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April 2, 2020

Queensland’s “Gold Coast,” Wikimedia Commons, Petra Bensted, CC by 2.0

Dear Editor,

Once the Chinese-originated coronavirus crisis subsides, export earnings will so desperately need to pay for Australia’s printing of money to support Aussie workers, pensioners, small businesses, health systems, etc. So, how does/will Federal Labor Leader Anthony Albanese still justify to the Australian people having Bill Shorten on his front bench? Because “Shifty” Bill shifted the goal-posts on taxation for retirees, pensioners and tradies, along with threatening coal-town employees’ futures (not to mention every Australian’s more-than-ever-desperately-needed export earnings) and is now trying to shift the blame for Labor’s election loss against ScMo onto some behemoth media or political boogie man, etc.?

Well, “Shifty” Bill (who has changed his religion and, for political purposes, his footy team), had the massive support of:

  • the everyday-Aussie-taxpayer-funded ABC and SBS behemoths;
  • GetUp!, the Fairfax/Ch9 behemoth;
  • the CFMEU and Australian Union Movement behemoths, along with some 90% of school teachers; and
  • “glitterati gladiator” types Lisa Wilkinson and her “Castro-red Bandana Kid” hubby “Pirate Pete” Fitzsimmons;

and still…”Shifty” Bill lost the unlose-able election!

Bill Shorten by Ross Caldwell – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=49744153

Reality, Mr Albanese, is: Bill Shorten and Labor were all so shifty; they got their bums kicked by everyday Aussies who now know that Labor’s “Shifty” Bill Shorten could not lead a Shetland pony around the playing area of the MCG on AFL Grand Final Day without getting completely tangled up in the goal-posts (and at both ends, at that)!

So, Mr Albanese, how are you going to shift Labor’s (particularly your deputy, Richard Marles, stated) aversion to Australia’s desperate need for export earnings to be able to handle the continuing trumped-up charges by Queensland’s almost Venezuelan-type Labor Government against Queensland’s (and all of Australia’s) future, Adani coal taxation revenue earnings and other financial spin-offs?


Howard Hutchins
Victoria, Australia

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