by Sharon Rondeau

(Sep. 20, 2017) — At approximately 8:08 p.m. EDT, Democratic strategist and commentator Michael Starr Hopkins appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to relate some of his objections to Donald Trump, two of which were that Trump had called Barack Hussein Obama “the founder of ISIS” and “a Kenyan.”

Hopkins holds two law degrees and has worked on both the Obama ’08 and Hillary Clinton ’16 campaigns.

In August of last year during the heat of the presidential campaign, Trump said, referencing the terrorist group known as the “Islamic State,” or ISIS, “They honor President Obama.  ISIS is honoring President Obama.  He is the founder of ISIS.”

However, Trump has not said that Obama is “a Kenyan.”

An interview from May 29, 2012 between a CNN anchor and former Texas U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, who had recently endorsed Mitt Romney for the Republican nomination, depicts the anchor invoking Trump’s appearance at a fundraiser for Romney in Las Vegas and asking Hutchison if Trump’s having questioned Obama’s birthplace were a problem for Romney.  “He’s still not letting this ‘birther’ nonsense go,” the anchor stated to Hutchison.

Although a caption in the upper-left corner of the video states, “Trump contends Obama born in Kenya,” an internet search reveals that Trump does not appear to have said those words, nor that Obama is “a Kenyan.”

The AP, NPR and Obama’s former literary agent originally reported Obama as “born in Kenya.”  In late 2007, Obama supporter and MSNBC commentator Chris Matthews said on air that Obama was “born in Indonesia.”

Obama claims that he was born in Honolulu, HI on August 4, 1961 to a U.S.-citizen mother and British-citizen father, the latter of whom became a Kenyan citizen upon that country’s independence from Great Britain declared on December 8, 1963.

In June 2008, Obama’s campaign reported that the candidate was born a dual citizen of Kenya and the U.S.

Early in 2011, while considering running for president himself, Trump publicly pressed the White House to release Obama’s “long-form,” or detailed, birth certificate to prove that he was born in the U.S. to show that he was eligible to the office he held and for which he sought a second term.

On April 7, 2011, Trump said that he had dispatched “a team of his own investigators to Hawaii” and “warned his investigators just might uncover ‘one of the greatest cons in the history of politics and beyond.'”

On April 27, 2011, an electronic image said to represent Obama’s “long-form” birth certificate was posted at to much fanfare, with Obama giving a press conference in which he claimed that the image provided “additional information about the site of my birth.”

Trump immediately claimed credit for the release of the image, stating that his colleagues would examine it for authenticity.   “I hope it checks out beautifully,” Trump said at a press conference in New Hampshire later that day.

A month later, Trump told WND that “he believes the “birth certificate” released by the White House is forged.”

As The Post & Email has reported, those on the political left, which includes most major media and entertainment e-zines, have frequently referred to Trump’s “birther” statements in recent weeks and months, raising the issue on talk shows, articles and on prime-time television without provocation.

Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution requires the president and commander-in-chief to be 35 years old, to have resided in the country for at least 14 years, and to be a “natural born Citizen.”  Most Americans understand the term of art to mean, at a minimum, “born in the United States.”

Questions have been raised as to whether or not a person’s parents must have been U.S. citizens, by birth or naturalization, at the time of his birth for him to be a “natural born Citizen.”

Obama’s reported dual citizenship with the U.S. and Kenya has been raised by some as a possible preclusion to his “natural born” status.

Since Obama has claimed to have been born to a father who was never a U.S. citizen, Obama supporters have based their belief in his presidential eligibility on his alleged birth in the United States.

While indignantly insisting that Obama was born in Hawaii, the media has refused to report that a five-year criminal investigation determined in 2012 that the “birth certificate” image posted at is a “computer-generated forgery.”

Obama’s purported Selective Service registration form was also found to be fraudulent.

Just prior to the 2012 election, Trump offered Obama $5 million to go to a charity of Obama’s choice if he would release his college and passport applications.  After receiving no response from the White House, Trump increased his offer by tenfold to $50 million with the same non-response.

In late May 2014 at the National Press Club, Trump was asked if he regretted questioning Obama’s “citizenship” by means of the “birth certificate” issue, to which he responded, “Not even a little bit.  I don’t regret it. Why would I regret it?”

