by Sharon Rondeau

(Aug. 20, 2021) — On Friday evening first-term Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA14) introduced three Articles of Impeachment to the U.S. House of Representatives against White House occupant Joseph R. Biden, Jr. (D).

At present the Democrats hold a slim majority in the lower chamber of Congress.

On January 21, Biden’s first full day in office, Taylor Greene introduced Articles of Impeachment accusing Biden of “corruption” and “collusion on the part of the Biden family with foreign nationals,” specifically in Ukraine when Biden served his second term as Barack Obama’s vice president.

At a 2018 Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) symposium, Biden joked about having strong-armed then-Ukrainian president Petro Poroschenko to fire prosecutor Viktor Shokin, who had been investigating alleged corruption within Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company which hired Biden’s son Hunter, who had no experience in the energy sector, as a Board member for $50,000 monthly.

Hunter Biden is allegedly under investigation on tax issues but has not been criminally charged. In October, The New York Post broke the news of Hunter Biden’s laptop, which contained evidence that the elder Biden, who sought the presidency at the time, was involved in his son’s overseas business dealings despite having denied any knowledge of it and may have used his position as vice president to secure multi-millions of dollars from Ukraine, China and other nations for the Biden family.

In response, “more than 50” former members of the U.S. intelligence community signed a letter stating, in part, that “There are a number of factors that make us suspicious of Russian involvement.”

“Perhaps most important, each of us believes deeply that American citizens should determine the outcome of elections, not foreign governments,” the letter continues.” All of us agree with the founding fathers’ concern about the damage that foreign interference in our politics can do to our democracy.”

The mainstream media censored The Post‘s story and subsequent articles on the subject. The Post stood by its reporting, which was sourced to Rudy Giuliani, who reportedly provided a copy of the original Hunter Biden laptop.

Very recently, a tape surfaced appearing to depict Hunter telling a woman that “the Russians” have compromising information on him. Neither Hunter Biden nor his attorneys claim the tape is a forgery.

To announce her newest action on Friday, Taylor Greene wrote on Twitter, “Today, I introduced three impeachment resolutions against Joe Biden for his dereliction of duty in Afghanistan, his violations of immigration law causing a national security crisis on our Southern border, and his usurping of Congressional power by ignoring the SCOTUS.”

Beneath her announcement was an encapsulated graphic of the Articles, which span three pages. The Twitter announcement also appears on her website as of this writing.

“Today, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene introduced three impeachment resolutions against Joe Biden for his dereliction of duty in Afghanistan, is violations of immigration law causing a national security crisis on our Southern border, and his usurping of the Constitutional balance of power by morning the ruling of the Supreme Court,” the Articles begin.

Shortly before Biden was inaugurated on January 20, significant numbers of illegal aliens began amassing at the southern border beseeching what would be the new administration to allow them entry into the United States, a petition which was in large part granted. According to news reports, tens of thousands of illegals in numbers much higher than in immediately preceding years have crossed the border with impunity and even encouragement from the Biden regime. M, despite the high court’s July opinion stating it to be unconstitutionalany such illegals have tested “positive” for the coronavirus but have been transported to various parts of the country at taxpayer expense to await immigration hearings which statistics show most do not honor.

Taylor Greene’s reference to the U.S. Supreme Court is a result of Biden’s affirming of a renewed CDC mandate through October 3, forbidding landlords across the country from attempting to evict non-payment tenants as a result of the high transmission of the “Delta” version of COVID-19 despite the high court’s July opinion stating it to be unconstitutional.

By contravening the court’s decision, Greene wrote, Biden “usurped congressional prerogatives explicitly enumerated in the Constitution and reaffirmed by the Supreme Court.”

The CDC insists the three U.S.-available COVID-19 vaccines are “safe and effective,” while its director, Biden appointee Dr. Rochelle Welensky, has acknowledged that those who are fully vaccinated are able to contract and spread the virus, particularly the “Delta variant.”

During an August 4 address, Biden acknowledged that such a mandate, which was in place from the CDC since last fall, is unconstitutional but that his regime would, in essence, “buy time” with its renewal while legal challenges were likely mounted.

As for Afghanistan, as commander-in-chief Biden instructed the military to withdraw from the country without having evacuated American civilians and Afghanis who assisted the U.S. in combating terrorism in the country and establishing what was a democratic-style government.

As the Taliban overtook parts of Afghanistan over July and August, media reports say, the Biden regime was informed that Kabul was likely to fall which Biden chose to ignore.

Over the weekend, the U.S. embassy abruptly closed as the Taliban quickly overtook Kabul, seized the billions of dollars’-worth of military equipment Biden left behind, and began abusing women, hunting down those who had assisted the U.S. and committing random violence against people attempting to board flights out of the country.

Thousands of Americans are now trapped in Afghanistan, with the Biden regime unable or unwilling to guarantee their extraction to safety. Following Friday’s presser, virtually all mainstream media contended Biden provided inaccurate information on a number of points, including that Americans and Afghan allies were experiencing no difficulties finding safe passage to the airport.

