by Sharon Rondeau

(Mar. 15, 2022) — Following the “sneak peaks” released on Sunday and Monday, investigative journalist Jonathan Otto is launching his new “Covert Secrets” docu-series Tuesday evening at 8:00 PM EDT.

An email from Otto received on Tuesday reads:

Today’s the big day!

Episode 1 of the brand new Covid Secrets docuseries will go LIVE at 8pm EST tonight…

We’re covering all of the newest information regarding C0VID, their dangerous, experimental vaxx, and their ongoing agenda…

Nothing will remain hidden from you after watching this powerful docuseries including:

  • The censored, alternative treatment methods our experts have successfully used on hundreds of thousands of CVD patients.
  • Their attempted cover up and the REAL number of deaths and shocking side effects occurring from the jab
  • All of the so-called “expert” advice from Big Pharma and the global government that turned out to be complete lies and falsehoods
  • What to do if you’ve received the jab and want to heal your body from the potential problems you might face
  • The truth behind their agenda and what it’s REALLY about
  • Why the global tyranny continues and what you can do about it (protect yourself and your loved ones now before it’s too late)
  • How to stand up for your rights and your personal freedom
  • The true spiritual battle that’s ongoing right now and how you can remain vigilant with your faith
  • Plus so much more

And it all begins TONIGHT at 8pm EST with Episode 1.

You don’t have to follow their agenda to remain safe…

But you do need to make sure you are receiving the previously censored information we’re going to share with you, for your own safety.

So make sure you open tonight’s email with your special link to watch.

And please help us share the truth by doing your part and sharing this information with your friends and family:

Simply forward this email or tell them to visit:

Remember, each episode will only remain “live” for 24 hours before the next episode replaces it so don’t wait around once we send you the link.

To your health,

Jonathan Otto


As was revealed in the preview videos, those interviewed for the new documentary include Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Judy Miklovits, Dr. Richard Bartlett, and a number of individuals who suffered severe adverse reactions after receiving COVID-19 vaccines.

The link to Episode 1 opens here.

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