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August 11, 2020

WenPhotos, Pixabay, License

I attended the Seattle Police Department Rally on Sunday and the Christian concert held at Cal Anderson Park that evening. The hate and vitriol coming from the BLM Org. (BLM) rioters was mind-numbing. And it’s not just a hatred for purported “systemic racism” or 700,000 “racist” cops. It’s hatred for other people. If you do not agree with them, they hate you. If you go further and oppose them they really, really hate you. And if you get angry after being verbally or physically assaulted by them, if you defend yourself, they are consumed with hatred.

Over the last seven years and particularly over the last two months, here is what I have learned and observed about BLM Org.

Every Riot Was A Protest
Over seven years BLM has failed to convey their “message of peace” to their followers. Remember the Trayvon Martin riots, the Ferguson riots, the Eric Garner riots, the Freddie Gray riots, St. Paul riots, Alton Sterling riots and now the George Floyd riots. When you’re invited to a BLM protest you know it’s going to be a hot time in the old town tonight. Peace is not conveyed because violence is the goal.

BLM: Black Face For The Radical Left
BLM was founded by Marxists. They share a Marxist agenda with rich, white radicals who give them millions in corporate welfare. A fomented, fabricated race war is a critical part of their plan to weaken our country and usher in a political system they prefer. A charge of systemic racism and genocidal violence against blacks will have a better chance at succeeding if black people are at the helm making that charge.

They Are Racists Trying To Stir Up Racial Strife
Other than their Marxist counterparts and the self-loathing whites they can use as foot soldiers, they don’t like white people. Whether they have to exaggerate it, fabricate it or instigate it, they want racial strife. They want to pit one American against another for political purposes. A divided America will be easier to topple than a united America. Destroying our history, our statues, our foundations, our government under the charge that they are racist makes it easier to usher in a Marxist regime.

BLM Does Not Care About The Majority Of Black Americans
If they can profit off a black person’s death, they will. If they can use that death to spark a riot, they will. But they care nothing for the thousands of inner-city blacks murdered every year or the living conditions of those who escape the bullets.

Black people killed by white cops, justified or not, is their bread and butter. It fuels their riots. Riots, in turn, fuel their violence and violence is the weapon they use to extort money from corporations who don’t give it willingly. Violence is the weapon they use to force politicians to meet their demands such as abolishing police departments, shutting down prisons, and turning over public land to blacks and browns.

This is their Goal For America
To tear it all down. They are America-hating fascists. They believe that wanton violence and destruction are appropriate political tools. BLM Org. are domestic terrorists who are engaged in a full-blown insurrection across this country.

It’s after midnight, America. Are you gonna let it all burn down?

Linda Jordan

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  1. blm doesn’t care about black lives or they would be burning abortion clinics and the offices of democrat mayors and governors, the real racists. Every year more than 350,000 black babies are aborted. I ask the blm punks, do you know who Margaret sanger was? do you know how many blacks, including children are murdered every year in democrat run cities and states by other blacks? No they don’t and they don’t care because the only black lives that matter to them are those of career criminals.