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by Tom Arnold, ©2020   

(Dec. 12, 2020) — It spells “JOHN G ROBERTS JR.”

In case that doesn’t ring a bell with you, Roberts is the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court (appointed by President George W. Bush in 2005).

Frankly, I am not a Court watcher or historian, but I do know a couple of things, which ought to disturb you, about Roberts.

In January 2009 and again in January 2013, he swore in a CONSTITUTIONALLY INELIGIBLE Manchurian Candidate Arab-American with communist, terrorist, and CIA ties, possessing few, if any, valid identification documents, as our country’s 44th president, “BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA.”  

Do not think for a minute that Chief Justice Roberts was unaware of Obama’s background and the very real possibility that Obama could prove to be a far-left zealot and a threat to our democracy and republic.  I believe Roberts knew and had been briefed about all of this, and probably much more.  However, it didn’t stop him from swearing in to our country’s (and world’s) highest office a man who clearly was CONSTITUTIONALLY INELIGIBLE (and today we are dealing with the same thing all over again, in the person of VP candidate Kamala Harris, who, like Obama, is NOT a natural born American citizen and may be another constitutionally ineligible president some day).

The “threat” to our republic, as I called it above, of Obama’s presidencies didn’t take long to manifest itself.  We now are seeing what Obama’s politics, philosophy, and world views have done to our country.  Need I remind you of today’s racial unrest, violence in our streets, vandalism of historical places and monuments, extreme political correctness, woke and cancel culture, defund the police, the rise of radical and dangerous organizations like ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter, the Democrat Party becoming Socialist, etc, etc.?

Not long after Roberts perverted himself and became a politically activist judge, it was reported widely in 2011 that a slush fund, paid out of the US TREASURY to him and others including “President” Barack Obama, was being held in accounts in the Vatican Bank in Rome.  Roberts’ account alone was reportedly worth 1 BILLION DOLLARS.  Hmm!

Over the years, Chief Justice Roberts has continued at various times to play politics in his decisions instead of being an objective by-the-constitution book-of-law jurist, contrary to what his oath of office most certainly requires.  One particular area of the law in which Roberts, in my view, has failed miserably is Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of our U.S. Constitution, i.e., the natural born American citizen requirements for one to become vice president or president.  One of the Associate Justices remarked several years ago (2010) that the Supreme Court was “EVADING” taking up and ruling on any cases concerning the meaning of “natural born American citizen!”  This is DISGRACEFUL, as there could be NOTHING MORE TIMELY AND IMPORTANT OR MORE CONSTITUTIONALLY RELEVANT than interpreting and defining, or re-affirming, the qualifications necessary for one to be a candidate for, or become elected to, our country’s vice presidency or presidency.

The only problem is that Chief Justice Roberts, for all intents and purposes, rendered such a review of Article 2 unlikely, if not impossible, due to the fact that he himself had sworn in to office a CONSTITUTIONALLY INELIGIBLE, albeit elected by popular vote, BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA.  My limited knowledge of the law tells me that is something which could set a PRECEDENT, and a terrible and destructive one at that.

By the way, Chief Justice Roberts, what is more important: the votes (votes in Obama’s case which were from a misinformed, defrauded electorate) or the safeguarding of, and abiding by, our United States Constitution?  You are the expert, Roberts.  You tell me.

Today, America is faced with another extremely serious matter (an understatement) which, it appears, could be referred up to the U.S. Supreme Court for resolution. Of course, I’m talking about the disputed 2020 general election and the possibility, if not likelihood, that FRAUD occurred and caused the presidency to be STOLEN from incumbent Donald Trump.  I do not pretend to know all of the details, but from what I’ve heard and read, there is little doubt that irregularities (including criminal violations) existed in the voting.  As a result, the American people are being cheated and, in a way, disenfranchised.  It occurs to me that someone else other than We, The People, must be controlling and running our country and attempting to take it over against our will.  This, despite the votes of supporters of Donald Trump which were of record number and legal but apparently not enough to match or overcome the ballot fraud committed by the opposition Democrat Party.

So, does anyone really expect Chief “Justice” John Roberts and his Supreme Court of appointed-for-life false gods will do anything about this assault against our people and Constitution? Will they even take the case to review if the petitioners bring it to them? If so, will the high court decide that it’s frivolous? That there is sufficient evidence to prove election fraud? That there was fraud but not enough to change the outcome of the election? That the effect of a ruling either way would be too dangerous and potentially harmful to our society, or some other totally ridiculous type of “ruling” similar to those they have made many times before, i.e., that the petitioners have “no standing!?”

I truly do believe, Chief “Justice” Roberts, that I still have a First Amendment right to express my opinion and that you have committed traitorous acts in the past and you and your colleagues are about to do it again!  That, my fellow American citizens, is what I call the “HANDWRITING ON THE WALL.”

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  1. I would like to clarify that I composed and emailed the above editorial on NOVEMBER 28, 2020. Through the fault of no one, The Post & Email did not receive it at that time. It is possible that I may have incorrectly addressed it to them.
    Regardless, please take note that this was two weeks prior to the Supreme Court’s receipt and consideration of the Texas, et al, 2020 presidential election case against Pennsylvania. And lo and behold, as I surmised might happen, the high court did refuse to hear the case on DECEMBER 11, 2020! They alleged it was because the petitioner(s) had “NO STANDING!” I can’t tell you how INSULTING, RIDICULOUS, AND DOWNRIGHT WRONG this was! And, that’s putting it mildly.
    So, was it just my “lucky guess” that this travesty of justice would happen? Not really! I saw “The Handwriting on the Wall,” and it was JOHN G ROBERTS JR. In my opinion, Roberts has been exercising his political and arguably traitorous approach to the role of “Chief Justice” since at least 2009 (most of us know all too well what happened then).