Trump went on to say that he believed that questions remained about Obama’s background in what he saw as three possibilities:

That Obama was born in Kenya; that he “was born in this country” but said he was born in Kenya in order to obtain foreign aid to attend college; or that Obama’s history as stated publicly is “all right,” including his birth certificate.

In 2013, Trump told ABC News’s Jonathan Karl that he believed his publicizing of the Obama eligibility question “made me very popular.”

“I do think I know what I’m doing,” he added.

Last September at a campaign event, Trump said, to much media fanfare, that “President Barack Obama was born in the United States” and that Hillary Clinton was responsible for launching the “birther” issue.

In December 2016, following a third and final press conference in the matter of the birth certificate forgery, then-Maricopa County Sheriff Joseph Arpaio, who commissioned the investigation, said that the evidence gathered over the five-year probe would be turned over to federal authorities.

Still unanswered is who created the forgeries of Obama’s only proffered personal documents and why.

Whether or not the Trump Justice Department will investigate the forgeries remains to be seen.











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  1. Carter,

    From the original Breitbart article:

    “The booklet, which was distributed to “business colleagues” in the publishing industry, includes a brief biography of Obama among the biographies of eighty-nine other authors represented by Acton & Dystel.”

    “According to the booklet itself, the text was edited by Miriam Goderich, who has since become Dystel’s partner at Dystel & Goderich, an agency founded in 1994. Breitbart News attempted to reach Goderich by telephone several times over several days. Her calls are screened by an automated service that requires callers to state their name and company, which we did. She never answered.”

    “He [Jay Acton co-owner of Acton and Dystel] indicated that while “almost nobody” wrote his or her own biography, the non-athletes in the booklet, whom “the agents deal[t] with on a daily basis,” were “probably” approached to approve the text as presented.”

    I’ve always assumed that President Obama supplied them with some type of outline about his life and Ms. Goderich in editing it made the mistake. Jay Acton says that the authors almost never wrote their own bios but that they probably reviewed them. So President Obama may have reviewed.Did he tell them of the mistake and they dropped the ball? Did he not get bacl to them? Did he think that it made him sound exotic? We don’t know.

    We do know that before this pamphlet was written, he gave interviews to three major city newspapers and they all say he was born in Hawaii.

    So why in newspapers with millions of readers would he say Hawaii but in an obscure pamphlet seen by Acton & Dystel “business colleagues” in the publishing industry would he say Kenya?

    As to the Keyes – Obama debates – the quote is a hoax and never occurred. Keyes has never mentioned it and two of his campaign aids (Thomas Hoefling and Bill Pascoe, who were at the debates) say they don’t recall it.

    Transcripts and videos of the debates are online.

    Here from the Alan Keyes website archives are transcripts of the first debate dated October 12, 2004 and the second debate dated October 25, 2004. The exchange does not appear in either of the debate transcripts.

    No one has ever been able to provide either a video or audio recording of the supposed debate exchange.

  2. “Either Obama never read it or did but didn’t want it changed until AFTER he announced his candidacy for president.” The more likely scenario is that Obama never read it, as it was only a pamphlet intended to be used in the publishing industry.

    “I am running for Illinois Senator, not the presidency.” There is no evidence Obama ever said that.

    Smoke and mirrors, indeed.

  3. L:
    She certainly could have confused the names Barack Hussein Obama who was born in Kenya with Barack Hussein Obama, the former’s son who was born in Hawaii. She just as certainly could not have confused them.

    It is a common practice of anti-birthers to employ “smoke and mirrors” to obfuscate simple facts. The simple facts, which you didn’t deny, are that there were several updates to his bio and that “born in Hawaii” was never changed to “born in Hawaii” (until AFTER he announced his candidacy for president). Whether or not any of the updates was actually printed is of no import and, as a matter of fact, if the updates were in fact restricted to the client list that would actually raise the question “Why?”.

    How I would I update it? “What difference at this point does it make?”

    No, I wouldn’t redo it from scratch every time but I damn sure would make sure it said the client was was born in the country they actually were born in…which no update did until AFTER the client in question announced his candidacy for president. Either Obama never read it or did but didn’t want it changed until AFTER he announced his candidacy for president.

