by Ron Ewart, President, NARLO, ©2020

(May 24, 2020) — The only sure bulwark of continuing liberty is a government strong enough to protect the interests of the people, and a people strong enough and well enough informed to maintain its sovereign control over the government.     FDR

Perhaps it takes the loss of a freedom we can see, the freedom of movement, to see the subtle loss of the little freedoms we can’t see.

After 45 to 60 days of being locked up in our homes and apartments all across America, Americans grow restless.  Protests are rising around many state capitols and major cities.  Large groups are hitting the beaches as the weather warms up, in defiance of government mandates.  Some businesses are opening up in spite of the lockdown.

People are starting to question government policies and executive orders that seem to defy science, logic and common sense.  Informative articles and videos are popping up on the Internet and Youtube, exposing government lies and misinformation.

Millions of Americans are beginning to ask government, “Are you telling us the truth?”  Why does a “one-size-fits-all policy not comport with the data?”   Why is government letting people out of jail to save them from the virus but putting people in jail who defy the quarantine?  Why are some lockdown executive orders so over-the-top, draconian and arbitrary?  Why does the ruling class think they don’t have to obey their own mandates and are free to do whatever they want, like the Mayors of New York and Chicago, or New York’s Governor Cuomo’s brother?

Why do some states and cities open up for business and yet other states and cities continue the lockdown?  Do governors and mayors really have the legal power to issue lockdown executive orders in violation of our constitutional rights?  Where in the Constitution does it say that Public Health and Safety override the God-given, natural rights of Americans?

Then there is the threat of contact-tracing where it is determined (by the state) that you had contact with a person who tested positive for Coronavirus.  They, the state, can force you to stay at home for 14 days where you can’t go out for any reason, or they can drag you out of your home and force you to live in some building of their choice to see if YOU test positive.  California is currently training 20,000 contact-tracers to do just that.  The State of Washington is going to use the National Guard for this purpose.  What part of the Constitution gives government this power?  Or did government just suddenly suspend the Constitution?

On top of that, several states have set up websites so that a nosy person can snitch (rat) on his or her neighbor, or a business, that dares to violate the lockdown order.

But the real question is, with all that is happening to them now, why haven’t Americans been asking these questions of government for the last 100 years while government has systematically, and with malice aforethought, stripped us of our most basic rights, along with robbing the money in our bank accounts?

Landowners and their constitutional property rights have been destroyed since the late 1960’s when radical environmentalism raised its ugly head with the passage of the National Environmental Policy Act (1969) and the other environmental acts that followed shortly thereafter.  Landowners objected, but city folk could care less about what happens to the rights of landowners, even if all of their food is grown by those same rural landowners.  And there are more city folk than there are rural landowners, so their majority rules.  Whatever the city folk want, they get.

Due to incessant propaganda by government, academia and the news media, city folk fell in love with all this environmental insanity, no matter how much it cost or whose rights were trampled.   This urban majority now believes in the fraud of Climate Change and the Green New Deal that have been sold to them by men who wish to put all humans in environmental chains.

All American citizens have been forced to pay higher and higher taxes to fund government’s massive buildup of social programs since FDR’s New Deal and President Johnson’s “Great Society.”  If taxes wouldn’t cover the bill, the government just borrowed or printed the money by the trillions (as it is doing now in response to the virus) to be paid back by future generations ….. if ever!  Why weren’t Americans asking questions or protesting then as the annual deficit and national debt skyrocketed in the last 50 years to pay for those social and environmental programs, a national debt that now approaches $30 Trillion after the virus stimulus packages?

Where were Americans when FDR decided to explode the government bureaucracy and attempted to pack the Supreme Court in order to get his way?

Why did the people not question the removal of the gold standard and the confiscation of all coin and bullion gold held by Americans?  (FDR’s Executive Order 6102)   Now our money is fiat money, backed by nothing except the good faith and credit of America.  We question the good faith and creditworthiness of America.

Why did the people not object when FDR implemented his “New Deal” that made America a more socialist nation?

Why do Americans not know that the money they deposit in federal banks can be confiscated by the government at any time they wish?

Did FDR really mean what he said in the opening quote?  Not likely!  What he really believed in was a powerful, central government and a subservient, compliant population.  That is exactly what we have now!  FDR got his wish.

