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(Dec. 19, 2021) — Over one billion people use Instagram every month. With so many users, it’s a great idea to ensure your Instagram privacy settings are up to date, especially if you are sharing intimate or personal pictures of yourself and your family.

Want to know how you can change your privacy settings to a level you are comfortable with? Keep reading! We can offer tips so you can utilize Instagram’s array of privacy settings to their full potential.

Make Sure You’re Set to Private

If Instagram privacy is important to you, one of the first things you can do is make your profile private. No one will be able to see your photos or stories unless you approve them first.

To set your account to private, go to the hamburger menu at the top right of your profile, click “Settings,” from there, go to “Privacy,” and toggle the private account switch to on.

Determine What You Share

Don’t want everyone to see what you are posting on Instagram? There are a few options you can explore.

Protect your stories by going into your settings and selecting people you want to hide your stories from. You can also prevent people from sharing your stories if you’d prefer only those in your circle see them.

Worried about what people can see when they post to Instagram? This article can clear a few things up for you.

Some people don’t want their activity status to be shared online. To change this, go to Settings > Privacy > Activity Status. Once there, you can turn off “Show Activity Status” and remain hidden.

Get Rid of Personalized Ads

These days, the marketing industry uses killer content to grab the hearts and minds of people scrolling. Smart marketing uses a personalized ad experience to speak directly to consumers based on their website and app usage.

If you want to disable this type of ad personalization, you will have to do so through Facebook. If you are on a mobile device, you’ll want to navigate to Settings & Privacy > Settings > Ad Preferences > Ad Settings.

On the web? Go to your Ad Preferences page and click on “Ad settings.” Once you’re there, turn off the settings that say the following, “Ads based on data from partners,” and “Ads based on your activity on Facebook Company Products that you see elsewhere.”

After you’ve turned these settings off, Facebook won’t be able to target you based on what you look at outside of Instagram.

What Instagram Privacy Settings Will You Implement?

Instagram privacy can make you feel a little more comfortable when sharing special moments. Make sure you only provide the intimate details of your life with those you choose by following these simple steps.

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