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by Joan Swirsky, ©2022

Israel and the “occupied” territories as of 2011 (public domain)

(Jun. 10, 2022) — King Solomon said, “There is nothing new under the sun” (Ecclesiastes 1:9).

The sun rises, and the sun goes down…all streams run to the sea… what has been done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun.

In his prescience, King Solomon no doubt knew that one of the things that would remain the same was the obdurate persistence––over thousands of years––of maniacal Jew hatred and a fanatical loathing of Israel.

If it weren’t so serious, and deadly, it would be almost comical, considering that the massive, heavily armed, immensely populated, and hugely influential empires that tried to annihilate the Jews—the Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Assyrians, et al––have been extinct for centuries, while the teeny tiny world of Judaism flourishes to this day.

And that is not to omit the Crusades and Inquisition and forced conversions and the 20th century Holocaust in which Hitler’s “willing executioners” ––all over Europe––succeeded in mass-murdering a full half of the world’s Jewry. Here is a partial picture of Jewish history and persecution that makes the vibrancy of modern Jewish life even more amazing!

But not so amazing that today, in the putatively evolved 21st century, the historical scourge of viciously rampant Jew hatred not only gallops across the globe but also in hundreds if not thousands of colleges and universities in our own country!

According to The Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry, hatred of Jews is on a significant rise. Their 2021 survey reports:

  • In the US, which has the largest Jewish population outside of Israel, the number of anti-Jewish hate crimes recorded in both New York and Los Angeles was almost twice that of the previous year,
  • In France, the number of recorded anti-Semitic incidents increased by nearly 75% compared with 2020,
  • In Canada, a leading Jewish group reported a 40-year record in anti-Semitic physical violence in one month – August,
  • In the UK, the number of recorded physical assaults against Jews increased by 78% compared with 2020,
  • In Germany, anti-Semitic incidents recorded by police were up 29% compared with 2020,
  • In Australia, there was the sharpest rise in recorded anti-Semitic incidents, with 88 in May alone.
  • In Ukraine (Jewish population: 43,000), acts of vandalism against Jews increased 162.5% from 2019.

In fact, according to the Annual Report on Hate Crimes released by the Uniform Crime Reporting Program of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), it is Jews, among the world’s tiniest populations––15 million in a world of nearly eight billion––who experience the most bias, hatred, assaults, blatant racism and hate crimes.

Yet, we Jews continue to thrive not only in our ancestral home in the State of Israel but around the world, contributing disproportionately, as we always have, to the world’s welfare––in science, the arts, medicine, technology, athletics, media, et al. Still, the world’s Jew haters and Israel loathers continue to marinate in their DNA hatred and envy of the Jews who, of course, they should be admiring and emulating. Stupid is forever!


It is inconceivable that in America, a country that welcomes the stranger, strives mightily for equality, and in which minorities have succeeded far beyond even their own expectations, that many of our leaders have been outright racists themselves, with a particularly irrational hatred toward Jews.

Going back to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, whose Jew hatred has been exhaustively documented by professor, columnist and author Rafael Medoff, among others; up to the Ayatollah-infatuated Jimmy Carter who had and continues to have a “special animus” toward Jews and Israel, according to rabbi and author Shmuley Boteach; and not to omit the seething Jew hatred of Barack Obama, as spelled out here and here and here and here, the list has no end.

But who could imagine that in the so-called evolved culture of 2022, that among the most maniacally anti-Semitic people in the world––and among the most powerful––are those in the Biden regime who currently occupy the White House?

Very unfortunately, many of them are apostate Jews…you know, the species that has replaced Judaism with their own fetishistic, cult-like religion of Social Justice––a cult that worships at the altar of political correctness, multiculturalism, moral relativism, and the convoluted and racist construct of intersectionality.

And all of them are Democrats, including a huge number of elected members of the U.S. Congress! We have all witnessed the ferocious Jew hatred and abhorrence of Israel vomited out on a regular basis by the growing number of racist Democrats in the U.S. Congress, aka “the Squad” of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Cori Bush (D-MO), Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), Jamaal Bowman (NY), and Ilhan Omar (D-MN), et al––the list gets longer every day.

Here is their latest Resolution, which calls the founding of Israel “a catastrophe.” And here, political activist Paul Schnee describes The Treachery of the ‘Squad.’

