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May 1, 2020

Symbol of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (public domain)

Dear Editor,

In September last year billionaire Australian media mogul Kerry Stokes (whose substantial investments in totalitarian Red China were made before and/or after the Tiananmen Square massacre of young Chinese innocents struggling for freedom by China’s “People’s Liberation Army”?) indirectly criticised Australian PM Scott Morrison just as PM Morrison was preparing to be honoured by U.S. President Donald Trump at a State Dinner in Washington by urging PM Morrison to go to China to meet China’s political top-dog(s) because Stokes was worried about his investments in today’s world-peace-and-world-economy-threatening Red China?

Now Kerry Stokes (after China threatens our economy) says we must not poke China in the eye by having an independent investigation into China’s part in COVID-19?

Well, Mr Stokes, PM Morrison and Pres. Trump are not the only ones worried about Red China’s growing aggression, because Labor Prime Minister of Australia, Mandarin-speaking Kevin Rudd produced a White Paper (or the like) on urgently and massively building up Australia’s armed forces to meet rapidly-growing Red Chinese military threats!

However, sadly, now, Mr Stokes, former Australian PM Kevin “The Dud” Rudd (who has described himself as a “Christian” and a “family man”) has suffered a severe loss of memory over Rudd’s (when PM?) calling the Red Chinese (Australia’s largest trading partners) “rat f……s”; along with Rudd’s (when in the US, on Aussie-taxpayer-funded official business) severe memory loss – surrounding Rudd’s visit to New York’s, Scores “gentlemen’s club” (code for an upmarket strip joint)?

Kevin Rudd (Wikimedia Commons, CC by SA 4.0 International)

I ask because Rudd berated former, serving-in-front-line-battle, Aussie SAS Digger Officer Coalition Cabinet Minister Andrew Hastie, as being “pre-pubescent” and dealing in “neo-McCarthyism” for calling out the Kevin-Rudd-labelled Red Chinese “rat f……s’” looming, military threat to world peace (not to mention threatening health of all the world’s peoples with China-originating COVID-19)!

Mr Stokes, just who is Rudd to doubt former SAS Officer Andrew Hastie’s judgement on Red China’s military threats to world peace, because was it not Kevin Rudd who (in the Australian Federal Parliament) stated there was empirical evidence that Saddam Hussein had WMD?

And Mr Stokes, one wonders what a self-confessed, drunk-out-of-his-mind Kevin Rudd “scored” at Scores in New York; however, according to Kevin Rudd: at least the Red Chinese indeed do “score” very well, with…rats (not to mention coronavirus-transmitting bats)!


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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