July 29, 2022

Dear Editor,

Portrait of Luc de Clapiers, Marquis de Vauvenargues by Charles Amedée Colin (1808-1873), Wikimedia Commons, public domain

As I am both mortified and hopeful, after hearing the news of the truly odious, as a man – but having had many excellent policies benefiting not only America, but the Free World – Donald Trump’s impending announcement of running again for the office of Leader of the Free World: POTUS…immediately, 18th-century Frenchman, Marquis de Vauvenargues’ (seeing action in several wars military officer: then a moralist and essayist) words spring to mind…

“We are very wrong to think that some fault or other can exclude virtue, or to consider the alliance of good and evil as a monstrosity or an enigma”, because Trump is reported to be a supporter of same-sex marriage and to have boasted to North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un that if he launched a nuclear attack, “I’ve got a big, Red Button (meaning nuclear missile launch) on my desk, and it’s much bigger than yours!”

If he were POTUS now, would he have done the same with the heinous Russian oligarch Vladimir Putin (when threatening to invade/attack the Ukraine)?


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia


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  1. The point being: if Trump were POTUS, there wouldn’t have been any Ukraine; or (pending) Taiwan; or fentanyl and border crises; gas over $2; and oil leases canceled; or new and not needed regulations; and tax increases; and mandates; and masks; and more crooked elections; and Liz Cheney and all the other Dems and RINOs staging a Soviet Politburo sham trial if it weren’t for ignoring the REAL insurrectionists, Pelosi, Schumer, Mike Judas Pence, and the JCS; congressional fools throwing good American tax dollars after bad ideas; Teachers, leave those kids alone; and the governors of Michigan, New York, and California being arch-negative role models that no country needs; and the ‘Clot Shot; and refusal to hire Veterans as law enforcement; and not having teachers armed; and the slave trade of women and children on our southern border, as if it’s an open-air market; and …
    Get the point?