Of course, if any member of Congress dared to criticize the color, style, or primitive nature of a: Woman wearing a Hijab

or a:

…all hell would break loose. But vilify, insult, lie about, slander, or proffer a blood libel about Jews, a thunderous silence!


Clearly it is not solely because their parents and grandparents were Democrats, but because they appear to genuinely like high taxes, open borders, a weak military, no-bail laws, the rampant thuggery of Black Lives Matter and Antifa, and especially abortions up to birth (now legal in 29 states) and even infanticide after live births. We know this because this is what they consistently––decade after decade after decade––campaign for, teach their children, contribute money to, and vote for.

But there are other theories. Writer M. B. Mathews says this phenomenon is “hard to fathom.” But a rabbi in New Jersey, he reports, says that Jews vote Democrat because it’s in their DNA.

The late English journalist Malcolm Muggeridge, Mathews writes, said: “I am not certain that college attendance is the only cause of Jewish liberalism, but it is probably the most likely culprit. Many colleges are festering pustules of regressive socialist/Marxist thinking. Our Jewish youngsters are being groomed intellectually to be perversely liberal.”

And editor, writer and conservative political commentator Norman Podhoretz has posited that “To most American Jews . . . liberalism is . . . the very essence of being a Jew…it is a religion in its own right, complete with its own catechism and its own dogmas and, Tertullian-like, obdurately resistant to facts…”


But don’t believe me. Here, in alphabetical order, are the direct quotes and credentials and behavior of some of Joe Biden’s hand-picked Jew-hating and Israel-loathing appointees, which are not limited to the Oval Office, but also include officials in the State Department, the National Security Council, the Defense Department, and U.S. intelligence agencies. It is as if the arch criterion for employment in this regime is a loathing of Jews and detestation of Israel. Otherwise, don’t apply!

I have written about this before, but I repeat it here because I believe that repetition aids learning. Only space limitations prevents me from listing all these miscreants and presenting the entire sordid picture of these career anti-Semitic racists.

I could write a doctoral thesis on Joe Biden’s animus toward Israel, going back decades. Here are just a few headlines, out of thousands.

Biden Is No Friend of Israel
Biden to visit Jerusalem to tell the world: Zion belongs to Muslims
Biden State Dept “Strongly Opposes” New Jewish Homes in Israel
Biden Institutes Rules Forbidding US Soldiers from Non-Official Travel to Israel
Why Is the Biden Administration Determined to Help Terrorist Iran Get a Bomb?

HADY AMR (whose mother is Jewish) is the Deputy Asst. Secretary for Israeli and Palestinian Affairs. Caroline Glick writes that Amr is an anti-Israel activist with “a long record of statements hostile to Israel and supportive of Palestinian terrorists, including Hamas.” Amr said: “I was inspired by the Palestinian intifada” (the terror wars in which Palestinian Arab terrorists murdered or maimed 10,000 Jews).

MAHER BITAR, the “Palestinian” Senior Director for Intelligence of the National Security Council (NSC), supports the Boycott/Divest/Sanction (BDS) movement to strangle Israel economically and has called for the destruction of Israel.

ANTHONY BLINKEN, Secretary of State (who is Jewish), has praised radical anti-Israel J Street as a ‘constructive force,’” and opposed designating the murderous terrorist Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a foreign terror organization.

KRISTEN CLARKE, head of the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice, has a long history of advocating for anti-Semites and spewing anti-Semitic lies,” going back to her heading Harvard’s Black Students Association.

REEMA DODIN, the “Palestinian” Deputy Director of the White House Office of Legislative Affairs, supports the suicide bombings of Jews, was the leader of the Hamas-affiliated Muslim Students Association, and has spread Medieval-style blood libels about Jews.

AVRIL HAINES, Director of National Intelligence (who is Jewish) has been described as rabidly anti-Israel, and was (surprise surprise!) Obama’s deputy national security adviser and is now deputy director of Obama’s anti-Israel Columbia World Project.

KARINE JEAN-PIERRE, White House Press Secretary, former head of far-left, anti-Israel MoveOn.org, has praised lawmakers for boycotting pro-Israel groups and accused Israel of “war crimes.”

JOHN KERRY, who has Jewish roots, is Envoy for Climate. With personal family connections to Iran, Kerry, according to Adam Berkowitz, has written that “even the Israeli leftist newspaper Haaretz is appalled by John Kerry’s bungled, counterproductive, utter capitulation to Hamas.