    Remember also that during a 2004 debate with Alan Keyes, in response to Keyes alluding that Obama was born in Kenya, Obama responded: “So what. I am running for Illinois Senator, not the presidency.” That certainly at least implies Obama knew that being born in Kenya would not make him ineligible to be a U.S. Senator but it would make him ineligible to be POTUS.

  4. Carter,

    Could she have confused the names Barack Hussein Obama who was born in Kenya with Barack Hussein Obama (the bio who was born in Hawaii?

    It is a common mistake that people think there were four revisions of the biographic pamphlet. There was one printing of the pamphlet in 1991. After that the information in the bio was added to the agencies client list. This is a shorter version of the bio. Periodically the biographic info in the client list was up dated.

    How would you update it?

    Would you redo it from scratch every time or just take the existing client list bio and add the new information to it?

    Remember also that prior to the 1991 Action and Dystel Obama was interviewed by the New York Times, Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune in all three articles it says he was born in Hawaii.

  5. Robert Laity is, of course, free to believe whatever he desires, but Laity has lost every eligibility that he ever filed. Including two rounds of his current lawsuit. No court has ever agreed with his beliefs regarding natural-born citizenship.

    The Acton & Dystel agent likely confused Obama, Sr. (who was born in Kenya) and Obama, Jr. (who was born in Hawaii). In any event, she accepted responsibility for her mistake. And a book agent is not a government official; a promotional pamphlet is not a “personal identity document.”

    More basically, there’s no evidence any anomalies.

  6. David L,
    “Any chance the clerk in Baltimore misread or mistyped the zip code?”

    Sure, there’s a chance that could have happened…about the same chance that woman at Acton & Dystel mispicked or mistyped “Kenya” instead of “Hawaii” as Obama’s birthplace AND missed her “error” during four subsequent revisions.

    I know of no other person, especially no other politician, specifically no other candidate/nominee/president, with at least one “anomaly” about each of their personal identity documents.

  7. David L, Obama is not an NBC and never can be. My current law suit against the State of NY involves their erroneous usage of the term of art “Born a citizen” instead of the required legal term of art “Natural Born Citizen”. Wong Kim Ark is one of the five cases that I frequently cite. Wong was a naturalized American via the 14th Amendment. Obama is no more then a citizen at birth by statutory provision. He is NOT an NBC.

  8. Bob68 is, of course, free to believe whatever Zullo says. But Zullo’s hearsay about some unnamed hospital official is unlikely to be taken seriously without some corroborating details, like the name and title of this mysterious hospital official.

    It is unclear who (or what) Bob68 means by “Obama defenders,” but Bob68 should rest easy knowing that the State of Hawaii has repeatedly and expressly said that Obama was born there.

  9. Paula,

    Do a Google search for – Danbury “CT 06814”

    Grolier Books used that zip code in 1998 but so did Brookfield High School (see entry for ACTFL Desk Book which lists “MATTEL CHRISTINE 45 Longmeadow Hill Rd. Danbury CT 06814 …”). Today Brookfield High School’s address and zip code are 45 Longmeadow Hill Rd. Brookfield, CT 06804

    ACTFL = America Council on Teaching Foreign Languages.

    In 1987, 06814 was also the zip code for

    7032 Western Connecticut State University
    Department of Nursing
    181 White St.,
    Danbury, CT 06814
    (203) 797-4359

    And in 1978 the

    Biographical directory of the members of the Czechoslovak Society of Arts and Sciences, inc

    EDWARDS, Charles E.; Hawthorne Terrace, Danbury, CT 06814; b. Prague, Apr. 26, 1894; stamp collecting, jewelry design.

    But it does not matter matter because only the first three digits of the zip code are important. The Social Security Administration could have had a listing like this IRS document,

    And the US Post Office would still deliver the mail to Obama even if it read,

    Barack Obama
    1617 S. Beretania
    Honolulu, HI 06814

    They would easily figure it out.

  10. David L

    Here’s a quote from Mike Zullo about Barry not being born at the hospital mentioned on his
    claimed birth certificate. I have also noticed its become more common for Obama defenders to just say, (or insist that others say), Obama was born in the U.S.A., rather than born in Hawaii.


    “Zullo said that an official at the hospital listed on Obama’s birth certificate, Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children in Honolulu, Hawaii “assured me that birth never took place there, and I believe him.”

