by John Porter, ©2022

Screenshot: The New York Times

(Jan. 27, 2022) — I just wonder how many people came away with the same observations as I did, whether Democrat, Republican or Independent. And I watched honestly without any bias whatsoever, wanting desperately to hear the good from him. I could be concerned for Joe Biden, instead of embarrassed, IF there was any room left after my CONCERN FOR MY COUNTRY, but there isn’t.

I watched and heard the entire train wreck parading as a news conference. I saw and heard an imbecile (Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary: lout, simpleton, fool, idiot, moron, ignoramus, dunce) who holds the office of President of the United States of America.

All I can say is, denial will not prevent any of this current mess from improving any time soon. From his own mouth, this imbecile thinks the country is on the right track. This imbecile thinks the country is not divided. This imbecile thinks Build Back Better (spending another 5 trillion dollars we don’t have) will cure inflation. This imbecile says he does not believe polls. This imbecile thinks he accomplished more in his first year as president than any before him. This imbecile says he has no apologies for the disastrous method of withdrawal from Afghanistan. The imbecile says Russian sanctions will be determined on the size of the incursion. This imbecile is possibly the only person, with the exception of some Socialists in this country, who honestly believes this stuff. What a mess we have allowed ourselves to get into.

I also saw a complicit media. Yes, they seem to be gradually starting to turn, but how in the world can you not raise one question, in the period of 1 hour and 53 minutes, relative to the border when two million illegal unwanted aliens have invaded it in twelve months? How can you not ask about soaring crime, murder, rape, robberies, etc., running amok in our nation? I just wonder if there is a person anywhere out there who was not embarrassed and can defend and agree with what this man had to say last Wednesday and how he said it. I’m really not even sure what I heard, he was so rambling and incoherent!!


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  1. Biden is merely a delusional stooge for the anti-American left, beholden to the puppet masters and the CCP, who revels in his perceived power, prestige and self-importance. He doesn’t give a damn about America and its citizens. A nasty, corrupt and devious fool.