ALEJANDRO MAYORKAS, who is Jewish, is Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. He is a board member of HIAS, which partners with terrorism-financier Islamic Relief, and he has undermined Israeli repatriation policies regarding illegal immigrants, among many anti-Israel actions.

DENIS McDONOUGH is Secretary of the Veterans Administration. Obama’s former Chief of Staff, he has spoken at the anti-Israel J Street convention and falsely condemned Israel’s “occupation.” As Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor, he praised the imam of a Virginia mosque, knowing that the imam was a Muslim Brotherhood leader and VP of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), which directly funds Hamas.

THOMAS NIDES, Obama’s former deputy secretary of state, is Biden’s Israel Ambassador. According to Daniel Greenfield, Nides tells BDS group he wants Jews out of Jerusalem, and also documents that Nides “is the ambassador to the anti-Israel lobby.” Nides also describes Arab terrorists who murder Jews as “martyrs,”

SUSAN RICE is Domestic Policy Advisor (aka Biden’s Valerie Jarrett). The serial liar and inveterate Israel basher was Obama’s senior foreign-policy advisor and John Kerry’s chief foreign-policy adviser when he ran for President. And you know what both those Jew-hating racists stood for!

WENDY SHERMAN, who is Jewish, is Deputy Secretary of State. She negotiated the genocidal-to-Israel Iran deal and has also praised arch-terrorist Yasir Arafat as “the leader of the resistance movement” as well as downplaying the PLO suicide bombings and other terror attacks on innocent Israelis that Arafat engineered; on and on.

Unfortunately, because of space limitations, this is the very very short list! But you can see some of Biden’s other Jew-hating, Israel-detesting appointments here.

All of them––I repeat, all of them––are obsessed––to the point of utter capitulation to all the Draconian demands of Iran––to seal the malevolent Iran deal in order to put nuclear weapons into the hands of the one nation on earth that has vowed for the last 50 years literally to destroy every last vestige of the State of Israel, to wipe the only Jewish state in the world and its inhabitants off the map of human history.

I could recite the colossal failures of the current regime, but everyone in America knows and recognizes and “feels” the horrors that a very compromised and diminished Joe Biden and his communist handlers have inflicted on this nation and on their own personal lives.


There are only two solutions to this regime’s rampant racism.

The first is for every sane citizen to write to their representatives in the U.S. Congress and the U.S. Senate EVERY DAY to insist on voter IDs and scrupulously monitored midterm elections.

If these elected officials don’t answer you, or they send a waffling response, know that they are in on “the fix,” no doubt for the hefty payments they’re receiving––paying off their mortgages, financing their children through college, et al––from the leftwing billionaires who control all Democrat behavior.

Here’s How to Contact All 535 Members of United States Congress. CALL, EMAIL, TWEET, et al, them every day! | This will take you 10 minutes.

Simply prepare a two-or-three-line message that expresses your ideas, for example: Mr. President…I insist that you mandate Voter ID cards for ALL voters in ALL elections, starting with the midterms in November 2022.

In influencing elected officials, numbers count! Let’s send them an avalanche of phone calls and a Mt. Everest of e-mails!

The second is to vote in the midterms on Tuesday, November 8, 2022. And to encourage everyone you know to cast their vote in this all-important, history-changing, anti-fascist election.

When We the American People put our hearts and minds and efforts into any mission, we can accomplish anything!

Joan Swirsky is a New York-based journalist and author. Her website is www.joanswirsky.com, and she can be reached at joanswirsky@gmail.com.

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  1. Copied names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers of senators and congressmen in my state. Will get something off to them today and every day until we get our country back to where it needs to be. Great article. Thank you, Mychal and Ms. Swirsky.

  2. Re: My latest article

    10:17 PM
    To Joan Swirsky
    Joan–I feel like we are old friends by now, I will say what I have already said a couple of times at least I’m sure: “This is your very best column!”

    The gems in your article follow.

    “If it weren’t so serious, and deadly, it would be almost comical, considering that the massive, heavily armed, immensely populated, and hugely influential empires that tried to annihilate the Jews—the Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Assyrians, et al––have been extinct for centuries, while the teeny tiny world of Judaism flourishes to this day.”

    “…[A] partial picture of Jewish history and persecution that makes the vibrancy of modern Jewish life even more amazing!”

