by Bob Russell, ©2020

(Mar. 23, 2020) — Identity politics is the flagship of the most radical and hateful segment of America, the democrat party.  I just read an article that points out many examples of hatred of Jews among democrat party operatives.  Democrats hate everyone, except their friends who also hate everyone.  Identity politics has worked for democrats because those who look at only one issue, theirs, can’t see the destruction democrats are bringing them to.  Jews, feminists, blacks, homosexuals, and illegal aliens flock to the democrat party because they hear what they want to hear about their issue but ignore the very obvious duplicity in the democrat party.

Eventually democrats will have to take a stand somewhere, and I believe when democrats land it will be in the camp of the islamists.  Islamists kill anyone who doesn’t bow to their false “god” and their “rules.”  The democrats will eventually be forced by the islamists to turn on all the other single-issue groups to keep from being killed, and their own personal survival is what matters most to them.  Homosexuals are hanged or thrown off the tops of buildings, women are nothing more than property with absolutely no rights, and Jews are considered vermin by islam so democrats will come to the point of having to choose which side to land on and islamists will be the side chosen because democrats will sell their souls to satan for the illusion of safety now.

The hate that runs so deep in the democrat party is projected onto people like me:  patriotic Christians who want everyone to have a fair chance to prosper in this nation.  Those of us who espouse and live by the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth are despised by those who walk in satan’s kingdom so they call us names and claim our values are hate to disguise their own hatred of everything and everyone Jesus values.  I point out the truth and value of the Holy Bible in an attempt to lead people away from eternal suffering into eternal happiness, not out of any hatred for them as claimed by democrats/liberals.  I speak out against evil because I want to see people turn from darkness to light, not because I hate them.

The saddest part of this is that people are being led to hell by politicians they trust.  The second saddest part is that the politicians they trust will not only betray them eternally but also will betray them now.  Several democrat politicians are Jewish themselves and falsely portray themselves and the party in a positive light.  President Trump is hated and feared by democrats, partly because he is dismantling their New World Order plans and partly because he offers real hope and progress to the groups democrats want to keep down.  Black unemployment is lower than it has ever been and black prosperity threatens the democrat hold on blacks.  Contrary to liberal talking points, conservative, Christian citizens are the ones who want to see blacks prosper, have jobs, and live the American dream.  Democrats offer handouts to blacks and illegal aliens but never offer them what they need, a hand up and a chance to make a better life for their children.  Democrats are only interested in their personal power and wealth, not the lot of others.

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One of the biggest lies told by democrats and their liberal supporters is that racism is rampant among conservatives and Republicans.  The KKK, Jim Crow laws, and segregation are all democrat party values.  The KKK was started by Southern democrats after the Civil War to intimidate blacks into submission; the Jim Crow laws and segregation were also democrat tactics to keep blacks “in their place.”  The Voting Rights and Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and 1965 were passed over unanimous opposition from democrats.  As president, lyndon johnson only signed them because Republicans had the votes to override a veto and he saw an opportunity to hide his racism and project it off onto someone else.

Now let me touch on complicity in the Jewish and black ranks.  During slavery slave owners had “overseers,” blacks who used brutality and fear to keep other slaves in line in order to get better treatment for themselves.  In Nazi concentration camps Jews were used to brutalize other Jews so fewer Nazi soldiers would be needed to do the dirty work.  Today people like al sharpton and jesse jackson are complicit “overseers,” using their skin color to  keep other blacks on the plantation and enrich themselves to democrat politicians at the same time.  Both have gained great wealth selling out other blacks for personal gain.  The elected blacks in the democrat party do nothing to help their race, only using their positions to empower and enrich themselves.  Mad maxine waters, a staunch opponent of a wall on our southern border to stop illegal alien invasion, lives in a walled and gated $4.5 million mansion nowhere near the district she was elected in.  Can you say “hypocrisy?”  I haven’t seen any black elected person do anything to improve the economic situation of blacks.  All they do is bleat about non-existent racism in the conservative community. The day will come when all of this is out in the open but until then the status quo will keep blacks on the plantation and democrats as the slave owners.

I submit this in the name of The Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.

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