by Sharon Rondeau

(Jan. 5, 2022) — “Tommy’s Podcast” has interviewed Dr. Robert W. Malone, inventor of mRNA technology; Dr. Mattias Desmet, originator of the modern term “mass formation psychosis” which Malone discussed at length with Joe Rogan last Thursday; and Dr. Peter A. McCullough, one of the most-published physicians in the world on early treatment for the coronavirus.

McCullough appeared on the Rogan program earlier in December and has also discussed Desmet’s theory to explain current global societal behaviors. Both interviews took the internet by storm and resulted in Google censoring searches for “mass formation psychosis” late last week.

McCullough was late to the gathering as a result of an in-progress television interview, Tommy said at the outset.

Desmet introduced himself as professor of clinical psychology at the University of Ghent, Belgium. He additionally holds a master’s degree in statistics. His background includes “psychotherapy research” and “group dynamics,” which he said includes “mass formation” emanating from “the corona crisis.”

Malone’s knowledge of the term was gleaned from Desmet, Malone said, and he remains “a student” of the concept which Desmet invoked to describe the current global situation which Desmet says arose from the coexistence of four distinct societal conditions.

Dr. Joseph Mercola has written at length about Malone’s studying of Desmet’s theory.

The “seminal event” took place during the fourth quarter of 2019, Malone said, setting the stage for “a hypnotic state” identifying with a particular “leader” who can “do no foul.”

The phenomenon arose from a set of events associated with “free-floating anxiety” and a lack of cohesion in world societies, Malone said. “My sense is that what Mattias is teaching us is a fundamental aspect of human psychology that has to do with relieving the pain of these types of anxiety events,” Malone said (11:30).

“That cohort” so affected, Malone said, becomes “consumed” by the “psychosis” and eventually “turn on themselves.”

At 15:30, Desmet explained that the term “psychosis” could be “stigmatizing” and that he therefore uses “mass formation.”

At 16:09, McCullough quietly joined the group as Desmet expounded more on his theory in a fascinating soliloquy.

Those who “don’t go along with the narrative” are generally ridiculed, he said, with those who conform forming “a new social bond.”

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  1. My gut feeling: Malone is a double agent.
    Note what he says and what he does not say.
    He is a distractor, trying to stay out of jail, all-the-while trying to appease those of us who know that the COVID-19 is 100% hoax.

    Have you ever smelled a dead rat? I have and will therefore never be able to remove that sensation from my brain.