by Sharon Rondeau

(Feb. 5, 2019) — Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi periodically picked up an array of oversized papers and perused them during President Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech on Tuesday night.

At times she put down the stack of documents and applauded along with others when Trump finished a thought; at others, she appeared to be mouthing something to either Vice President Mike Pence or to other unknown parties.

Like many other women in the House chamber, Pelosi was wearing all white, an unusual selection for the middle of winter.

Approximately 20 minutes into the speech, Trump urged Congress not avoid “investigations” in favor of “legislation” and “unity at home,” during which the camera panned to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA).

Most Democrats notably did not applaud at any of Trump’s pauses, while some broke with their peers and applauded when Trump enumerated his administration’s accomplishment in the fields of energy production and exportation, manufacturing, employment of minorities and the disabled, and space exploration.

Pelosi generally maintained a slight smile as Trump spoke, although at times she appeared to exhibit bewilderment. At one point, she stood and applauded with others while extending her arms in Trump’s direction.

At 9:33 p.m., after Trump changed the topic to immigration and said he intends to render drug smugglers “out of business,” Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), a 2020 presidential candidate, shook her head “No.”  Harris and fellow Democrat presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand were wearing black.

After Trump introduced Border Patrol agent and legal immigrant Elvin Hernandez, Pelosi picked up her stack of papers again.  She often moved her lips as if they were dry, alternately smiling.

When Trump said that “we have more women in the workforce than ever before, the congresswomen dressed in white stood and applauded.  “We also have more women serving in Congress than at any time before,” Trump declared as the white-clad women congratulated each other.

Pelosi stood at that point and appeared to be silently communicating with parties in the audience.

When Trump at 9:51 p.m. EST spoke about China, trade and domestic manufacturing with the words “made in the USA,” Pelosi stood but looked through her papers again.

She stood enthusiastically and applauded when Trump said that lowering the cost of prescription drugs is important to his administration.





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    Just another candy store tantrum from another selfish power-addicted JEALOUS Democriminal from The Party of Crime…who doesn’t give a hoot about today’s historic national prosperity!

    If Trump is acquitted of Democriminals’ Impeachment Hoax, what will the pompous-to-powerless irreverent-to-irrelevant Nancy do to further display her JEALOUSY to USA?

    Trump has put Treason Queen Pelosi on display to educate USA.

    Will President Trump now round-up The Top 100 Coupsters, including Nutty Nancy, and serve them JAIL TIME JUSTICE that will be a valuable moral benchmark to refer to for the next 100 years…or will lawlessness reign until our Republic is over-run with huns (Rome 2.0)?

  2. Sorry, to hog the microphone on this Nutty Nancy character, but here is her latest subversion rant:

    Many people say today, “Our Founding Fathers would be rolling in their graves if they saw the unaccounted behavior of NANCY+BARRY+HILLARY+COMEY et al”, but what about The Founding Ladies?

    Abigail Adams, Dolly Madison, Martha Washington, Sarah Jay et al would likely form a sacred sorority in 1787 and demand their husbands arrest and yank any subversive Nutty Nancy-type off the political stage for willfully undermining everything their husbands risked their families for!

    Treason Queen Pelosi: Today’s liberal heresy, yesterday’s derelict heretic

  3. Here is another installment of the arrogant 3D behavior of Treason Queen Pelosi for the citizens of 2120 to someday peruse and amuse:

    Do you future folks think that the Founding Fathers would approve of Nancy’s behavior in using their impeach clauses as impish clauses?

    TRUMP: force majeure as PELOSI: farce majeure

  4. In the hopes that all the e-files assembled each day by The Post & Email since 08-28-09 will be preserved for the next 100 years by the Library of Congress et al, here is another installment on The Whoreable Nancy Pelosi for citizens in 2120 to look back and reflect upon: >>>

    To the citizens of 2120, as we P&E readers live today through the prosperous MAGA years in living 3D, let me tell you how I, at least, as a 70 year-old MADE IN USA white male, see Nancy Pelosi:

    Nancy Pelosi is a political whore, and nothing more.

    Nancy Pelosi learned her thuggish ways from her childhood Baltimore days.

    Nancy Pelosi is the poster grandmother of unbridled selfishness and lawlessness covered-up in cuteness.