  11. The fact that so many saboteurs have appeared here – years after his gravely criminal acts and usurpation of the Office of United States President – attempting to silence the Truth about Aka Obama’s Identity Fraud speaks volumes.

    I have but one hashtag to present to all who conspired, and continue to conspire:


  12. In 2011, I looked into the possibility of zip code 06814 being a typo for 96814. Here is what I found then in 2011:

    (As per Nutmeg Notary):

    “06610, 06811, and 06612 are for Danbury general mail.
    06812 is actually New Fairfield, but acceptable for Danbury.
    06813 is for Danbury Post Office Boxes.

    06814 is unique to the “SHARED ZIP for BRM, CT” according to the USPS. I have no clue what this means!

    06816 is unique to Grolier Enterprises, Inc.
    06817 is unique to Union Carbide Corporation.”


    According to the USPS: BRM = Business Reply Mail

    A check on zip 06814 now:!input.action?resultMode=2&companyName=&address1=&address2=&city=&state=Select&urbanCode=&postalCode=06814&zip=

    This is a UNIQUE ZIP Code™ used for a specific company or organization.

  13. Paula,

    The Social Security Administration says that SSNs were assigned and issued from the Baltimore, Maryland central office. It says that since 1972 they were based on the zip code for the return address on the registration card.

    Zip Code for President Obama’s grandparents home – 96814
    Zip Code for Danbury, Connecticut – 06814

    Any chance the clerk in Baltimore misread or mistyped the zip code?

  14. “The fact is that hospitals in Hawaii are actually DENYING that Obama was born in one of them. That is not the same as being precluded from disclosing the information. They are outright denying the dubious honor.”

    Is there a link to this denial?

  15. Robert Laity is, of course, free to believe whatever he chooses, but no hospital has denied that Obama was born there. Rather, current federal law prohibits hospitals from acknowledging who was born there. The same is true for the current president: like Obama, he released a digital image of his birth certificate; that image says he was born at Jamaica Hospital, but no hospital has affirmatively said he born there. The current president’s birth certificate is no more “in the public domain” than anyone else’s.

    Stephen Moore may be an excellent genealogist, but Social Security Administration itself said, “the Area Number does not necessarily represent the State of residence of the applicant, either prior to 1972 or since.” The area number, however, is ultimately irrelevant because there is no evidence that anyone else was ever assigned the Social Security Number that Obama once used. Who was assigned, for example, 042-68-4424 does not reveal anything about who was assigned the number Obama once used.

  16. The judges in Georgia, Arizona, New Jersey, Vermont and Maryland did what they are required to do – apply U.S. Supreme Court precedent in deciding their case. They had no choice but to follow that precedent in declaring President Obama a natural born citizen. Judge Stansfield gave the best description of the process,

    “The issue of the definition of “natural born citizen” is firmly resolved by the United States Supreme Court in a prior opinion [Wong Kim Ark], and as this Court sees it, that holding is binding on the ultimate issue in this case. While Ms Fair and Ms. Miltenberger may disagree with the holding of the Supreme Court, from a perspective of stare decises, the only means by which an opinion of the Supreme Court concerning substantive law can be overturned is either by a subsequent holding of the Supreme Court or an Amendment to the U. S. Constitution. Both have occurred in the past on very rare occasions, but this Court does not believe that it has the discretion to simply disregard a holding which clearly applies to the definition of “natural born citizen” as it applies to President Obama.” Judge Thomas F. Stansfield, Maryland’s Circuit Court for Carroll County in Fair v. Obama

    Like Ms. Fair and Ms. Miltenberger, the loser in court cases often disagree with the court’s findings, it’s a common occurrence. It is clear that some here disagree on what is the Supreme Court precedent but all of these judges were upheld on appeal.

  17. TF Bow, The longer that Trump stays in office the faster the current Obamanesque miscreant Judiciary will be weeded out and replaced by true conservative constitutionalists. The Georgia judge had no authority to detract from the legally established definition of an NBC which, again, is “one born in the United States to Parents who are both Citizens themselves”. You won’t win this discussion. I have dealt with your kind before. You simply do not know what you are talking about. Mere birth in the USA is not enough to be an NBC. BOTH of one’s parents must also have been US Citizens. The fact is that hospitals in Hawaii are actually DENYING that Obama was born in one of them. That is not the same as being precluded from disclosing the information. They are outright denying the dubious honor. Donald Trump, Sr. was born in Jamaica Hospital in Queens, NYC,NY. His BC IS in the public domain because HE released it. Trumps parents were BOTH US Citizens when Donald was born IN the US. Even the possession of a totally 100% Bona-fide US BC would NOT help Obama. His Father was a foreigner. Figuratively speaking you have NO legs to stand on.


