by Oscar Y. Harward, ©2017

(Sep. 19, 2017) — Many admit Hilary Rodham Clinton is a smart woman but also see her as a wicked and dangerous woman.  Hillary Clinton appears to practice her law recklessly.

Hillary’s professional life includes serving on the Democrat Party’s Legal Counsel and the 1972 Watergate hearings where she was fired for lying, but never lost her license.

Hillary invested $1,000 with a broker and friend.  One year later, her investment grew to nearly $100,000.

The Clintons together may have sold their own souls in schemes with foreign governments and clients of Quid Pro Quo of foreign governments.

Hillary and Bill Clinton may have extremely damaged our national security.  President Clinton transferred America’s anti-missile missile system out of the top-secret Military and into the Commerce Department, making this technology available to China, Russia, and others.

Secretary of State Clinton allowed Russia to purchase 20% of U.S. uranium reserves.  Later, Russia purchased the entire balance of Russia’s atomic energy agency, ARMZ,

Secretary, Clinton failed to provide support for U.S. personnel under attack at Benghazi where four Americans died without reason.

Hillary may now face criminal charges on multiple illegal activities.

Hillary now offers different versions of why she lost the 2016 Presidential Election; always blaming others, but never blaming herself.

Is Hillary Clinton’s version a clever act in preparation for a trial?

Will Hillary and her legal counsel convince the judiciary that she is mentally incompetent to stand trial?  If so, Hillary Clinton may walk free.


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