    “…[W]e Jews continue to thrive not only in our ancestral home in the State of Israel but around the world, contributing disproportionately, as we always have, to the world’s welfare––in science, the arts, medicine, technology, athletics, media, et al.”

    Brilliant! Thank you and keep up the great work.

    Luis Howard

    PD: I have just read the full article and can only say, WOW! While I knew that the Democrat idiots in Biden’s group included lib/lefty/”progressive”–in quotes because there is nothing progressive about this “progressivism”/moral relativists/subjectivists/humanists/secularists Jews, I had no idea how extensive the list was.
    Again, thank you and God will bless you if He has not already.

  3. I don’t understand this map. Where is Jerusalem? It says it’s a map of Israel but what country made it and when? Jordan isn’t on it, either, but the name Golan appears.

  4. Excellent essay by renown author and essayist Joan Swirsky, but there is still room for practical improvement for effective gain:

    1- Emailing/mailing/contacting U.S. Senators and U.S. House Representatives that are members of the now-Bolshevized DemocRAT Party on anything that may help strengthen the America of The Founders is a waste of time and efforts; they either ignore or discard any such of a contact from their constituents and BOSSES. it may work on RINOs (i.e., the vast majority of REPUGNican U.S. Senators and U.S. House Representatives) and libertarians…provided that they are electorally vulnerable in primaries. However, it will most likely work on the very few Genuine Grassroots Americanist Conservative genuine Republicans (i.e., the Republican Party of Lincoln) in the U.S. Senate and U.S. House.

    2- To help secure the INTEGRITY of our MAGA suffrage —one way or the other, by all lawful and civil direct or indirect ways— push the RNC into:
    2.1- ORGANIZING and POPULATING an ARMY of qualified and bona-fide conservative SOFTWARE and FIRMWARE and HARDWARE engineers including, of course, Internet and Intranet communications engineers and technicians, etc. that would —ON THE FLY, IN THE ACT— detect and counteract any attempt by cyber-intruders to TRESPASS any Internet-communications equipment.
    2.2- ORGANIZING and POPULATING an ARMY of qualified and bona-fide conservative volunteers to monitor as watchdogs the ENTIRE VOTING process, i.e., at voting localities, during transportation, during unloading, during counting at the vote-counting facilities. Those in numeral 2.1 above that are pertinent to this phase of our suffrage have to participate here as well, and in any post-election forensic action.

    3- Counting on the measures in numerals 2 and 3 above, amass an overwhelming amount of vote on our side to make it less easy to the Left to steal our MAGA vote again. To such effect, we have not only to vote, but also persuade, encourage, goad to vote for candidates and issues that are conservative, and, as a last resort Republicans, those among relatives, friends and acquaintances that are among the more than 90 million Americans that habitually don’t vote, provided that they are not leftists. Notice that the vast majority of those 90 million are, in their own way, good-folksy traditionalist Americans that just sit on their behind on election day, and notice as well that there is only one step from traditionalism toward grassroots Americanist conservatism. Let’s make it a task to, each of us, get AT LEAST five of those 90 M-ers…and spur those whom we have “recruited” into our side, to do the same.


  5. Unfortunately, there are no surprises here.

    Not a one.

    Roving Reporter reported, “Once you let the camel stick his nose in the tent…” all is lost; it’s the beginning of the end. Well, whatever it is, it sure ain’t good.

    To go off on a tangent for a bit, it has always been a mystery to me why anyone would vote for a Dem in the last 20 years. And wasn’t I surprised to learn that many Jews (80%) voted* for Mr. Muslim himself: Barry Soetoro, aka Obama.

    So, no one should be in the least bit surprised at ANY Jew bashing, especially since we bent over backward to import MILLIONS of the arch-enemy of reason** and the GOLDEN RULE, now should there?

    And it’ll only get worse, much worse. The horrors visited on the Europeans have come to our shores, and we’re not doing one darn thing to change the tide. First the Jews and then the Christians, then everyone else. No one is immune.

    Be prepared by being armed because they sure are.

    [*voted: this is true: the Rabbi’s instructed the faithful to vote for Obama, actually told them to vote for a Muslim. And they did. Go figure. Do you want to see what a turncoat looks like? Look no further than Chuck Schumer, D-NY.]

    [**arch-enemy: Muslims and we have two excellent examples of Jew bashing: Omar and Tlaib.]