Where were the Americans who allowed the Democrats to nationalize their healthcare system under ObamaCare?  Millions of Americans lost their doctors and their health insurance.  Even worse, their costs for health care jumped by orders of magnitude.  The government (Obama) blatantly lied to us repeatedly about how we could keep our doctor and our health plans and our costs would go down.

Where were the national protests (peaceful or violent) in every big city in America over this takeover of our healthcare?  The protests were token at best when it should have prompted an immediate call for the resignation of those responsible, including Obama and the Democrats who passed ObamaCare without a single Republican vote.  What did we get, docile compliance like good little boys and girls who bow to their masters?  What should we have gotten instead? REVOLUTION!

Where is the outrage over the government’s mishandling of illegal immigration and the 22 million or more illegal aliens who are taking your jobs and your money, with thousands more coming across the border every day.  Government has shown that it cares more about the alleged rights of illegal aliens than they do about the rights of legal Americans.  (See: “How Easily We Allow Government to Suspend Our Rights“)

What we describe here is just the tip of the iceberg of executive orders, laws, rules, regulations and government negligence that have chipped away at our freedoms for over 100 years, with most Americans being none the wiser or even caring just as long as the entertainment was good and the alcohol and drugs flowed like water.

Now, when their freedom of movement is being curtailed by government under quarantine orders for the Coronavirus, they start to say, “Hey! What’s going on hereWhat happened to my individual rights?”   We say they are way too late. “Where have they been for the last 100 years while government eroded their freedoms behind their backs, a little bit at a time so the people wouldn’t notice.”

How is it that a Dallas businesswoman can be thrown in jail for opening up her business in violation of a lockdown order that may have no force of law under our Constitution?  In contrast, why is it that government is allowing thousands of convicted and even many violent felons to go free while this businesswoman is sent to jail because she wouldn’t prostrate herself (bow down) before the judge?  Fortunately, the injustice inflicted upon her by this out-of-control, power-hungry Texas judge was overturned and she was let out of jail and became a hero of the common man.

All of a sudden, the people can’t go to the beach or the parks, can’t hike in the mountains, take their canoe out on the lake, open up their businesses, go to church or sports functions, are fired from their jobs by the tens of millions and forced to stay idle in their homes where child and spousal abuse, alcoholism and drug abuse, along with domestic crimes, are on the rise.

Tens of millions of Americans can’t pay their mortgages, rent, or utility bills and are struggling to keep food on the table.  Suddenly, they come to the conclusion that their freedoms are being taken away by government.  Again, where have they been for the last 100 plus years?  (See:The Extreme Pain Of Government Mandated Quarantine“)

Yes, we recognize that the Coronavirus is a threat to human health.  Yes, government had to take some action to protect the population from the virus based on the scientific evidence they had at the time.  Yes, government had to balance the threat of the virus against the disastrous effects of a complete national shutdown.  But much of the evidence was missing and the actions government took to save us from the virus were way over-the-top and heavy-handed.  It has been so over-the-top that the people now no longer trust their government ….. that is, if they ever did.  Government has repeatedly lied to us.

But let’s stop and analyze the situation for a moment.  On the flip side of this coin, could this lockdown for the virus be a blessing in disguise?  Will the people on a large scale now become more aware that their government does not have their best or constitutional interests at heart and are in fact using the virus to increase their power over the masses and repeal more of the people’s individual rights?  We can  only hope that this is a wakeup call of momentous proportions and government’s power is reduced to its constitutional limits.

Isn’t it about time to come aboard the USS Rebellion?

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Ron Ewart is a nationally-known author and speaker on freedom and property rights issues and author of his weekly column, “In Defense of Rural America.”  For 14 years Ron has been the president of the National Association of Rural Landowners (NARLO) (, a non-profit corporation headquartered in Washington State, acting as an advocate and consultant for urban and rural landowners.  Ron can be reached for comment at the following e-mail address:

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  1. very well done. I have seen our rights going down the toilet for many years but just started trying to enlighten people about 10 years ago. I got booted from facebook for daring to speak out for God, the Constitution, and liberty. They don’t like patriots, veterans, Christians, and especially don’t like people who will speak out. I belong to all of the above so that puts me at the top of their enemies list.

  2. Okay. All I see here are the kinds of questions that make me think someone is just trying to put the onus on the individuals in the non-ruling class.

    In a way that makes sense. But in reality, there are a million reasons for these things that I’m sure anyone with a sense of psy-op strategy would understand.

    And instead of going into a long explanation, I’ll just give a few good answers, and then talk about what needs to be done.

