If You are Going to Do It You Better Do It Right


by Dwight Kehoe, TPATH, ©2020

Image: TPATH

(Apr. 9, 2020) — This article is rather long because it contains much information everyone needs to know and contemplate. Besides, about now, what else do you have to do? If you don’t care to learn about the virus you can jump down to the Scenario and Safety sections.

The so called curves are flattening out even while there is more and more evidence that the Covid-19 deaths are being inflated. The malaria drug is being used successfully across the nation and the world.  In light of these developments why are some governors, New Jersey’s in particular, increasing the stranglehold on their citizens and the destruction of the economy?

Yesterday Governor Murphy, who never saw a regulation he didn’t love, decided that things in NJ were not stifled quite enough.  How dare construction workers keep constructing! How dare people leave their houses without masks! How dare people begin seeing a light at the end of the tunnel!

So as of this week no one will be allowed to enter any store in NJ without a mask. All construction work will be stopped until further notice. Why is he doing this? Two very big reasons: Liberals get high on the power to control and of course, as it always does, it comes down to hatred of America’s economic savior, Donald Trump.  Bloating the death count and destroying the economy are, to them, two silver bullets that, if aimed carefully will pierce the heart of the wolf. But that is for another story.

Over Hyped Under Protected

All across the country “model believers”, scientists and politicians are touting, with tears and fears, the need for everyone to don face masks and wear gloves when outside the home.  But have we yet seen them tell you honestly how little those masks help to prevent the spread of the virus.

Wearing gloves and masks, if done incorrectly creates more opportunity to spread and ingest the virus.  Having spent many hours researching viruses, using common sense and applying mathematics these are the things we all should know and how we should utilize this protective equipment.

But first I want to say that, in my opinion, this Corona Virus mayhem will, in the years to come, go down as one of the most outrageous scams in the history of our country.  Aside from the political goals there also is the monetary one. Scare the people, frighten the lawmakers and enable big pharma to make millions injecting every human on the planet with forced vaccines. While there are many very good drugs coming from the pharmaceutical industry which have and are saving lives, there is a sinister side which revolves around money and population control.

Having said all that and also understanding that it is many times more likely you will be killed in a car crash than dying by this virus we must, for at least some amount of time, abide by the regulations set by our leaders.

Some Physical Facts

Let’s start with a few physical facts about this virus. For sure it is severely contagious. Estimates are that it is at least 5 times more contagious than the common flu. Why is that? Well for one Covid-19 is most likely able to infect through the skin and expel onto the surface skin of a carrier. Many viruses, such as HIV cannot do that, but others such as herpes do.  When this virus is finally and completely analyzed, it will be shown to have had that ability.

Also, despite how the experts relate information to us, this virus is not invisible. It is microscopic. It has mass and it has definition. Therefore it is subject to all things in its environment. It can be moved by touch and it can be moved by wind. It has no way of moving on its own but any physical action on it, moves it.

So let’s get back to the size of a virus as relates to say, the pores of the human skin or the breathing holes of the common medical mask like the ones we are being told to wear.  As I related in a FB posting last week, which was excerpted from this report, the diameter of this type of virus is .0000008 inches. Other viruses vary in diameter but insignificantly so.  So to put it in perspective, the virus is over 2,400 times smaller the pores of the skin. Perforations of masks, depending on the quality, are pretty much the same.

This can be visualized better if we compare the virus and pore openings to a basketball and a basketball hoop. The hoop diameter is just under twice the size of the ball. Still, many times, even the most un-athletic person occasionally gets it through the hoop. If the virus was the ball and the skin pore the hoop, the hoop would be 1,919 feet in diameter.

Another way to look at this is using a mask to keep out this virus, is like using a chain link fence to keep the mosquitoes out of your back yard BBQ.

Ask yourself, while breathing in or breathing out will millions of viruses not very easily be passed from one side of the mask to another? Common sense dictates this to be so.

Knowing this, is it likely that that mask will do anything more than give one a false sense of security, safety?  For sure the mask would prevent virus imprinted sputum from spraying into the air. But once the sputum makes contact with the inside of the mask the virus then is forced to the outer surface where it lays in wait for some physical contact and transference.

If a carrier sneezes into his mask, the virus which is already swarming on the inside will be forced into the air through the gaping holes and into the air. Since the virus is more dense and there are major gaps between the air molecules, it will drop to the ground, but it will take a while.

Now let’s examine what a non-carrier wearing a mask can expect if a carrier sneezes or coughs near him.  The virus will expel into the air and if the non-carrier is breathing in, like a huge vacuum the floating virus well cling to his mask.  During the next few breathing cycles it will be sucked through the mask and into the lungs of the non-carrier who now has become the next carrier.

Other actions that can afford a transference are the natural movements of humans as they go about their business of shopping or other tasks.

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  1. Cort Wrotnowski   Friday, April 10, 2020 at 10:24 AM

    I have NEVER heard of a virus that expresses through the skin. Until I get more and better evidence, I am calling that claim highly doubtful. I have to check, but I believe skin pores are too small. Via sweat they allow water, salts and some amino acids, but not a whole virus.

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