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by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, ©2018

(Apr. 9, 2018) — In this exclusive report The Post & Email confidently lays out unequivocal proof of Robert Mueller’s manufactured terrorism, the first proven federally-staged terrorism episode in our nation’s history.

This demand must be echoed throughout the greatest nation on God’s green earth to hold Mueller, his FBI toadies and their “law enforcement partners” to their criminal consequences and responsibilities resulting from their high treason.

The Post & Email holds and for years has aggressively reported on FBI Director Robert Mueller’s quisling, Mark A. Van Balen, who uttered a perjured 26 April 2010 affidavit naming Navy veteran Darren Huff and Naval Academy graduate Walter Fitzpatrick. During part of this time the feds held Darren Huff unlawfully imprisoned, a direct outcome of Van Balen’s bogus federal court filing.


For the most part our reports were ignored. I was taken down and unlawfully imprisoned while attempting to formally advance solid reports of Mueller’s treason, and effect Mr. Huff’s release, to federal and state grand juries.

Now that we know that issuing false affidavits under oath is FBI standard operating procedure, given newly-revealed information of the FBI’s 21 October 2016 perjured affidavit used to obtain an illegal surveillance warrant targeting Naval Academy graduate Carter Page (in Comey’s FBI), severe scrutiny is applied once more to Van Balen’s fraud (in Mueller’s FBI).

Complete narratives describing Mueller’s FBI “Madisonville Hoax” manufactured, street-theater terrorism are ubiquitous. Our focus today is only on what happened on Tuesday, 20 April 2010.

Because we’ve outed Mueller and Van Balen for their lies under oath, the gentle reader is given license to ignore any and all government representations injurious to ordinary citizens who were on the scene.

Readers can ignore anything coming out of Darren Huff’s October 2011 federal trial. Without the Mueller/Van Balen perjured affidavit, Mr. Huff’s prosecution was impossible.

Focus your attention on the following:

Darren Huff was under unrelenting state and federal police surveillance from the time he left Georgia early in the morning on 20 April 2010 until the time he returned home that night.

The feds all but had a geo-synchronous satellite assigned to Darren Huff the entire day.

Tennessee Highway Patrol troopers lit Darren Huff up and pulled him over in a felony stop 12.3 miles away from Donna’s Old Town Café.

The troopers asked Darren to surrender weapons he was carrying legally.

Darren refused.

Darren locked his handgun up in the metal storage box in the bed of his truck, then drove the rest of the way into Madisonville.

Darren arrived at Donna’s Old Town Café about twenty minutes later, stopped, got out of his truck, went inside the restaurant and there interacted with others waiting for my preliminary hearing to conclude. Darren was inside, or loitering outside the eatery throughout the duration of his time in Madisonville, leaving from the café to journey home to Georgia.

Independent news reports of the day’s events on 20 April were broadcast later that evening (WBIR television) or published in newspapers on 21 and 22 April 2010.

One published report was consistent with each of the others, and the public eye- and ear-witness narrative described a massive law enforcement presence surrounding peaceful, law-abiding citizens.

Pictures captured from the day could as well have been taken at a family picnic gathering, this one taken of the group standing in front of the R. Beecher Witt courthouse:

Incidentally, Darren Huff is not found in the photo above. Darren never made it to the courthouse; he was having coffee and biscuits with other folks at Donna’s Café two-tenths of a mile distant.

But six days later, on 26 April 2010, Robert Mueller’s sycophant Van Balen, completely ignoring published reports and available eye- and ear-witness statements, filed a sworn affidavit with federal Judge C. Clifford Shirley that while under suffocating law enforcement surveillance, Darren Huff drove away from the highway patrol felony stop, was allowed to retake possession of a gun (rearm), then, possessed of criminal intent, was allowed unfettered to advance on the R. Beecher Witt Judicial Building (the courthouse) to join with at least twelve other men armed with guns standing in front of the courthouse, similarly infected with criminal intent.

The group Van Balen describes in his perjured statement is populated by ghosts. Later, Mueller’s FBI doubled down on Van Balen’s untrue utterance in a “Gotcha” podcast produced after Darren’s federal trial and conviction on one federal count.

Real people, who really were at the courthouse, are seen in the “family picnic” photo above.

Now please consider what sort of police reaction there would have been in the event Darren had at some later time, having once secured his weapons in the metal storage box, and while under unrelenting observation, actually made his way to the R. Beecher Witt Judicial Building, somehow rearmed, and then joined together with other armed men at the trailer-park courthouse.

At the courthouse where women and young children were present standing around the group of armed “extreme militiamen” Van Balen said were there.

It would have been as if Darren had weed-whacked himself into a nest of hornets.

Heavily geared-up, armed law enforcement authorities would have been all over Darren and every other man Van Balen said was at the courthouse, assembled with Darren, armed, ready to carry out an assault.

Airborne units would have been circling directly above. Police cars everywhere with their light show.

Those men assessed as armed hostiles would have been aggressively confronted, disarmed and most certainly detained (handcuffed), and maybe eventually arrested.

Snipers in nearby windows and on roofs would have drawn beads on this group of armed civilians, holding them tightly and continuously in their crosshairs until such a moment police would have declared the armed civilians neutralized and the area cleared and safe.

Police would have surrounded the women and children and determined them hostile or non-hostile. In the event they were determined non-hostile, the police would have removed them from the area with the speed of heat.

The courthouse would have gone into lockdown and later evacuated under heavy police presence.

And all of this with television and newspaper reporters on scene, with cameras.

Please think hard on what would have gone down in the event Darren had showed up at the courthouse packin’ heat after he was disarmed near I-75, to join with a dozen more men at the courthouse, packin’ heat.

Think hard because this is what Van Balen said did happen.

The press would still be going nuts with this.

Mueller and Van Balen lied. The affidavit is perjured.

Mueller’s manufactured terrorism is proven.

Here endth the lesson.


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  1. Everything cited in this article is factually correct. Actions by Law Enforcers are well documented. As an eye witness to these events I concur with Walter’s assessment.
    Eight years, like Barry Soetoro, have come and gone but the battle for justice never ends. Thank you Sharon for doing the important work of spreading truth when all around us the old media prefers to live in a lie… the FBLie.