August 19, 2021

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

A US F-16 Fighting Falcon departs Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan, Jan. 23, 2015 (Wikipedia, public domain)

Liberal Democrats have a way of bringing shame and embarrassment to our beloved nation.  The abject retreat and humiliation that is ongoing in the latest incidence of Democrat Party policy failure.  Notice I am not calling this US policy failure. 

Again and again, brave Americans retreat – heads bowed and harried — to get to airfields where they may be whisked away from imminent danger.  In this case, our Democrat administration has us groveling at the feet of the filthy lice in charge in Afghanistan to “permit” our innocent civilian US government employees to turn tail and run…

Frankly, I for one have had more than enough of this kind of craven turn-tail nonsense. As if our military is inept and unable to provide protection to ensure an orderly departure?  The signals from the liberals were loud and clear – once again – America has no spine, and we will run away, tail between our legs. 

Once again, I ask, where are the MEN?  Since when do US Marines, soldiers, sailors, and airmen run away from 13th-century hordes on horseback? 

How did it come to this?  Who allowed it to happen?   Who among us delights in seeing us humiliated by third-world miscreants?  I am near certain that every American who has worn our uniform must share my embarrassment and shame at what is unfolding on live TV. 

Maybe next time we have elections, we might all recall which side seems intent on bringing infamy and shame to our nation in terms of mad scurrying to airports to be evacuated before a shoeless horde on horseback drives our feckless national representatives out of their ill-governed hell-holes.  It is as if Democrats have no spines and little love for Country…  That’s harsh, but the same refrain keeps resurfacing.  How would you describe it?

Old, Once Again Disgusted, Frank      

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  1. I believe this Afghanistan debacle was planned! Listen to Lara Logan being interviewed by Tucker Carlson. She lived in Afghanistan and shared some interesting insights! She states that Pakistan is intimately involved in this insanity, and indeed this was planned! That the American military could resolve this situation immediately, if it wanted too!
    The question in my mind which she did not answer is: why was this planned? I speculate that the powers that be want to dump Biden and replace him with the first black, female President. Or alternatively, the Chinese are blackmailing Biden and told him to do this. The Chinese want to take over Taiwan, and they don’t want America to interfere with their plans. A presumed weak American military will not interfere. China will assume Taiwans microchip production which supplies eighty five percent of the world’s chips!
    What do you think?