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by Joan Swirsky, ©2020

Jill Biden, official White House portrait, Wikimedia Commons, public domain

(Mar. 30, 2020) — Several months ago, my husband Steve had a bad cold. I plied him with tea and honey and chicken soup (aka Jewish penicillin), bought over-the-counter bromides that promised relief, kept him away from people and people away from him, and even insisted that he try a folk remedy I was told was very effective and proved to be––smearing Vicks VapoRub on the bottoms of his feet (with socks over them) at nighttime, the better to wake up with clear nasal passages and lungs.

And that was for the common cold!

And Steve wasn’t running for anything, much less President of the United States!

What I did takes place millions of times a day not only across the United States but the entire world––women taking care of their husbands, doing everything possible to protect them from harm or hurt.

No doubt, that was Jill Biden’s intention when she married the senator from Delaware in 1977, and raised not only the daughter they had together, but his young sons, Beau and Hunter, after the senator’s first wife and baby daughter were killed in a horrific car accident in 1972.

As the years elapsed, Senator Biden became Vice President Biden––for eight years––and the power couple Jill and Joe gained worldwide fame and huge wealth.

But before that, Jill juggled raising their three children with earning a doctoral degree in education and then teaching for years in a psychiatric hospital where her students were emotionally disturbed children and adolescents.

Surely, in both her education and clinical work, she was aware of, sensitive to, knowledgeable about––and protective of––the students whose limitations rendered them incapable of higher function. Surely she became capable of detecting, even diagnosing, thought and speech disorders, dissociative thinking, and incoherent ramblings.

The following examples are sad to witness and once again raise the very serious question: What is wrong with Jill Biden?


Why is Jill’s understanding, empathy, take-charge persona missing in action when it comes to protecting her clearly diminished husband, who even a casual observer can see is suffering either from early––or not-so-early––dementia or Alzheimer’s disease? If Joe and Jill Biden were sitting in the office of any neurologist in America, the doctor would immediately put the VP candidate on medication to alleviate his obviously florid symptoms of dementia.

The Bidens are practicing Catholics. Jill certainly must have taken her wedding vows seriously: “I, Jill Stevenson, take thee, Joseph Biden, to be my wedded husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part…”

We believe the cherish thing, but what happened to the “in sickness and in health” vow? Does Jill Biden really believe that it means to “support” her clinically compromised husband in continuing the painful process of slogging it out till November, by propping him up, by letting him read teleprompter words others have written but he can’t get through?

Does she believe her role is to plaster on a perpetual Cheshire Cat grin before a media that are collaborating with her in the “everything is great” hoax, rescuing her husband when appropriate behavior fails him, and pretending that his disjointed, confused, indeed bizarre utterances somehow, magically make sense?

At this point, every Joe Biden appearance is the Emperor’s New Clothes, with the entire Democrat establishment––including everyone on NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, NPR, the NY Times, the Washington Post, et al––going along with this pitiful charade, while ignoring or forgetting the fact that the American people they hold in such contempt have eyes and ears!


Jill Biden is now 68 and she and Joe are the very wealthy owners of several lavish homes and who knows how many other sources of affluence.

By appearances, I’m guessing that Jill is also quite healthy. That is why it stretches the imagination that either she or her husband––who is pushing a doddering 78––want to spend the next four years of their lives glad-handing foreign potentates, fielding the conflicting and contentious demands of the American electorate, or generally weathering the ferocious slings and arrows aimed relentlessly at the highest office in the land.

For Joe Biden, this would be a lot of been-there/done-that, so what is his race for the presidency all about? Even more curious, what’s in it for Jill?

I believe that Joe Biden was selected as Barack Obama’s VP because of his inherent malleability and weakness. The powers-that-be had no doubt that they could plant any idea, policy, pet project, et al, in Joe’s ear and trust that he would echo their sentiments verbatim. This trust, of course, was based on Joe’s long history of echoing––actually stealing––the words of other people in a series of plagiarism scandals.

And he delivered––whether it was leveling poisonous threats to Israel that emanated from the Oval Office or executing two massive money laundering and bribery schemes in the Ukraine, or helping himself and Obama and their cronies to make billions off China trade deals and regulatory policies, on and on.


Again, I suspect that the powers-that-be––among them brainiacs like David Axelrod, Valerie Jarrett, and especially George Soros, who appears, through his massive contributions, to own the Democrat Party, the Democratic National Committee, and most if not all Democrat fund-raising committees––got together and decided to back Joe Biden because they knew with absolute surety they could control him once in office. In the same way, I believe, Mr. Soros and Ms. Jarrett ran the country during Mr. Obama’s regime.

And when it became clear to them––as it has to the rest of America––that this faltering man will be lucky to make it till November, they simply whispered in Jill’s ear:

  • Stay in the game,
  • We’ve rigged this election so it will work this time,
  • We’ll take care of the judiciary so Joe (and you) are not indicted,
  • We’ll run the country just as we did for Obama,
  • Just smile and fake it till you make it to November!

While Joe may have understood the imperative of him running when these offers were initially made, it’s doubtful that he understands them now, or that by November it will matter to him at all. But if my theory is correct, you can bet that Jill gets it 100%!


All of a sudden, here comes the corona virus from China, spreading exponentially throughout the world into a genuine pandemic. Predictably, President Trump takes control and within days:

  • Assembles a world-class panel of experts,
  • Shuts down travel from China and then Europe,
  • Closes our borders,
  • Brings all warring factions in Congress together to enact a multi-TRILLION-dollar Save-America package,
  • Promises to get America back to work, hopefully by Easter or maybe a week or two later.

