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(Jun. 29, 2022) — Sliding doors have gained massive traction across the globe over the last decade. Like other types of doors in the market, you need to take utmost care of them to get value for money. Most of the maintenance practices are simple, but we recommend hiring a reputable expert known for offering the best sliding door repair in Orlando, Florida.

Here are five primary factors you should consider when hiring a sliding door repair expert.

  • Experience
  • Legal accreditation
  • Insurance cover
  • Reputation and credibility
  • Cost

That said, here are the basics of sliding door repair in Orlando that you should know.

Step 1: Checking and Replacing Rollers

The functionalism of a sliding door depends on the rollers’ integrity. It’s recommendable to check them to ensure they are in good condition as they tend to wear out over time. Gently lift the sliding door upwards to get access to the rollers. Check for signs of friction wear, and if any, apply a lubricant to achieve a smooth closing and opening movement.

If you notice that the door is jammed, check the rollers for dirt and debris before calling the recommended company for sliding door repair in Orlando. Silicon spray is effective in staving off dirt and everyday debris. However, you must first remove the rollers to access all the sections, especially the constricted spaces. While at it, check the condition of the rollers and replace them if worn out.

Step 2: Cleaning Sliding Door Track

Firstly, cleaning is one of the repair and maintenance practices that should be done once or twice per month to promote the efficiency and durability of the sliding door. In the previous hack, we discussed the need to clean the rollers to achieve a smooth movement.

The door track should also be cleaned to eliminate the debris and reduce friction between the rollers and the track. You can clean it using paraffin wax, vacuum cleaner, and wax. The vacuum cleaner will suck up even the smallest dust particles in seconds. Paraffin wax is a lubricant along the sliding door track, while alcohol removes the dirt and sanitizes the track to promote indoor air quality. Also don’t forget to fix sliding door lock mechanism by yourself or hire experts.

Note that your preferred sliding door repair in Orlando may recommend different cleaning reagents, so be open-minded. Do due diligence to know the reagents’ short- and long-term effects on the door track to avert regrets down the road.

Step 3: Removing Stop Molding from a Sliding Door

Remove the stop molding from your sliding door by first unscrewing the screws to access the door trail. You may also have to cut the varnish or paint line to access it.

Note that molding can prevent the door from sliding smoothly. If the door doesn’t open easily, proceed to check the condition of the roller. You could also ask a friend or family members for recommendations on the best companies for sliding door repair in Orlando.

If you opt to do it yourself, ensure that you hold the door in position when unscrewing the bolts to prevent it from tumbling over. If it falls, you may have to replace the whole door or spend thousands of dollars on additional repairs.

Step 4: Replacing a Balky Sliding Screen Door

Crummy sliding screen doors are a pain to close and open as they repeatedly get jammed, and wheels are susceptible to breaking. The only amicable solution to a crummy sliding screen door is replacing it with a new one that is premium and reputed.

Concisely, most of the premium screen doors available online and online are made from high-quality extruded aluminum. Unlike the cheap rolled aluminum, this one is sturdy and doesn’t flex under pressure. The corners are reinforced with thick metal that makes them rigid and durable.

When shopping for a new sliding door, make sure that you also purchase high-quality rollers. Check the reviews posted online by other customers to get a clear perspective on the quality of the rollers before placing your order. The best will ensure that the door slides easily and cushion you from regular repairs and maintenance as they can stand the test of time.


When scouting for sliding door repair in Orlando experts, make sure that you consider the five factors earlier listed in this article to enjoy world-class service. Compare the prices and the other additional repair services the expert offers to get a holistic service. Finally, the above repairs are simple, but we strongly recommend hiring an expert with the necessary skills and expertise.

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