    Decoding Social Security Numbers in One Step
    (for numbers issued prior to June 25, 2011)
    Stephen P.Morse, San Francisco

    Three-Digit Assignment Chart (first 3 digits of SSN)
    This is the block of SSN’s for Connecticut: 040-049 CT

    Three-Digit Decoder
    SSN starting with 040 to 049 – XX – XXXX
    was issued in Connecticut
    Where card was issued, not where person was born

    Five-Digit Decoder
    SSN starting with 042 – 68 – XXXX
    was issued in 042-68: Connecticut, 1976 -1977
    Where and when card was issued, not where and when person was born

    To see complete SSN assignment charts:

    Most area numbers were assigned according to state (or
    territorial) boundaries, although the series 700-729 was assigned to
    railroad workers regardless of location (this series of area numbers was
    discontinued in 1964 and is no longer used for new SSNs). With few
    exceptions, each geographical area is assigned a range of area numbers.
    Area numbers assigned prior to 1972 are an indication of the location of the
    SSA office which originally issued the SSN. Since 1972 SSNs have been
    issued centrally and the area number in SSNs assigned since 1972 corresponds to the residence location of the applicant as indicated on the application for the SSN.

  19. Paula,

    Here is what the Social Security website said on March 2, 2001:

    Area Number

    The Area Number is assigned by the geographical region. Prior to 1972, cards were issued in local Social Security offices around the country and the Area Number represented the State in which the card was issued. This did not necessarily have to be the State where the applicant lived, since a person could apply for their card in any Social Security office. Since 1972, when SSA began assigning SSNs and issuing cards centrally from Baltimore, the area number assigned has been based on the ZIP code in the mailing address provided on the application for the original Social Security card. The applicant’s mailing address does not have to be the same as their place of residence. Thus, the Area Number does not necessarily represent the State of residence of the applicant, either prior to 1972 or since.

    Generally, numbers were assigned beginning in the northeast and moving westward. So people on the east coast have the lowest numbers and those on the west coast have the highest numbers.

    Note: One should not make too much of the “geographical code.” It is not meant to be any kind of useable geographical information. The numbering scheme was designed in 1936 (before computers) to make it easier for SSA to store the applications in our files in Baltimore since the files were organized by regions as well as alphabetically. It was really just a bookkeeping device for our own internal use and was never intended to be anything more than that.

  20. There is no evidence that Obama’s Selective Service registration was forged, and that agency had said Obama duly registered.

    There is also no evidence that the Social Security number once assigned to Obama was ever assigned to anyone else.

    Social Security numbers are assigned by the federal government, not the states. At no time were Social Security numbers ever “assigned” to residents of particular states.

  21. In addition to the fraudulent Obama birth certificate and the fraudulent Obama Selective Service registration document, Obama uses a Connecticut Social Security Number that was assigned to someone other than Obama on March 28, 1977 by the state of Connecticut, where Obama never lived. He was living with his Dunham grandparents in Hawaii when this SSN was issued by CT to a CT citizen.

    After the Obama Connecticut SSN became controversial, the Social Security Administration changed the way SSN’s are assigned to states, and did away with the long standing format of assigning blocks of numbers to each state. That SSN issued by CT on Mar 28, 1977 belonged to a sequence assigned to Connecticut. The randomization of SSN’s by the Social Security Administration during Obama’s usurped presidency was done to hide in which state a SSN now originates, which will help protect the next usurper of the Presidency.

    Here are some SSN’s issued by CT just before and after the one stolen for Obama, which pinpoint the CT issuance date. These people are all deceased and the numbers are available to the public by the Social Security Administration:

    CYD: Cycle date – The date the SSN record was established or corrected.

    SJD: SSN: 042-68-4374, application date: Mar 17, 1977 – CYD: Mar 28, 1977

    TLW: SSN: 042-68-4424, application date: Mar 21, 1977 – CYD: 03/28/1977.