    Why are some lockdown orders over the top draconian? Yeah, they are, and right in our faces…in fact laughing in our faces after taking the lives of some of our most valued citizens and family members. But why…and…how…and…what gives?

    Well, here’s why. That ruling class is different. We are their meals.

    Get this through your heads, if you are curious. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, flies like a duck, water rolls off its back like a duck, it’s got webbed feet like a duck, well, for the love of all that’s holy…it is a damn duck…or CLOSE ENOUGH, and we have to call it that, and deal with it like it’s a duck!

    That means: they (our “rulers”) don’t care about us, they’re not even one iota scared of us. Look, we can see that. This state of affairs has brought that to light. We know who Mark Cuban is now, right, if there was ever any doubt. He’s a globalist. He’d rather say on national TV that he’s voting for a guy who by any definition is not only a pushover and a puppet, he’s not even conscious much of the time…and he talks about the hairs on his legs in connection with some guy named “corn-pop”, etc.

    We know who they are. We should be able to see where we are on the timeline by who it is we are facing.

    Now why do we allow SOOOO many “trespasses” against us? Because MOST of us do not have the radar that we should have. We have had all of our radar educated/indoctrinated out of us. Even if we weren’t under one of these relatively recent programs set by DOE, or Arne Duncan, et al.

    What percentage of people do you think, under the age of fifty have actually read (were required to read–in school) the Declaration of Independence? Other than people in rather elite schools? You better take a seat. Less than twenty percent.

    Now, big deal, right? They still grew up in the country and had all of that freedom, right? Well, yes, but they wouldn’t have a frame of reference to instruct them as to what that means…that freedom. The declaration expresses the frustration that comes from being pushed around and frustrated in your activities and aspirations.

    Now tell me how many have read the constitution. Even less than the declaration. Yes. Believe it or not. And here’s the worst part, most who have read it still REALLY don’t know what its purpose is. They don’t realize that that is our contract with the people we choose to do the business of administering the country…and protecting our rights!

    Yeah, plenty of people run around screaming “unconstitutional” and don’t even know what they’re saying.

    The aforementioned horror story is exactly why we are in this current horror story. And right now, we don’t have time to ask any more questions about why this has happened.

    What we might have time for is to find a cause that we can somehow get a bunch of sleeper conservatives (lefties who don’t realize that they actually conservatives and are being quickly approached by a raging bus that they will soon be underneath) to back that will get them voting on the conservative side. We need the president and we need, ideally, both houses of congress. This is our patriotic duty.

    And great, ask questions, but more than that, when you see something not working or outright stupid, get on the the white house website (for instance) and list a petition (well-worded), which will, at the least, give it some oxygen. If you don’t get the signatures, put it up again. Talk about it. Live it. Breathe it. Nice to relax, but put down the beer every so often and find a way to spread the word.

    When you see traitor LeBron James tweet to the world that black people can’t go for a jog without being shot…tweet back against him with actual facts. FACTS. QUICK FACTS.

    Things that people can read in a glance, if possible. Put information in their brains that gives them a shadow of doubt about what “King James” has to say.

    We will get everyone that needs to be gotten…but if we don’t have the team we need, in the White House, and in congress…we’ll be a memory…and not even for long, because they’ll wipe us from the history books. And there will be no one awestruck viewing the statue of liberty while riding a white horse on a beach.

    So, go do what you can do to be the hero…the smartest hero you can be.

    Get angry. Look, I used to be an incredibly successful baseball coach, and the main piece of advice was that WINNING is not the only thing…it is the ONLY THING that matters. And why is that? Because it requires ALL OF US, as a team, to be problem solvers…to argue and find the solutions to every little problem we have. It’s incredibly hard to stop a suicide bunt from scoring a run…but if you practice it a hundred times, you’ll stop it almost all the time.

    And another thing. What does getting angry mean? It means you get smarter. It means you calm down, you remember what needs to be done and you do it smart…because the idea is to win…it’s not to give it a good try. There ain’t gonna be no participation trophies. And those are garbage anyway.

    In my life, the most LOVE I have ever experienced professionally was winning a championship. There’s not a feeling that compares…it’s relief, it’s triumph, it’s tears, it’s overwhelming.

    We need to ALL go out, solve problems and win against these monsters. And I’m certain that with this president and the team he’s got behind him, this will be a victory that dwarfs anything we’ve ever known…it won’t be quick, but we’ll get it. Each of us has a roll…remember that.