Does James O’Keefe Have Something on The New York Times?


by Sharon Rondeau

(Aug. 7, 2017) — Early on Monday morning, as he often does, President Donald Trump tweeted his thoughts about the mainstream media, which he dislikes and believes misrepresents him and his administration.

Trump often criticized the media during his presidential campaign and accused them of publishing “fake news.”  If anything, his criticism has increased since he was inaugurated on January 20.

The New York Times has accused Trump of the same transgression, making no effort to hide its dislike of the brash New York former businessman.

Since Trump took office, the media has published almost-daily leaks of classified and otherwise sensitive information possibly emanating from the U.S. intelligence community, Congress, and the White House itself, according to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein on Sunday.

One of Trump’s tweets on Monday was a rhetorical question about his chief media nemesis, The New York Times, and whether or not the once-“paper of record” would “remain in business” given reports that it is struggling financially.

In response, video-journalist James O’Keefe III, who has created a number of video exposés on the former voter-registration organization, ACORN; the DNC; a New York teachers’ union; and more recently, CNN, tweeted, “Stay tuned…”

O’Keefe is president of the Project Veritas Foundation, the non-profit entity under whose banner he and his staff conduct their undercover investigations and release their captured video footage.

The 33-year-old entrepreneur virtually always gives his followers notice prior to releasing a new video.

On the organization’s Facebook page, O’Keefe denounces the media for publishing “#FakeNews,” which he said is the result of the industry’s “greed, laziness, and fear.”

As of press time, O’Keefe’s tweet to Trump is his latest on Monday night.

Sharon Rondeau has operated The Post & Email since April 2010, focusing on the Obama birth certificate investigation and other government corruption news.  She has reported prolifically on constitutional violations within Tennessee’s prison and judicial systems.

One Response to "Does James O’Keefe Have Something on The New York Times?"

  1. jeffrey harrison   Monday, August 7, 2017 at 9:46 PM

    Let’s just think what it would have been like if the “lame stream media” would have had been
    honest about Obama. That said, I am grateful for O’Keefe and others who take risks and put
    themselves on the line to catch creeps. They truly shine light on dark subjects.

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