But instead of becoming depressed by the president’s rising popularity, all of a sudden Democrats start smiling again, as New York is deemed the epicenter of the corona virus–– according to the CDC––and Governor Andrew Cuomo steps up to offer the Donkey Party an alternative to the pitiful, cognitively failing Joe Biden.

But “Cuomo is No Hero,” says John Hinderaker of Powerline.com: “The fact that New York is the epicenter of the COVID crisis in the U.S. is no coincidence. It flows from the policies of Governor Cuomo and New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio, as well as New York City’s nature as an international hub and a closely-packed city.”

Hinderaker cites the work of Julie Kelly at American Greatness: “[N]either Cuomo nor New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio deserve attaboys. A toxic combination of Big Apple hubris, devotion to open borders regardless of the imminent threat, and Trump-hating obstinacy fueled a stubborn strategy that left their citizens vulnerable for months.”

Even by late February,” Kelly continued, “Cuomo boasted about his state’s accessibility to foreign travelers…And the outcry about ventilators? State officials were informed several years ago that the stockpile of ventilators was woefully inadequate to handle a severe pandemic. But instead of preparing for a looming crisis and buying 16,000 ventilators, the state’s health commissioner formed a task force to develop a system to ration the life-saving equipment.”

Facts be damned, Governor Cuomo has been auditioning for the top spot for the last two weeks, and writer John Fund suggests that a ‘Draft Cuomo’ Movement could lie in the Democrats’ future.

Meanwhile, it all seems to depend on the current Democrat candidate’s wife, who seems incapable of reading the tea leaves, deciphering the signals, smelling the coffee. Which brings me to ask once again: What is wrong with Jill Biden?

Joan Swirsky is a New York-based journalist and author. Her website is www.joanswirsky.com and she can be reached at joanswirsky@gmail.com.

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  1. She was so jealous to be the “First Lady” that she would do anything to cover for her lying, cheating, mentally ill husband ! She cannot be so stupid as to NOT know that her husband is UNFIT TO LEAD or GOVERN ! He is border line ‘Rubber Room” material today !

  2. what is wrong with Jill BIden? Ive been asking mayself this question. Factoring in fact that I am a Trumper & retired ICU RN, can’t imagine Jill Biden not aware of husbands challenges. My heavens, if your husband exhibited his obvious challenges were to announce to you, his wife, that you were going to run for President of US?

  3. How can Jill Biden who seems like a decent person support the dirty politics of the democrats! Is she so greedy that she can be married to someone who is so corrupt! However now he is too out of it to know anything! I care about the USA but something is so wrong with people today! A reply would be nice!

  4. Jill Biden started an affair with Joe while still married to someone else!!! They are devout Catholics??? No, not really. She wants the White House more than Joe. She and former husband were close to Joe and his deceased wife. I think she was counting the days before she made her move!!!

  5. Whatever her motivations are, only a selfish, cruel woman would allow this sad display to happen to the father of her child who no doubt loves him.

  6. They always say that the last people to face the inconvenient truths about someone are family members. For example, the whole town knows who the town drunk is EXCEPT the town drunk’s family.

  7. Not posting my comment?

    I had posted another comment. And didn’t get posted.

    I copied and pasted it in again, and it still won’t post.

  8. I am very impressed. You have pointed out angles of this clearly flawed campaign that I had not even considered. I am a Nurse and have asked for months why his wife would not step in stop the madness. If he were my spouse I would not allow him to be humiliated, especially being a Physician. This article explains a lot. Maybe not so much a marriage as a partnership. Very sad anyway. Shame on her if she truly loves him allowing this to continue.

  9. Don’t feel sorry for Biden Burisma. Even when he had his marbles he was evil. These DNC people are DANGEROUS and we need to VOTE OUT ALL COMMIECRATS. Then we can take aim at eradicating the RINOs from our politics.

  10. He stated that a woman will be his running mate. Perhaps he has chosen his wife, or she has put the thought into his poor confused brain that it would be a good idea.

  11. she wants to be the FLOTUS, thats whats wrong with her. and if her demented husband has to be humiliated daily in order for her to get it, so be it.

    she really is a terrible wife. no real wife would let her husband go on day after day like lil’ joey does, making a fool of himself. at times I almost feel sorry for lil’ joey but than he says something more stupid than he did the day before and I get over it.

  12. This is so terribly sad. Jill Biden is either complicit or as dementia addled as quid pro quo joe. These people that spend so so so long in DC get so corrupted and removed from the reality of America they think themselves akin to Roman senators of old…or worse yet a Caeaer of sorts. Put this sodden old establishment hack out to pasture. People who have NEVER HELD a REAL job !!!. These elite politicos deem themselves above the herd because they can. This entitled eco-system in our goobermint must be done away with. It has proven to be a cancer on our constitution at ALL levels.

  13. I bet a BIG book deal is in Jill’s future! “Wife of Joe – and YOU thought you had it bad”! or “Wife of Joe – True Love amid constant reminders”! or “Wife of Joe – stop sniffing”!

  14. Excellent article – Jill’s neglect is astounding and it appears she’s more interested in her fairy-tale takeover of the WH than protecting from the public the diminishing mental capacity of her husband – I have wondered why so much time is being given to Cuomo over the last several days and I think you are right that the Dims will insert him into Joe’s place as the Dim presidential candidate. No matter what, TRUMP will triumph – he has had his share of slings and arrows of the outrageously lying mainstream media – with him at the helm, his administration’s accomplishments far outweigh any other president in many generations — in spite of the bitter Hillary/Soros/Dimmocrats attempts to take him down. Wake up, America, a Dim president will lead to an unrecognizable America which will mirror the demise of the once-great Venezuela.