February 6, 2022

“A View of the of the Piazza Navona, Rome” by Hendrik Frans van Lint, ca. 1730, Wikimedia Commons, public domain

Dear Editor,

Recently, Andrew Bolt (aka “BoltA the Brave”) referred to “…the decaying West…”.

The sad reality, Andrew: the West (every Australian’s democratic, freedom-loving and affluent Western society) was won, defended, and held by warriors! Now, it is being undermined, betrayed, and lost by woke-folk worriers!

Keep fighting, Andrew, although the vast majority of the MSM (especially the ABC); ties one hand behind the likes of our respective backs with its/their “Oligarchy of The Fourth Estate,” ever-increasing control of imbalanced news reporting and lack-of-non-woke-folk views presentation!


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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