    Unknown person (number used by Obama) SSN: 042-68-4425, application date: not known – CYD: Mar 28, 1977 (determined by logic).

    PMG: SSN: 042-68-4429, application date: Mar 16, 1977 – CYD: 03/28/1977.

    MAB: SSN: 042-68-4437, application date: Feb 14, 1977 – CYD: Mar 28, 1977.

  22. Gary,

    Items 172 through 182 in Mike Zullo’s affidavit no longer apply. Zullo said that President Obama’s birth certificate number is not out of sequence.

    Unfortunately the problem of making claims and then having them prove wrong has plagued the CCP investigation almost from the start.

  23. Gary Wilmott unhelpfully does not explain the significance of an affidavit that was ignored in a failed ballot challenge filed during the 2012 election. Again, specifity might improve Wilmott’s persuasivenes.

    Zullo filed similar affidavits in other cases, and here is a point-by-point rebuttal of one of those affidavits:

    Wilmott, of course, is free to avoid it.

    As for the Article Two Super PAC (whatever that is), its (unknown) founders, of course, are free to believe whatever they want. No judge, however, agrees with them, as around a dozen different courts ruled that Obama’s Hawaiian birth was sufficient to confer natural-born citizenship.

    Wilmott, of course, is free to continue avoiding those real rulings by real judges in real cases.

  24. Unlike Gary Wilmott, Rosemary provides some specifity. Rosemary may, of course, believe what she wants, but it would appear she lacks evidence to support her beliefs:

    Hawaii has repeatedly and expressly said Obama was born there. It is on the Department of Health’s web site. Hawaii verified Obama’s birth there to two different Secretaries of State.

    That no hospital has stated Obama was there is unsurprising because current federal law prevents hospitals from doing so. Which is why, for example, no hospital has stated that it is the current president’s birthplace.

    Around a dozen judges who considered Obama’s eligibility ruled birth in the United States is sufficient. No Founder and no judge in an eligibility case ever said that two citizens parents are required.

    No executive order, signed by Obama or anyone else, ever sealed any of his records. To the extent some of his records are not publically available, they are private under the same laws that protect you, me, the current president, or anyone else covered by the applicable laws.

    Zullo claims he had two forensics experts examine a digital image of Obama’s birth certificate. But Zullo has not released those experts’ reports, and there is no indication that he ever will.

    And I think we would all agree that speaking the truth is never a waste of time.

  25. The FBI’s QDU ran tests on Underwood typewriters (they believe Obama’s certificate was typed on an Underwood). Because of typewriters fixed letter and line spacing, forms typed on the same typewriter will have entries that line up both horizontally and vertically. Their conclusion having two certificates with entries that line up is not surprising but to be expected.

  26. TF Bow- Mike Zullo absolutely has proven the bc Obama had posted was a fraud. He had numerous forensic, world famous investigators examine same. The info on the bc was wrong. Only an amateur could have produced it. There was no Kenya at the time of Obama’s birth. There is plenty of proof the bc was copied from another.

    You are blantantly lying about everything. We all know that. Just who in the heck ARE YOU? You are wasting your time here brother!

  27. Hey TF Bow: Nobody in Hawaii has ever said Obama was born there. Nobody in Hawaii has ever proven or shown a birth certificate. No hospital in Hawaii has ever admitted that Obama was born there. Natural born citizen means having 2 (TWO) US citizen parents. I am almost 71 yr old and from the very beginning we were taught that this is true. It is true b/c our founders knew they were not natural born. They knew it would take a generation to have a natural born citizen but they indeed said a natural born is one born IN USA to two USA Citizens. No one has ever questioned this truth until Obama and rightfully so. He stated on his own fake bc that his father was not a US citizen. He has never shown any personal documents but instead on the first day in office he sealed all his records. Why? Why would one seal his records unless he had something to hide?

  28. Knowledge is power.


    Government employees use the appearance of fear of racism and feigned ignorance and robust ridicule and “lack of citizen standing” et al as hide-behinds for their internalized guilty knowledge of guilty usurper Obama II.

    NEVER-presIDent SOETORO-OBAMA II uses unaccounted affirmative racism (black male blackmail) to hold on to his guilty power legacy in spite of his own guilty knowledge that he is a living LIE-presIDent and not a Constitutional LAW-presIDent.

