by Bob Russell, ©2021

(Jan. 26, 2021) — The “pander to every leftist group on earth,” the very corrupt and mentally deficient usurper in the oval office, on his first day as the illegitimate occupier of the oval office signed an executive order allowing males who “identify” as females to use female restrooms and locker rooms and compete in women’s athletic events. Given the God-ordained physical differences between male and female, girls and women will soon be shut out of women’s athletics.

I find it ironic that one of the devildemocommiecrats’ top support groups finds itself immediately betrayed by the party they support so strongly.  There is an old story about the rabbit that wanted a wolf to help it across a river only to be tricked into riding on the wolf’s nose where it was eaten before getting across.  The betrayal of radical feminism by Mr. dementia is emblematic of this story. 

Liars and deceitful people will ALWAYS turn on those foolish enough to blindly support them.  Devildemocommiecrats immediately betray the oath they swear, on a Bible, to support, defend, and protect the Constitution, so how any of their supporters expect their wishes to be honored is beyond me.   There are at least two places in the Bible that say we should not swear an oath, one of which is Matthew 5;33. I don’t remember where the second one is but I read it in the last day or two.  I think it is in Hebrews.

Homosexuals are going to see the same situation when the devildemocommiecrats get enough satanic moslems brought in for them to have enough numbers to do what the transgender thugs did.  Moslems kill homosexuals and eventually will have numbers enough to begin demanding that devildemocommiecrats begin to do so.  The devildemocommiecrats pander to every lunatic fringe group in the nation so it is inevitable that groups with conflicting agendas are going to have to battle to get their way within the party and homosexuals will find out soon just how irrelevant their views are. 

Union workers also found out what happens when useful idiots are no longer needed.  The Keystone XL Pipeline project was just canceled by biden, immediately closing nearly 50,000 union jobs just in the construction industry alone.  I am sure many thousand more will be lost as this travesty progresses.

It seems that Mr. dementia, his TREASONOUS cronies, and their constituent groups have hit the proverbial brick wall of conflicting agendas.  So dementia joe made the choice to throw feminists under the bus in favor of the transgender lunatics.  How long will it be before homosexuals are thrown under the islamic bus?  People, even liberals, are getting tired of the duplicity, lies, and tyranny of the devildemocommiecrats. 

In California a recall petition to remove the hypocrite gavin newsom from office is going strong among groups across the political, economic, and social spectra.  Even those who have been his most loyal supporters are turning on him for destroying the economy and acting like a third-world dictator while violating his own edicts.  People are fed up with the “rules for thee but not for me” attitude, typical of the very hypocritical devildemocommiecrats.  With their main focus on killing conservatives or putting us in the FEMA concentration camps for exercising the free speech guaranteed by the Constitution, the founding document that they violate every day because they consider it irrelevant, they aren’t paying any attention to those village idiots who have voted for them for a very long time. 

President Trump garnered unprecedented numbers of blacks and Hispanics’ votes in 2020 because the devildemocommiecrats have turned their backs on those two groups.  Illegal-alien invaders welcomed by the dems have supplanted blacks as the preferred “underclass” welfare group and those Hispanics coming in the right way are being treated poorly compared to the illegals.  Hispanics who follow the immigration laws of the nation resent those being given preferential treatment.  Both groups supported President Trump, the rightful winner of the 2020 election, because he pledged to honor the Constitution and followed through on his promises.  President Trump brought jobs back to America that led to the lowest unemployment among blacks and Hispanics in history.

Pandering to groups with overlapping agendas was bound to bite them and the biting has started.  At least the infighting might give us patriots a bit of a respite from their going full “Hitler” on us.  The dems plan to soon begin confiscating guns from patriotic citizens, the action that will start the second Revolutionary War.  If you know history at all you will know that it wasn’t the Stamp Act or the Boston Massacre that started the war; it was British soldiers marching to Lexington and Concord to confiscate colonists’ guns.

The “shot heard around the world” was fired on Lexington Green when colonist militiamen refused to surrender their guns.  No one knows who fired first but who fired first really doesn’t matter; the end result was independence for the colonies.  The British, who outnumbered the militia about 750 to 40, won that skirmish but lost most of their soldiers as the fight gave other minutemen time to gather and organize ambushes that decimated the British army as it limped back to Boston having failed to collect more than the guns of those colonists killed in the Lexington battle.

Mr. dementia and his idiot Nazi band are going to find out their confiscation scheme, labeled as a “mandatory buyback,” is doomed to failure.  No true patriot is going to surrender his or her guns, and those who do will find themselves under the thumbs of tyrants anyway.  My hope is that enough infighting will happen to delay the dictator wannabe’s plans until my prayers are answered and Almighty God removes them from office in favor of people who will honor Him instead of satan as the devildemocommiecrats do.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, the Father, Son Jesus, and the Holy Ghost, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

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  1. Thank you Bob Russell for article. Two things, Sir; Firstly, you said the devil-demo-commie-screwball-crats soon will be consficating our guns. Well, if they come for my guns I’ll give them my bullets. Secondly, I want to remind readers that Hair Plug China Biden wanted to take (STILL) President Trump behind the gym. Can he even remember how to get back there? If he did use GPS, or call Miss Cleo for directions, and made it back there, he wouldn’t even be able to win a fight against one of those little innocent girls (God bless their hearts) that he touched inappropriately, and played with and smelled their hair right in front of their mothers.
    And if I may, please, remind the good patriotic people that are not aware of it…there’s at least two different video clips out there where barack bathhouse barry hussein soetoro obama, the fake ex-president, called his wife “Michael” instead of Michele. Folks, my wife’s name is Christie, in a million years I’d never call her “Chris” instead of Christie.