    Nancy Pelosi should legally be in jail for Contempt of Constitution 08-28-08- TODAY, but America’s two-tiered justice system lawlessly allows stand-down justice for US Government “elites” and put-down justice for wee citizens residing on Main Street USA.

    By 2120, today’s power struggle between Nancy and Donald will likely be sanitized to a playful exchange, wherein, Nancy stood-up to white male dominance. However, for those critical thinkers in 2120 who can look below the sanitized surfaces, you will likely conclude the “United States” was put on the path to becoming the “Untied States” on 08-28-08 when Treason Queen Pelosi stood-up to the white male dominance of our Founding Fathers’ rational national preservation invention, being, the “natural born Citizen” clause:

    Thank you, P&E, for preserving history!

  5. Pelosi blew a great chance to forward the women’s movement but instead decided to go another route during the best SOTU speech I have heard in years. She could have shown true leadership for her party and the women’s movement by calmly listening to what was being said and responding with clapping or standing when she agreed. No facial movement was needed. I realize that she may have a denture problem or had a mint in her mouth. If it were the latter, being able to have a candy in your mouth without making it obvious is something we learn to do in grade school. True leadership is listening to the other person’s point of view. You don’t have to agree with them but hear them out. They just might have something that you can work with so TOGETHER things in our country can be made better. Sad that instead of behaving like a true leader she choose MEAN GIRL. I truly hope for better mentors for my grand daughters. Shame on you Pelosi.

  6. Has there ever been any SOTU address in US history where any VP or Speaker sitting behind the President fidgeted with papers in a planned optics of disrespect and dismissal of the President’s remarks, like Numbskull Nancy did last night?


    Back then?

    The entire leadership of Pelosi’s Party of Crime seems to be living in their second childhood, and one over-arching emotion is becoming their principal trademark: JEALOUSY

    Thief-in-Chief Obama JEALOUS of white accomplishments in human history

    The Whoreable Pelosi JEALOUS of Trump’s power and accomplishments

    Dizzy Lizzy Warren JEALOUS of unbridled American might

    SOS Hillary JEALOUS of the wealth of others and of male accomplishments in history

    The Democriminals appear to be a bunch of LOUSY shakedown artists consumed in THEFT LEFT JEALOUSY!

  7. Apparently the story is President Trump went “off script” as he is permitted to do and Nancy started looking confused which isn’t hard for her to do these days. Perhaps her system was a little low on Jim Beam.

  8. Why do all you people continue to spell nancy and the other evil democrats’ names with a capital letter? STOP DOING IT! They don’t deserve it. I will not acknowledge these idiots names with a capital letter. Especially barry barack hussein soetoro obama. NOW PLEASE STOP DOING IT! SPREAD THIS MESSAGE.

  9. It’s a shame that House Speaker Pelosi’s face had to be seen at all times when the camera was focused on President Trump, but I never did see Pelosi’s teeth. The handling of the paperwork is pretty darrn rude. I wouldn’t be critical if, instead, she was knitting a winter cap for the young girl Grace Eline who was treated for the brain cancer. I can only guess that Pursed-lips Pelosi must have been reviewing Alinski’s – Rules for Radicals weekly flyer (pamphlet) or a food article on a monthly flyer of the monthly Communist Manifesto periodical.

    What’s with all those females with the sullen faces in the white virgin toppers?

  10. Nancy Pelosi was attempting to belittle a very effective speech, which precisely compromised every political position the democrat party supports. From abortion on demand, to the invasion of our country by insurgents claiming to be emigrants, democrats depend on support and revenue from those who transport illegal drugs into our country, those who kill and dismember yet-to-be-born children, and those who profit from the sale of their body parts, along with those who traffic women & children for illicit purposes. There is no sane counter to anything President Trump said tonight, yet every democrat in the House was busy awaiting signals from the Speaker, or preparing their own verbal counter points for the TV cameras outside.

  11. REMEMBER 08-28-08!

    Let history remember The Whoreable Nancy as the purveyor of murders to late-term aborted infants, legal American victims of illegal aliens and thousands of terrorized Christians after Nancy-Barry-Hillary-Valerie ignited the Middle East during the fake “Arab Spring” of 2011.

    Trump tromp Nancy and her THEFT LEFT Party of Crime!