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(Sep. 15, 2020) — As many of you know, I have been writing and speaking for several years on different topics and issues all concerning our wonderful country and its goodness, how it was born and why, those who founded it and its Constitution, the many thousands who have died for it, how it works, why it has worked so beautifully for so long, how it stands above all other nations in freedom of the individual, and my love for her. But I have never written with more sincerity than I do today.

Please allow me to quote a former president: “Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated can long endure.”

It is my sincere hope that we can all, in a civil manner, reason together about a disturbing fact which has become very clear to me, that our beloved nation of a Constitutional Republic, “conceived in Liberty,” is in grave danger of being subverted into something very evil. I only ask all who are reading this do so with the well-being of our nation at heart rather than the well-being of a particular political party.

With all my observation and concentrated studies of current events surrounding the attempted destruction of our Constitutionally elected president, Donald John Trump, it is my firm conviction there is a plot by some heavily-financed and powerful people unfolding to change our form of government from a Constitutional Republic to one of Socialism. I believe it evident that the destruction of President Trump is not their real goal, but only an important stepping-stone being used by these people to accomplish their actual intent of a much larger goal, the destruction of our Constitution and our government as a free Republic. His destruction is necessary only because he stands in their way.

This force is made up of a large number of public figures and organizations. Let us not be deceived; what we are witnessing is an organized and highly coordinated effort. It is clear to all who will objectively open their eyes to see who some of them are and their true intent. I will here name but a few of the many. They may be registered to a political party, Democrat, Republican, Independent, or otherwise, but all with the same goal, to take this nation, “conceived in Liberty,” and turn it into one of a people under subjugation to a Socialist government.

I realize we are not in the midst of physical military war as was President Lincoln and the American people of that time, but have no doubt, we are engaged in mortal combat, a life-and-death struggle, between the forces of the evil of Socialism enslaving us and the forces of the good of a Constitutional Republic keeping us free individuals. I believe the leader at the top of this force to reduce America to Socialism is former President Barack Obama. He is now quietly working behind the scenes but in due time will emerge publicly. Make no mistake:  you have not seen the last of him. When he thinks the time is right, he will rear his ugly head yet again.

Other leaders included are, but not limited to: Bernie Sanders, Chuck Schumer, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, DNC Chair Tom Perez, Cory Booker, Nancy Pelosi, former Attorney General Eric Holder, New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez plus her “Squad” and many more you could name yourself.

These people honestly believe in the very heart of Socialism, “That man has no right to exist for his own sake, that his life and his work do not belong to him, but belong to society, that the only justification of his existence is his service to society, and that society may dispose of him in any way it pleases for the sake of the collective good.”

These public leaders are steadfastly and heavily supported by extremely powerful and formidable opponents of a Constitutional Republic form of government. ” This support, to name a few, comes from Move on Dot Org, George Soros, the management executives of CNN, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Huffington Post, and others.

Karl Marx opposed capitalism and believed it should be replaced with socialism

It is evident to any who are not blinded by loyalty to a political party or faction that these people seek to control the lives of all the American people and our means of production and distribution and property ownership. Their means to accomplish this will be by the so-called redistribution of wealth, through excessive taxation and binding government regulation. Almost every aspect of our lives will be regulated through government planning and managed by government officials, namely them. I believe they are working diligently to this end whatever the cost.

The lines have been drawn. The choices are clear. Every one of us must choose Individual Liberty through a Constitutional Republic or slavery to Socialism. The choice is ours, and it must be made now.  We can stand in support of President Trump in his efforts to keep us a nation of free individuals, thus insuring this nation will long endure into the future, or stand with those people and entities mentioned above and allow this force of evil to defeat us and succumb to Socialism. Socialism is nothing more than the sharing of misery. SOCIALISM IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE BEFORE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE TODAY!!

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  1. Quote from article:
    “I believe the leader at the top of this force to reduce America to Socialism is former President Barack Obama.”
    I believe that is correct, Obama, followed by the planned and promised in 2008 Hillary Clinton as the after Obama cover and ” closer”, were intended to change America to Socialism, one small step from Communism. The election of the “birther” Donald Trump not only interrupted their plan, it threatened to reveal the truth about Barry. The ineligible, identity fraud Barack Hussein Obama was prepared and installed by globalist enemies of America and his job was to weaken America as much as possible. He was effective in doing that but Hillary’s failure to beat Donald Trump, Obama’s biggest nemesis, created a panic to remove President Trump from office which is revealing the massive corruption and evil of Obama and his puppet-masters. America is in a battle for her survival as a Constitutional Republic and many enemies of America installed just before and during the Obama administration are still in their positions, and protecting those complicit in The Obama Fraud… which effectively gave America’s government and her military to the enemy. None of this was IMO hard to understand and/or to follow all the way from 2008 right up until today………but, with almost 100% ownership of the media, they made it work. President Trump must be reelected…and hopefully by a landslide…or Socialism and worse will be America’s future……..