Why You Need Help from Your Followers to Make It Big


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(May 22, 2019) — A number of people have seen what others have done on Instagram and have decided to give it a go themselves. This can be a great place to set yourself up if you have something you can offer the world, whether it is a product, a service, a design, a creation, ideas, opinions, social causes or any of thousands of other possibilities. You can use this social network to draw more attention to yourself and what you want to share with the wider world. There are more than a billion regular users and more than half of these log in on a daily basis so there is plenty of potential for you to make contact with a large audience. There have been numerous success stories in recent years and this only serves to encourage people who have an idea even more. If you are one of these people who has been giving serious thought to the idea then here you will find out about some of the most important information to help you set yourself up and make as big an impact as possible on what is quickly become a focal point for countless different sectors of society.

The need for interaction

You may have come across ads on the Internet imploring you to gain real Instagram followers. These ads will undoubtedly extol the virtues of such an investment and tell you why it is worth your time doing so. And you know something? They are right. Instagram feeds on the interaction that takes place among different users and the accounts that get the most attention are the ones which have the largest amounts of interaction. There are various forms of interaction, such as views, likes, comments and followers, and you need to have a certain amount of each of them to help your profile reach its potential. As long as you are adding content to your account and looking for new ways to draw attention to it, you will get interaction of some description. However, if you want to have an extremely popular profile, one that lets you truly fulfill your dreams, then you will need much more engagement from users and paying for them is the only way you can guarantee you will get them. The interaction you need to help your account grow is:


Views are the most basic form of interaction. You get views as soon as someone looks at your content. They don’t need to like it, they don’t need to comment on it or do anything else, for that matter. Just taking a second or two to take it in is enough for them to be counted among your number of views.


Likes are the next step up and one which a lot of people are interested in getting their hands on. While anybody can view your content, you may have some people who aren’t interested in the topic or don’t understand what it’s about or, unfortunately, just don’t like it. However, when someone does like your content, whether its because they found it funny, endearing, interesting, thought-provoking or inspiring, they can indicate their appreciation with a like. This positive reinforcement is a good selling point for profiles as you can then point out how much likes you are getting. It is also good as by comparing posts and the number of likes for each one, it helps you get an idea of what is popular and what’s not about your approach to content.


After likes, the next feature that will be important is comments. Comments can have any number of functions. People may leave comments on your content in order to offer you support or encouragement or to let you know exactly what it was that they appreciated about your content. Similarly, comments also open the way for more interaction as you can start a conversation in the comments section and you can also pick up even more likes for the comments that appear there. They can also be used to ask questions and make complaints and this gives you a chance to demonstrate your ability to effectively communicate with other users. This allows you to build a closer relationship with other users and shows the wider social network that you are approachable and willing to address any issues. And, finally, it is possible to tag other users in the comments section in order to draw their attention this way. This means your content can reach even more people without you having to do anything.


The last of these features, and quite possibly the most important one, is followers. Followers are other Instagram users who take an interest in your profile as a whole and decide to include it in their list of updates. This means that they will get regular exposure to your content and updates and this, in turn, leads to more regular interaction for your profile. Followers are also capable of providing your account with regular amounts of views, likes and comments. As followers are essentially an all-in-one feature, they are the most sought-after one so get ready for a tough battle if you want to get plenty of them for yourself. The good thing is that there is no limit on the number of accounts a user can follow and if what you offer is related to something that a user is interested in, you are more likely to be recommended to them and they are more likely to follow you in order to get more of the content they are interested in.

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