Reader Reacts to Article Reporting Censorship by Twitter


by Stephen Thomas, ©2018

(Mar. 16, 2018) — After reading your articleTwitter Makes Suspension of Catholic Military Organization Permanent” it occurred  to me that it is not “Twitter,” a corporation, that is promoting the leftist progressive globalist ideals.  It takes people to make these decisions.  Who are these people and what do they believe?  We must start putting faces on the perpetrators of the agenda of destruction and not allow them the privilege of hiding behind a corporate veil.  Especially those executives who are aiding Radical Islamic efforts by blockage and omission of attempts to expose the evil of Islam.

We must hold them accountable for their overt actions in the obvious attempts to undermine and “socialize” the greatest country that has ever existed on the face of this planet.   The United States is the greatest stumbling block to the achievement of their globalist, one-world-government agenda.

The first and best starting point in corporate research is a review of the corporation’s annual report.  Annual reports for public corporations must, by law, list the management and directors of the corporation.  Most annual reports have photos and extensive bios of their team.  This is not true with Twitter, Inc. which provides only scanty (the legal minimum) detail regarding governance.  Twitter’s annual report is a PDF and at this writing a hard copy has not been obtained.  The following is a link to Twitter’s 2017 Annual Report:

( )

A fair amount of digging on the Twitter Investor Relations website revealed who is responsible for corporate governance.  The link to that group is here:  ( )

General appearances of Twitter’s annual report suggest that the corporate governance players are somewhat shy about who they are and what they look like.

Two of the key players at Twitter are Jack Dorsey, co-founder, CEO, and Board Member and hireling Omid Kordestani, Chairman of the Board.

Pictured, Jack Dorsey (right) with Deray McKesson, a Black Lives Matter activist, is a photo copied from a Breitbart article by Lucas Nolan


The Breitbart article points out the obvious political leanings of Dorsey and his numerous actions to silence conservative voices that disagree with the Leftist views of …

Twitter’s “unbiased platform.”  

According to Mr. Nolan’s article, Twitter allows hate speech to be posted by leftist contributors while “allowing draconian punishments meted out to their political opponents.”

Dorsey is 41 with a net worth  of approximately $4 Billion.  He has done pretty well as a computer programmer and a “dropout” from NYU.  Dorsey was born and raised in St. Louis, MO as a Catholic and attended a Catholic high school.  It really begs the question as to his most recent attack on the Catholic group, Ordo Militaris Catholicus, and whether or not he is a “good” Catholic.  Also interesting is that his uncle is or was a Catholic Priest.  Wikipedia has a short bio on Dorsey here: (

Let’s take a look at Twitter’s Chairman of the Board.

This photo was copied from Ekurd Daily article on October 15, 2015 ( which reports that Omid Kordestani has a Kurdish background and is an Iranian native. He was hired into Twitter from Google by Jack Dorsey to stop the losses in users (estimated now at approximately 300 million) and attempt to return Twitter to its 2014 peak of over 600 million users. According to a very short bio on Wikipedia ( Kordestani was born in Tehran, Iran and educated in a Catholic school before immigrating to the United States where he finished high school and college. He joined Google, almost from the beginning, being the 11th employee hired at Google in 1999.

Kordestani’s net worth is estimated to be $1.9 Billion and an article in May 2006 Time Magazine listed him as one of the “top 100 people who shape our world.”

It has been suggested that Silicon Valley is a gathering point for leftist-leaning corporate executive provocateurs, and Twitter’s super-rich bourgeoisie are not the only corporate bad actors. This anti-American/democratic/capitalist virus is infecting corporate boardrooms across the nation and around the world.

—Have these guys gotten so rich that they feel they are immune to the political/economic collapse and backlash that accompanies a socialist takeover?
—Are they flirting with sedition and treason?
—Will stockholders be able to hold them accountable for not acting in the best interests of their publicly-held corporations?

Corporate “culture” is promulgated by the people on top and enforced on the people at the bottom. And never forget, YOU, the consumer, reside on the bottom-most rung of any corporate ladder. Corporations cannot commit misdeeds… no more than a gun can cock itself and shoot somebody. Like a gun, a corporation is a creation or invention.

It is people improperly wielding the power of a creation who are the miscreants; who will and should be held, hopefully sooner than later, ACCOUNTABLE.

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