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by Joseph DeMaio, ©2020

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, YouTube townhall, April 8, 2020

(Apr. 10, 2020) — Verrryyy interesting.  While the Wuhan/COVID-19 pandemic rages across the planet, including here, Joe Biden, at his first Vermont bunker “virtual town hall” following Bernie Sanders’ “suspension” (aka, “folding”) of his campaign, strongly intimated that he was seriously considering naming as his running mate for Vice-President… wait for it, studious P&E readers…, wait for it: Kamala Harris.  During the YouTube stream, and referring to Harris he quipped: “I’m coming for you, kid.”  The comedic event was being streamed to 1,621 YouTube viewers…. Wowsers!!…. stop the presses.

Further fueling speculation that Biden might choose Harris as his co-pilot to crash and burn with him on the political tarmac in November are the facts that (1) she has formally endorsed him; she is now on the campaign trail trying, in joint ordeal with the DNC, to raise money for his campaign; and (3) she is a female minority lawyer from San Francisco who hates President Trump and anyone who supports him.  It would be the left-wing, radical, Trump-hating TDS dream team.

Even more amusing is the fact that someone has already established a website link with the address “https://joe-biden-kamala-harris.com,” but which link leads to an error message saying it “cannot be found.”  Go ahead…, try it.  This is probably because whoever set the site up… messed up: a URL that contains “dashes” between elements of the address – here, their names – is usually a killer in a website address.

If one deletes the dashes, however, and tries to access the website, one is led to a “warning” page cautioning that the site is not secure and likely a scam or phishing attempt and that it should be “closed immediately.”  Try it at your own risk.  The rumor that Biden himself set it up while watching “Lego Masters” cannot be confirmed.

But I digress.

Quite apart from the fact that the smart money predicts Biden will not win the nomination at the Democrat convention – rest assured, Obama, Clinton and their Deep State leftist apparatchiks in D.C. and at CNN, MSNBC, the Gray Trollop, the Wa (“Democracy Dies in Darkness”) Po, etc. etc. will do whatever they can to see that does not happen… waaayy too much at stake… – the fact that he would consider Harris simply underscores how woefully ill-equipped and ill-informed he really is.

And even if he somehow wins the nomination with Harris at his side, do not bet the ranch that he will ultimately remain in the race through November: he will likely collapse – physically, mentally and politically – after his first debate with President Trump.  Microwave popcorn will fly off the shelves.  If Biden implodes, look for Harris (or maybe Andrew Cuomo… or Michelle Obama… or Hillary Clinton… or Minnie Mouse…) to jump in as President Trump’s main challenger.  Yikes…. remember, valued P&E readers, these are the folks who want to govern you.

There is, however, another reason why Biden’s selection of Harris as his running mate for Vice-President would doom them: Kamala Harris is in all likelihood ineligible to serve as either Vice-President or President because she is not a “natural born citizen” as required by Art. 2, § 1, Cl. 5 of the Constitution.  Without here re-hashing for P&E readers the byzantine nooks and crannies of why Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. was also ineligible to the presidency, the reason why Harris is also highly likely ineligible is summarized here; here and here.

The 12th Amendment to the Constitution provides that “no person constitutionally ineligible to the office of President shall be eligible to that of Vice-President of the United States.”  Because from all appearances her parents were not U.S. citizens when she was born in Oakland in 1964, Kamala Harris does not meet the eligibility criteria – not to be confused with “qualifications criteria” – of Art. 2, § 1, Cl. 5 of the Constitution.

Accordingly, both that “Eligibility Clause” and the 12th Amendment would preclude her from serving as Vice-President, whether Biden or someone else were the nominee for president.  Moreover, if Harris were to actually be named as Biden’s running mate, it would be hilarious to see the mud-wrestling fight develop when the issue of her ineligibility surfaced, as it surely would.  Hey, maybe Bernie Sanders would try to re-inject himself back into the race to challenge a Biden-Harris ticket… at least Bernie is a natural born citizen… we think.   Wow…, talk about compelling entertainment.  Only in America.

Memo to the electorate: apart from the seemingly clear circumstance that Kamala Harris would be ineligible under the Constitution to serve as either President or Vice-President, because the Democrat Party continues daily to demonstrate how far out of step it is with America and to prove that it has jettisoned any claim of right, ability or competence to govern a free people in a constitutional republic, that party’s officeholders should be kicked out of the ones they now hold and denied at the ballot box any access to public office they might seek in the future.  Period.

While there are no doubt many, many fine and patriotic Americans who remain registered as Democrats, they are to be distinguished from the denizens they have foolishly elected to office in the past.  As to those Americans, who by now should clearly see the base, malicious and mendacious nature of their “leaders” – particularly with regard to President Trump and his administration – they should seriously consider doing what one famous former President did when he opened his eyes and saw what was going on.

With Easter 2020 fast approaching, it may be a good time for those registered-Democrat Americans to consider doing what President Reagan did.  Like spiritual redemption, political redemption is always available…, it feels good and it rarely has bad side effects or outcomes.



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  1. IMO the intent of getting more ineligible candidates on the ballot and elected is to finish the job of effectively changing the Constitutional meaning of natural born citizen by ignoring it to simply being able to spell “citizen”, and not necessarily in English. This would protect Obama and all complicit in The Obama Fraud and provide the “diversity and fairness” Globalist/Communist need to maintain internal control of America’s government and her military……….Obama’s success spawned a large number of ineligible candidates as part of the cover for his usurpation…….

  2. Here we go again. The MOMENT that Harris is placed on a ticket to be VP or POTUS, I WILL challenge her eligibility. She is NOT an NBC!