“The buck stops with me,” Biden said in a Tuesday press conference on Tuesday and again on Friday, both conducted as conditions in Afghanistan worsened and Biden returned to the White House from his untimely vacation at Camp David.

Biden has claimed that any U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan would cause a certain degree of chaos and defended his decision.

The slogan, “The buck stops here” was coined by President Harry Truman and became Biden’s 2020 campaign slogan. Biden has been known to plagiarize legal writings and speeches in the past.

The collapse of Afghanistan has caused turmoil among NATO nations and countries which have agreed to accept Afghan refugees once they were airlifted out of the now-violent country.

In Afghanistan, Taylor Greene wrote in the Articles, Biden “dishonored the sacrifices made by every American soldier who fought in the 20-year war, especially those who gave their life for the cause. Biden left behind over 10,000 American citizens to face the terrifying rule of the Taliban as they impose Sharia law across the country.”

During the 2020 presidential campaign and in the ensuing months, many questioned Biden’s fitness for office in the wake of what appeared to be increasing forgetfulness, confusion, disorientation and an apparent disconnect with current American sentiment.

Having twice run unsuccessfully for president previously, Biden’s viability was considered doubtful by many during the primaries until the South Carolina primary, when Rep. James Clyburn endorsed him over the remaining Democrat candidate field and his campaign was re-energized.

Following the November 3 general election, which incumbent President Donald J. Trump continues to insist he won, thousands of sworn affidavits and testimony alleging massive election fraud were ultimately brushed aside by “swing” state legislatures, governors and secretaries of state where the margin between Trump and Biden was narrow.

As TIME Magazine revealed, unprecedented actions were taken by means of a “shadow campaign” by private entities, labor unions and Big Tech to encourage Democrat voter turnout, bend state election laws, promote mail-in ballots during the pandemic, terming it a “democratic process that resulted in Trump’s ouster.”

“They executed national public-awareness campaigns that helped Americans understand how the vote count would unfold over days or weeks, preventing Trump’s conspiracy theories and false claims of victory from getting more traction,” TIME’s Molly Ball reported February 4. “After Election Day, they monitored every pressure point to ensure that Trump could not overturn the result…”

Ball described “the conspiracy to save the 2020 election” as “the story of an unprecedented, creative and determined campaign whose success also reveals how close the nation came to disaster.”

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  1. Biden is the most UN-AMERICAN President in my entire lifetime! He believes in flooding the USA with ILLEGAL ALIENS. He does not believe in voter integrity and VOTER ID!!

  2. I know it won’t go anywhere, but it has to be presented. Any Republican (minus RINO’S) should be on this every day. The future of this country is genuinely at stake….wake up and open your mouths and do something!

  3. 08-28-63 I HAVE A DREAM
    08-28-09 I HAVE A THEME [THANK YOU, P&E for 12 YEARS!]
    08-28-21 I HAVE A PLAN:
    A. Trump PEACEFULLY holds another 2021 Mega-MAGA Rally in Washington, DCeit as MILLIONS of Trump-supporters PEACEFULLY surround the Capitol Building in session
    B. Trump PEACEFULLY presents 2020-voting-fraud data and siege-demands that all 535 con men Congressmen PEACEFULLY vacate the Capitol Building = “You’re Fired!”
    C. All state legislatures vote-in 535 replacements for said 535 fired Congressmen to serve out the remaining terms; PLAGIARIST-President Biden (who is taking credit for Trump’s 2nd Term in office) and INELIGIBLE-VP Jamaica-citizen Harris-Emhoff and all members of The Pelosi-Schumer-Schiff Schit Schow are retired-for-life into the nearest DC jail; Trump is rightfully-reinstated to continue to Make America Great Again immediately after this “Great Upset-Reset Day” in U.S. history.

    What’s YOUR plan? No plan? Then, YOU have no MAGA future!

  4. Should be a “SLAM DUNK!” But, so should’ve been Donald Trump’s re-election. Anyway, as for impeaching Joe Biden, it actually is too good for him. Whatever happened to charging someone in a high accountable position in our government with TREASON? “Obama,” who STOLE the presidency twice (was constitutionally ineligible), deserved it. Others including some in the CIA and FBI and one in the Supreme Court (you know which ones I’m talking about, don’t you) arguably have also committed treason. Joe Biden, who has spent practically his entire adult life in government at the federal level, definitely should know a lot about treason, and he finally has it coming! Then, again, maybe our wonderful new WOKE culture doesn’t recognize any crime so serious as treason! Get a grip, America! Let’s turn the clock back. To a time when no one was above the law. Too bad it had to come to this, Mr Biden. It may divide our country further! Amen.

  5. Hi Sharon,

    Georgia federal representative Marjorie Taylor Greene is a thought leader and an action leader. (GETTR > )

    As long as you promote, in a positive sense, both J.R. Nyquist who is against Mike Lindell and Marjorie Taylor Greene who is for Mike Lindell’s efforts to expose the November 3, 2020 election fraud (at least, as I understand her views for now), you have my attention as a visitor and a commentator.