    TRUMP: Replace guilty knowledge with public release of Soetoro-Obama II’s original ID documents in ITEM 207 >>> that should have been done in 2008 to thwart the REIGN OF GUILTY POWER 08-28-08- TODAY!

  29. T.F. Bow, Thanks so much in educating me. You have given me lots of valuable insights.
    Indeed, continue to share your wisdom and perspectives. Other points of view are
    important and your reasoning has and will truly assist me. Where were you several years ago?
    You could have revealed so much before. Keep posting and keep me fully informed. Let me
    learn all I can from you.

    Thanks Again.

  30. Gary Wilmott still cannot specify a single comment that is incorrect, nor does he provide any evidence to show their incorrectness.

    Wilmott, of course, is free to believe whatever he chooses, but specificity and evidence will be needed if he hopes to persuade anyone else. Especially if he theorizing about a vast conspiracy involving the federal government, a state government, the judicial system, and large segments of the media.

  31. Robert Laity’s beliefs have been rejected by every judge that has considered the matter; Laity has also lost every eligibility challenge that he filed. Laity is, of course, free to believe that all these judges were “malfeasant,” or that he somehow “won.”

    No judge in Georgia “superseded” the U.S. Supreme Court. Rather, that judge (and others) interpreted SCOTUS precedent and concluded Obama was a natural-born citizen. And no judge has concluded differently or otherwise criticized those decisions.

    There is no competent evidence that Obama’s father is anyone other than Obama, Sr. — just idle speculation. In any event, Obama’s Hawaiian birth alone is sufficient to confer natural-born citizenship.

    Under current law, without the patient’s consent, hospitals are not allowed to disclose who was born there. For example, no hospital has claimed to have been the current president’s birthplace.

    Obama’s birth certificate has not been “ruled” a forgery. Zullo makes that claim, but he does not present the evidence that purportedly supports that claim, nor is there any indications that he will ever to do so.

  32. Bob68 says that he was ignored when he called various Congressional offices. His only “evidence” of an intentional cover-up, however, is his being ignored. People ignore things for a variety of reasons: For example, if people demanded a Congressional investigation into whether the moon was made of cheese, the lack of an investigation does not necessarily show that Congress is intentionally covering-up the moon’s cheesiness.

    The details about this staffer who said the Congressional leadership had meet are also lacking: Who met? When?

    Without these kinds of verifiable corroborating information, mere vague rumors, gossip, and hearsay will not attract any serious attention.

  33. TF Bow…just a truthful observation of the FACTS. The truth can be painful I know. We constitutionalists have lived with a painful truth for the past 9 to 10 years: a corrupt federal government and equally corrupt Hawaiian state government, a negligent and criminal judicial system and a dishonest media propping up an unconstitutionally qualified evil man and fraud whose sole purpose was to fundamentally transform (destroy) America. As for what comments you ask? All of them. Everything you have posted has been vacuous and dishonest. Insulting to YOU? I think not.

  34. TF Bow, give it up. You have lost this argument. Just because “Most Americans” believe or understand something does not make that something true or accurate. There was a time when the Sun was said to be rotating around the Earth. Each and every one of the Judges who ruled in favor of Obama are malfeasant. They ignored long time US Supreme Court Precedents defining an NBC as “one born in the US to parents who are both US citizens themselves”. The State of Hawaii has “some ‘plainin” to do. NOT one of the Hawaiian hospitals has claimed the dubious honor of being the place in which Obama was born. They all deny it. Fuddy of the Hawaiian Birth records office was a member of Subud along with Stanley Dunham. See: Mohammad Sumohadiwidjojo (BHO’s probable real father). BHO’s BC has been ruled a forgery. Judges in Georgia cannot supercede SCOTUS opinions. Whether or not Obama was “born in the US” does not help Obama. That would be only PART of the criteria. His Father was NOT a US Citizen, regardrless of WHERE BHO was born. He’s DQ’d.

