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(Jan. 8, 2022) — Believe it or not, despite the influence schools have on family life every day, confusion over what happens in schools and who’s responsible for what, is the cause of so much of society’s woes.

To avoid the confusion, we need to have clarity.

Let’s start with what might seem really obvious: School.

Have you thought about its genuine meaning?

A school is an organisation that provides instruction.

Notice there’s no mention of education.

Let’s go a little further.

Education is the process of giving or receiving systematic instruction.

When we put the two together, we could say that genuine school education includes teaching and learning.

In other words, you can’t have one without the other.

A major flaw in our schooling systems today is that ‘learning’ is the key philosophical influencer – ‘Self-directed learning.’ ‘Student agency.’ ‘Personalised learning.’ ‘Remote learning’ – while the ‘teaching bit’ is where all the power and money flows.

TEACH – To educate a child honourably…

Where’s it gone?

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  1. Where has “TEACH – To educate a child honourably…” gone?

    To the same place “JOURNALISM – To inform the public honorably…” has gone.

    To hell and a hand-basket.