June 6, 2020

Screenshot: KMOV4, St. Louis Police Department video seeking the public’s help in finding the killer(s) of retired police Capt. David Dorn, found deceased June 2, 2020

Dear Editor,

It goes without saying that the full force of the law should always be thrown at unlawful violence causing injury to and/or the death of anybody of any colour/origins, by police personnel of any colour/origins, here in Australia or anywhere in the world, including America.

Sadly, however, the reality here in Australia and in America is that relative to population, violent deaths of and/or injuries to black people are, by far and away, mostly caused by other black people!


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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    Bad racism demands that all blacks sit in the back of America’s bus.
    Good racism demands an ineligible presIDent, Obama II, drive America’s bus to ruination.
    Forever Natural racism, like natural fight or flight instincts, only requires human awareness.

    At last, here is a breakthrough in racism reality, from a very self-assured and independent-thinking black woman, Candace Owens:

    When did human racism ever begin, and when, exactly, will it ever end among all humans?
    ANSWER: When jealousy and lust and other primitive impulses are eradicated from all human awareness, me thinks.

    1620- 2020: 400 years of racism with Civil War, Civil Rights and now, Civil Disobedience, with all efforts to “end racism” by the HOAX VICTIMHOOD-GRIEVANCES-REPARATIONS-REMOVE STATUES AND STATUTES, reduced to an endless, fruitless waste of money, waste of lives and livelihoods, and reduction of national unity.

    Because no one can legislate-away natural racism, or natural gravity, or shadows on a sunny day.

    Because Nature Rules, and men follow!

  2. so very true. One black man is killed by a cop and 100 are killed by black anarchists “protesting”. Black on black killings account for more black deaths than all other causes combined.