  35. Thank you Mr. Sledge. You said it concisely and correctly.

    For someone who might have missed it, here is my take on the Obama fraud…again:

    I noticed Congress was protecting themselves while I was calling members of Congress offices all the way back to 2009. Not only did they not want to be made aware of the evidence Obama was a total fraud, they tried hard to pretend the evidence did not exist. A crime was committed in January of 2009 which there was no escaping from. Congress, with help from the Obamamedia, ignored their sworn oath to, “protect the Constitution from her enemies, both foreign and domestic”……..and they gave America’s government and her military to the enemy. This was a “crime too big to prosecute” in the eyes of the complicit, and Congressional leadership, (and the Obamamedia), knew that it must keep the charade of Obama’s legitimacy in place….forever, if possible. Both invested their credibility and careers in promoting a fraud. In the case of Congress they also had to maintain the charade to avoid criminal charges.
    A few Congressional staff members said they agreed with me, one was honest enough to add, “but nothing will be done about it”. On a different call back then I was told, “the leaders of Congress had a meeting and decided nothing would be done about Obama”. Just a few days ago I described what you said in your post and asked the staff phone talker if he believed what I said had validity, He said “yes, I believe it does”. He said he believed, and not the Congressman, who I am quite certain has been told what to believe.

    There is no doubt they know, and some who strayed from leadership and threatened to assist Mike Zullo and the Cold Case Posse where pulled back in line by Congress leadership and others complicit in the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people

    We were taken over from the inside out, without any doubt. Hillary was supposed to provide cover when Obama was no longer pretending to be president. When that did not happen there was panic in both parties and the media that the truth about the Obama fraud might be fully revealed and acted on. We are seeing evidence of that panic every day.

  36. Regardless of whether “vacuous and dishonest” is a personal insult prohibited on this site, Gary Wilmott does not specify what comment might be false.

  37. If I may, I wish to plagiarize bob68.

    There’s no denying that the ‘fix’ is in. CONgress protects Obama to protect themselves from misprision of treason. I will believe that to my last breath.

  38. “Most Americans understand the term of art to mean, at a minimum, ‘born in the United States.'”

    People like Robert Laity and Three-Pound Sledge are free to believe whatever they desire, but every judge that considered the issue has ruled birth in United States is sufficient to confer natural-born citizenship.

    Gary Wilmott may believe that Obama never provided proof of citizenship, but the State of Hawaii repeatedly and expressly said that he was born there. Hawaii verified Obama’s birth to two Secretaries of State, who accepted that verification and permitted Obama to appear on those states’ ballots. A copy of Obama’s Hawaiian birth certificate was entered into evidence in the Georgia ballot challenge, and the judge ruled Obama was a natural-born citizen.

    Apparently this was sufficient for the president, because last year he said, “President Barack Obama was born in the United States. Period.” And has not brought up the subject since.

  39. Extract from:

    Persons, eligible for the Office of the President of the United States (POTUS), NEVER have first generation ties to a foreign nation, whereas ineligible persons always do.  ALL statutory citizens are born with a tie to another nation by birthplace and/or blood, but NEVER is that the case with natural born citizens who have only American ties.

    A statutory citizen (bestowed by man’s pen) can never be a “natural born” citizen (bestowed by God/nature).

    Statutory citizenship means that a person’s citizenship requires a law or laws to define it. A citizen via statute is constitutionally ineligible to serve as Commander-in-Chief.

    “Natural born” citizens are in a class separate from all others. They are, in fact, in a classification or category unto themselves because they alone are eligible to serve as Commander-in-Chief — a fact that unsettles many.

    My entry to this post is ‘click bait’ for the afterbirthers.

  40. Fact remains that because of his purported father’s nationality, Barack Obama, Jr. was considered a Natural Born Subject/Citizen of the UK under the British Nationality Act of 1948.
    It is not conjecture that to be President or VP, one MUST be born in the USA and one’s parents must both be US Citizens. It is established Supreme Court precedent.

  41. What was more disturbing to me is that Tucker Carlson (who I enjoy watching for the most part) agreed with Hopkins and then repeating what his guest had just said (…that he [Obama] was the founder of Isis and a Kenyan) stated unequivocally to his audience: “Both untrue.” Fact is that Tucker doesn’t know Obama’s true citizenship because Obama has never provided proof of his true citizenship. But Carlson has to spout this irresponsible line to keep his job and deflect the “birther” narrative. Just keep your mouth zipped Tucker if you can’t be honest about what is the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people. Carlson’s irresponsible comments make him part of the problem.