by Sharon Rondeau

(Mar. 13, 2020) — Less than three hours after finishing a lengthy press conference on steps the federal government and private industry are taking to combat the spread and impact of the coronavirus, President Trump tweeted that he was declaring Sunday a “national day of prayer.”

In a two-tweet sequence, he wrote:

It is my great honor to declare Sunday, March 15th as a National Day of Prayer. We are a Country that, throughout our history, has looked to God for protection and strength in times like these……..No matter where you may be, I encourage you to turn towards prayer in an act of faith. Together, we will easily PREVAIL!

When Trump first sought the presidency in 2016, many evangelicals and other faith-based groups doubted he would represent their interests in the White House.  However, Trump has earned the support of many evangelicals and pro-life groups, boosted by his appearance as the first sitting president at the annual March for Life this year, which took place on January 24.

On Thursday, the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) and its subsidiary, the Great Commission Council, called upon believers to observe a day of prayer on Sunday “in response to the World Health Organization declaring the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak to be a global pandemic.”

Based on Biblical references, worshipers were asked to pray for Trump “and other government leaders”; for the coronavirus pandemic to come to an end; “that the Lord will give us wisdom in this moment of fear as the foundations of what we know are shaken, that others would realize how fragile life is and how real eternity is, and they would see their need to turn to God”; and for protection for the church’s missionaries “using this global crisis to advance His Good News to the whole world.”

The White House marks a national day of prayer each year in early May.

Trump’s declaration follows one made during Friday’s press conference terming the current coronavirus a “national emergency.”


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  1. It is only right that a people seek & turn to God in a time of crisis. I firmly believe God is guiding President Trump and using this time to place the Seal of God on those worthy to stand strong through the time of trouble. Yet the very ones sealed will, with a loud cry, bring light to the real SABBATH DAY…which is sundown Friday until sundown Saturday. Keeping this day because HE is the creator and the only one worthy of our love.