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by Bob Russell, ©2020


(Aug. 4, 2020) — I had a dream during the night, a dream I believe came from God.  Our nation faces a problem with the criminal use of firearms, mostly because liberals have decided to protect the guilty and punish those of us using firearms as intended by our founders.  The State of Virginia recently passed unconstitutional gun registration and limitation laws that I believe are intended to lead to the goal of a total ban on civilian ownership of firearms of any kind for any reason.  Such restrictions are similar to rules proposed by the UN, an organization dedicated to the New World Order, a global dictatorship under the thumb of the ultimate despot, satan.  Now the senators from that very liberal bastion of tyranny want those unconstitutional edicts made at the national level.  In my dream our nation faced a crisis where a president and vice president decided to call out the military to arrest those who objected to such an edict, people who disagreed with edicts enacted by a dictatorial-type “leadership.”  The end result was a Constitutional Convention that resolved that the 2nd Amendment should be followed as written originally by our founders with the penalty for committing a violent crime with a firearm to be death carried out within 12 months.

The gun problem we face is not ownership of guns but rather that people who use guns in the commission of a violent crime are protected by liberals while those of us NOT committing crimes are punished.  The gun restrictions on the books now and those proposed by senators from Virginia punish the innocent rather than the guilty.  A person now convicted of a violent crime gets appeals that can last 40 years or longer, thereby thwarting justice for the guilty while imposing dictatorial penalties on the innocent.  If those committing violent crimes were executed immediately there would be less crime and the rest of us would be able to protect ourselves from criminals and tyrants as intended by the founders.  I have NEVER committed a crime with a firearm in my 70 years of life yet liberals want me, a veteran and a Jesus-following citizen, to be placed in the position of being defenseless in the face of criminals or tyrants so they will “feel safer.”

Every nation in history that has enacted restrictions on ownership of firearms and/or registration requirements has soon advanced to confiscation and the subjugation and extermination of citizens.  Look at Nazi Germany, Soviet-Russia-dominated countries after World War II, Communist China, and every Communist/Socialist/fascist government in the 20th Century, including the Ottoman Turks who murdered millions of ethnic minority people just before World War I.  The first step every despot has taken has been to make sure his tyranny cannot be opposed because citizens were rendered defenseless as one of the first acts of the despot in charge.  If We the People cannot possess firearms we will be at the mercy of satan’s murdering minions, which is just what he wants: a free hand in killing those who refuse to accept the Mark of the Beast.  Life will be enough of a terror without being disarmed and those who now push draconian gun laws will be among the first to accept the Mark of the Beast that condemns them to an eternity in the Lake of Fire as prophesied in the Bible’s Book of Revelation because they want to be given preferential treatment under satan’s despotic rule.  Satan only rules for seven years and then comes an eternity of suffering for those who seek satan’s favor.

I know that the global dictatorship must happen but I suggest doing all we can to delay it as long as possible through following the teaching of Jesus Christ and resisting satanic edicts now.  The sooner satan gets his way the sooner the global terror will begin and I am one who wants to delay it as long as possible through true “common sense” gun laws.  What liberals call “common sense gun laws” leave We the People defenseless against tyranny and I don’t see any common sense in that at all.  If liberals really want people to be safer, which they don’t, the ideas given to me by Almighty God would be quickly accepted.  I am curious to see how much “flak” I will receive for this article.  I remember someone, I think it was a World War II bomber pilot, commenting that the only time he saw flak was when he was over the target, and that makes perfect sense to me.  I am very interested in seeing the comments that come from this.  I hope someone will share this on facebook and other social media sites since I cannot.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, the Father, Son Jesus, and the Holy Ghost, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor his work and not let it die from neglect.

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