible says nor what I believe.

If I am wrong and there is no eternity or absolute truth, what have I lost by believing in both?  I will have lived my life treating people well as I believe I should and most people will see me as a good person who treated others with kindness.  If liberals like goldberg are wrong they face an eternity of suffering as told in the Bible.  I would much rather live by the standards, biblical standards, that I have chosen than to find out when it is too late to change my eternity that I was wrong.  Those who call Christian values “unenlightened,” “phobic” and “hate” elevate themselves to god status and judge us by their own misguided values.  I don’t “judge” anyone but merely state what I believe to be the eternal truths, and the consequences, of the Bible.

Liberals want to make their own rules, saying that each person can decide for himself what is right or wrong, but that mindset will result in total anarchy.  If there are no set standards to go by the result is chaos.  Moral relativism is the term for every person setting his or her own standards, and even the most evil regimes in history have had standards, that is, standards for everyone except the ruling class.  As America has descended into moral relativism we have seen the same thing, the political ruling class setting standards for everyone not on their team but a different set of standards, anything they want goes, for themselves and their minions.

Like the wealthy/aristocratic class of the French Revolution, the royal class of the Russian Revolution, the Jews and Gypsies in Nazi Germany, the working class of the Cuban Revolution, and the middle class of the Communist Revolution in China, the Christians and patriots in today’s America are the targets of the totalitarians who seek absolute control over everything.  They are busy abolishing the Constitution with the intent of impoverishing and enslaving We the People who believe in living by biblical and constitutional standards.  Those standards are one and the same; the rules set by the Constitution are taken directly from the Christian Bible.

People like whoopi goldberg and her ilk denigrate those standards because they want to be able to decide for themselves who lives by what rules, with them having free rein to do as they please without having to answer to anyone.  That may sound great to them now because the very corrupt and evil Pravda/Goebbels fake news propagandists continually spout their evil diatribe and have a huge monopoly on what information is broadcast or written.  When liberals rave about “the mainstream” of America they talk about their monopoly of information as if most of America agrees with them when that is a lie and they know it. Since they control what is disseminated they control much of the perception; that they control what is allowed to be broadcast or written doesn’t change the truth.

One day we will see if moral relativity is the mainstream of American society, but I believe those who subscribe to that idea will find out how wrong they have been.  They control the narrative now because they control the media but when the situation changes their rude awakening will hit them very hard and they will be made to answer for their evil actions.

The few opposition sites like The Post & Email give liberty-loving people like myself an avenue to share our ideas and values with others.  More sites like this one are needed but the few I have found are a breath of fresh air in an area that has the stench of liberalism as the prominent fragrance.  Today’s media stinks worse than the most disgusting swamps I have been in during my time in the U.S. Army battling the forces of evil in countries either ruled by or infested with the most nefarious people around at the time.

Swamps that stank worse than an old outhouse are more pleasant that the stench of today’s Pravda/Goebbels fake news propaganda arms they call media.  Leftists like goldberg and her cronies of The View know the truth but their hatred of truth drives them and they do their best to drown out the truth because truth destroys their narrative and they can’t stand the idea of anyone not bowing down to worship them.  I believe that the truth will come out some day because I believe that right will ultimately win out over evil.  I hope I live long enough to see that day but at 72 have many more years behind me than I have ahead of me.  It may not come in my lifetime but it will come eventually because good always wins over evil in the end.

Sometimes it takes longer than other times but evil will eventually eat itself.  Despotic rulers need enemies to survive and when their true enemies are destroyed they start turning on each other.  Look at the “cancel culture” so prominent these days.  Some leftists are not leftist enough so the more radical ones are turning on their not-quite-so-radical kinsmen.  Noted leftist bill maher is no longer radical enough to suit the more “mainstream” leftists and has come under criticism from people who were once in his camp.

The democrat party, never ones to be mistaken for good people in my lifetime, have become so evil I believe devildemocommiecrats is a better name for them.  The former liberal democrats like John F. Kennedy would not be allowed in today’s devildemocommiecrat party, a group so communistic and satanic that people like JFK, once considered liberal, would be cancelled by those in the party because liberalism no longer represents people wanting a fair deal for everyone.  Today’s liberals want to rule over everyone who doesn’t bow to their definition of what people should believe.

Whoopie goldberg and the other clucking morons on The View are typical of today’s liberals, so full of themselves and hatred for anyone different that they can’t see straight. They like to call themselves progressives but that is quite a misnomer as they are more regressive, seeking to take America back to the autocratic rule our founders threw off in the Revolutionary War that made America an independent nation free of the royal rule of the king of England who treated colonists as slaves, the same attitude today’s liberals have about us “commoners.”

People like those on The View wouldn’t tell the truth if it would benefit them.  Their hate has them so jaded they can’t see what is in their best interest.  Will they continue to drink the swamp water until they die or will they see the light and come out of the sewer they now relish living in?  I couldn’t face every day being as full of hate as liberals are.  It seems to me they are miserable; the old saying goes that “misery loves company,” and they have plenty of company in their misery and hatred of all things good and honorable.  My hope and prayer is that the hatred from liberals will soon give way to the joy they can find in living by conservative, biblical values.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

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