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May 28, 2021

Dear Editor,

So Federal Labor’s proposed deputy PM Richard Marles, from down Geelong way, Victoria, blames Scott Morrison for Victoria’s latest lockdown?

Mr Marles, Victoria’s “Guiltiest Party Ever”: Labor Premier Daniel Andrews, his relevant ministers (including “Gold Standard” Emergency handler, Lisa Neville) and top bureaucrats in charge of hotel quarantining and Covid-19 contact tracing, may well be likened to the captain and his most senior watch officers on the bridge of a gigantic cruise ship, turning turtle – when carrying the population of Victoria after being shipwrecked on a long charted reef, in a millpond calm sea, and in broad daylight – drowning 803 Victorians! And “Captain Cruel” Daniel Andrews is still very popular after the Coate inquiry? The mind boggles!

Andrews now tries to cover up/assuage his (and his top “officers’”) abrogation of duty and guilt by throwing money like there’s no tomorrow at major projects, etc., with Andrews playing the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny and Father Christmas all rolled into one; with Victorian taxpayers’ very own money, and borrowed billions to be paid back by Victorians surviving the shipwreck, so many of whom are still in the water, desperately clinging to flotsam or, in unseaworthy lifeboats, even bailing them out – for dear life!

And still, the majority of Victorians approve of “Captain Cruel” Daniel Andrews/Lisa Neville’s (dubbed “Gold Standard”) disastrously inept seamanship when 803 Victorians’ lives were lost under their command and would actually (with Richard Marles and Lisa Neville) accept an invitation from the Captain of Victoria’s “Guiltiest Party Ever” to sit (let alone, dine) at “Captain Cruel’s” table – after the Coate Quarantine and Tracing inquiry?

Mr Marles, I repeat: the mind (well, mine, anyway) simply boggles!


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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