How to Protect Yourself from Common Workplace Accidents and Injuries


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(Mar. 26, 2020) — Every employer is supposed to provide a safe working environment for their workers. Besides, there ought to be an established safety code to ensure that employees are protected from imminent danger or possible accidents. However, your safety at the workplace begins with you. Therefore, it is essential to know how you can protect yourself from potential accidents. Let’s look at ways you can protect yourself from common workplace accidents and injuries.

Protecting yourself from Workplace Accidents and Injuries

Identify potential hazards at the workplace

Make it a good practice to keep a register for noting down risks at the workplace. For instance, as an employee, you might find that there is a broken window, a naked electricity cable, toxins, etc. Such potential hazards should be prioritized in the order of their urgency and addressed satisfactorily.

Deal with hazards

After successfully noting down the potential risks and prioritizing, the next thing you should do is to ensure that an action is taken. For example, naked electricity cables can be fixed with immediate effect because they can easily cause electrocution accidents at the workplace.

Keep an eye on proper maintenance procedures

Faults in machines and equipment can cause you accidents. For example, if your employer has provided you with a car to complete daily tasks for the company, it is crucial to ensure that the vehicle is serviced often to avoid mechanical issues that can lead to accidents. The service should include checking oil, the functioning of the engine, and worn-out parts that need repair and replacement, among others.

Wear protective gear

One way an easy way to take precautionary measures to avoid accidents at the workplace is by wearing personal protective equipment. These include masks, aprons, gloves, and the right shoes. Depending on your job, choose and wear the appropriate protective gear to protect yourself from any possible danger.

What you wear is also important. Although there are some workplaces with acceptable attire to wear, there are those places where you only wear what you feel comfortable in.

If you know that you work on a slippery floor at the workplace, then wear comfortable shoes that will not get you tripping off and hurting yourself.

Know what to do in the event of an accident

It’s also very essential to know the steps that you can take in case of a workplace-related accident. Know the first aid measures to take in the event of an accident, plus you should also know ways to protect your rights. Sadly, most people don’t know if they are protected against workplace accidents by their employers. Well, you should enquire about the same before you take up any job. For example, according to a Nashville accident attorney, you should know the terms of use as you use your employer’s car to run errands. Generally speaking, know the employer’s liability and where you can be held responsible should accidents happen.

Put up proper signage

It is also necessary to post signs reminding everyone of the safety procedures to take in case of an accident. For example, you and the team need to know the fire assembly point in case a fire breaks or even the exit door to follow in case of an emergency. This information is necessary and can best be useful if posted on obvious places within the workplace. Always ensure you observe safety first at work.

Stay safe!

Prevention has always been better than cure. As such, it is necessary to find ways to protect yourself from accidents that may happen in the workplace instead of taking chances and incurring injuries. Try to stay safe at work!


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