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(Jul. 30, 2017) — In a stunning display of reverse discrimination Columbia University’s Teachers College organized a conference exploring the “problem of whiteness” and how to combat whiteness.

300 participants mostly K-12 teachers and principals were “reeducated” in ways to frame being white as the primary social problem to be addressed in elementary schools. Workshops and presentations titled “Whiteness in Schools,” “Three Ways to Face White Privilege in the Classroom,” “Teaching for Social Justice” are representative of the blatant prejudice and reverse discrimination intrinsic in the conference designed to “Reimagine Education.”

Black history exposes how black children were made to feel ashamed of being black. How does making white children feel ashamed of being white remedy the situation? It can’t.

Similarly, at a diversity conference for employees at Jesuit colleges, Dr. Kris Sealey, associate professor of philosophy at Fairfield University, spoke about race in the university classroom. She has taught race based courses such as “Black Lives Matter” and “Critical Race Theory.”

“So more and more, the courses that I teach on race have become courses in which I expect my students to engage in the hegemonic power of whiteness.” Really?

Let’s discuss hegemonic theory. Early 19th century Italian political theorist Antonio Gramsci was made famous by his theory of cultural hegemony which posits that the state and ruling class (the bourgeoisie in Italy) use cultural institutions to maintain power in capitalist societies. Hegemony is just another word for dominance. The ruling class uses ideology rather than military force to achieve compliance to its cultural norms. The idea is that the lessons of accepted normative behavior are repeated and reinforced at home, at school, and at worship. The cultural norms become codified into laws which further enforce the cultural norms and thus cultural hegemony rather than force is used to maintain power.

Dr. Sealey and the presenters at Teachers College are criticizing cultural hegemony as the evil method used for maintaining white power while they are hypocritically attempting to reformat American cultural institutions with reverse discrimination to establish cultural hegemony and establish black power. Reverse discrimination is still discrimination and cannot remedy the problem of discrimination it can only exacerbate it.

Reverse racism taken to its extreme will necessarily end in a race war – the white population will not submit without a fight. The social chaos of a race war will not end well for America. The police force will be nationalized and the federal government will declare martial law and all individual freedoms will be suspended.

There is an alternative.

America’s judicial system was created with the dream of blind justice. This meant that the judicial system would focus exclusively on the WHAT of behavior and ignore the WHO. To realize the dream of fairness requires a commitment to the ideal of the meritocracy not a campaign to institutionalize reverse racism. Racism and reverse racism are the opposite of fairness because they focus on the WHO of behavior not on the WHAT of behavior.

Consider the blind auditions for orchestras. They are the fairest system and yield the most talented artists for positions in the orchestra. Musicians sitting behind a screen play for judges – there is only the music – it does not matter if the musician is white, black, hispanic, Asian, old, young, Jewish, Christian, or Muslim. Only the music matters. The competence and achievement of the musician is measured – not the color of his/her skin.

The meritocracy is the structure of fairness that supports the American dream of upward mobility. The meritocracy focuses exclusively on the WHAT of behavior and ignores the WHO.

Fairness is a stabilizing principle. People will stand in line quietly and peacefully for hours until someone cuts the line. The unfairness of someone cutting the line provokes anger that can quickly escalate into violence. Fairness is a principle we need to recommit ourselves to.

So, why is there a movement to completely dismantle the meritocracy rather than a commitment to abide by it to make America truly egalitarian? Why are elementary schools, universities, and black race hucksters attempting to destroy the meritocracy of our educational system and replace it with an institutionalized curriculum that indoctrinates American youth toward reverse racism in schools?

The answer can be found in Shelby Steele’s extraordinary book titled “White Guilt” that explores the emotional power of white guilt being exploited by black political race hustlers in the United States hoping to transform America into socialism. Steel argues that the primary focus of the civil rights movement was the legitimate undertaking to remove racial barriers and achieve equality through equal opportunity. Without racial barriers the black community would become equal and active participants in the American meritocracy and Martin Luther King’s dreams for racial equality would come true. America would finally be color-blind and function like the blind auditions for orchestras.

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  1. Another excellent article to save for future reference, along with the previous Humanitarian Hoax series posted on this excellent public service site, P&E.

    From whips to welfare = from field slavery to mind slavery

    BLACK LIES MATTER = Affirmative action felony-presIDent Soetoro-Obama II
    https://www.scribd.com/doc/48856102/All-U-S-Presidents-Eligibility-Grandfather-Clause-Natural-Born-Citizen-Clause-or-Seated-by-Fraud = BLACK MALE BLACKMAIL

    Whoever accepts the “whiteness” BS of the ungrateful Theft Left is simply relying on lying


    SOCIAL DIVERSITY is just another hide-behind for SOCIAL DIVISION

    UTOPIA = Greek word meaning “NO PLACE”

    SOCIALISM = a proven temporary cradle-to-coffin exercise of IN LIES WE TRUST

    https://www.teaparty.org/international-socialists-day-heres-list-100-million-communist-murders-deaths-last-100-years-233764/ SOCIALISM KILLS

  2. In the 1960’s, I was lucky enough to be a guest of our government who sent me overseas, and then “volunteered” me to deliver “humanitarian supplies”. To make a long story really short, some of us were wounded; some of us were killed; and one of us didn’t get a scratch.
    The white guy, me, was the one out of all who didn’t get hurt, wounded or freak-out.
    The one black guy got hit in the leg. The way it went down, we had to move out; so it came to pass that the unwounded white guy carried and dragged the black guy to where we set-up an ambush.
    And we won the day for me to comment, years later, on the Twilight Zone Absurdity of “white privilege” and “the problem of whiteness” symposium at Columbia University.
    Now here’s the point: had I known (on the day I’m referring to) any of the teachers (who were unlucky enough to be with me that day) who would support such a “welcome to Dr. Caligari’s Cabinet” pseudo “politically correct” philosophy, the likelihood that they would’ve been fragged is “One Step Beyond” 100%.
    That’s just the way it is: if you play with matches your bound to get burnt.